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message 1: by Alvin (new)

Alvin (covenant) I just ran across a book I read a decade ago - Mike Conner's ArchAngel.

On the cover, it refers to two other novels, Time and Again and Alienist. Yet, these are by two completely different authors. Both, however, seem to be alternate pasts around the turn of the century.

What is the connection of these three books? Are those authors (Caleb Carr, Jack Finney) pen-names, or what?

message 2: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn (seeford) Not sure why they would mix The Alienist in with the others - it's a straight-up historical fiction. Roughly, it's about the creation of the concept/practice of a using a psychological profile to catch a killer. Think "Criminal Minds" set in 1896. It's historical fiction, but it's not 'alternate' history.

As far as I have found, these authors are all totally separate people. The only connection between the books seems to be the setting for each, as you said "around the turn of the century."

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