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message 1: by Karen L. (last edited Feb 21, 2011 01:13PM) (new)

Karen L. I love the writing of George MacDonald. His writing is filled with Christian spirituality. C.S.Lewis said MacDonald baptized his imagination. Anyone else read MacDonald?

message 2: by Charity (new)

Charity I have only read the Anthology which was put together by CS Lewis. Your fav MacDonald book has been?

message 3: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. It is hard to narrow it down, but I think I like, The Wise Woman and Other Stories as well as his other fantasy short story collections.

message 4: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. I am loving reading Warlock o'Glenwarlock. MacDonald's writing to me is like a mixture of Dickens, God, and simple Scottish country life all in one pot of stew! He always has these images of Father God in his stories in Godly wise old men. All his stories have wonderful characters and descriptions of vast old mansions with great fiery hearths. No wonder he was a favorite of C.S. Lewis.

message 5: by Charity (new)

Charity ... Chomping at the bit to get back to MacDonald!

message 6: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. My only struggle in reading MacDonald is the old Scottish brogue. I have to read those parts slowly and aloud to get what is going on in their conversations.

Here's a sample conversation from chapter 7:
"What for arena ye spinnin', Grannie?" said Cosmo. "I like fine to hear the wheel singin' like a muckle flee upo' the winnock. It spins i' my heid lang lingles o' thouchts, an' dreams, an' wad-be's. Neist to hearin' yersel' tell a tale, I like to hear yer wheel gauin'. It has a w'y o' 'ts ain wi' me!"

"I was feart it micht vex ye wi' the soomin' o' 't," answered Grannie, and as she spoke she rose, and lighted her little lamp, though she scarcely needed light for her spinning, and sat down to her wheel.

message 7: by Charity (new)

Charity I can see why. Like Burns or reading Old English, it's best understood outloud.

message 8: by FAD (new)

FAD This thread should be moved. MacDonald was Anglican as far as I know.

message 9: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. George MacDonald was a Congregationalist Minister. He must have loved Anglicanism, because many of his views were Anglican. In the book I'm reading now (which is WONDERFUL) His main character is an Anglican Curate. Here is a link to the kindle edition

This copy sounds better. I have read MacDonald edited by this man and his editing keeps true to the story with modern English where needed.

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