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Elz's 100 Books of 2011

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Meepelous (literallygraphic) I've been tracking my reading stats since 2006, my Junior/Senior year of high-school, when I read 118 books. Ever since then - with the help of college and a burgeoning social life of sorts - I have never read more then 72 books (2009) in one year; this is depressing.
For this, as well as a variety of other reasons, I have named this the year that I will once again break the 100 book barrier!

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Meepelous (literallygraphic) Hard Lines by Ogden Nash

Not the most impressive start, but very inspiring.

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Meepelous (literallygraphic) Free Wheeling by Ogden Nash

Couldn't find this on goodreads, but still amusing.

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Meepelous (literallygraphic) The Dragons of Babel by Michael Swanwick

Amazingly inspiring book (at least for an aspiring scifi/fantasy writer, maybe not on a general personal level) I think I have found another favorite book for life, might as well resign myself to how boring the rest of the year's reading will probably be in comparison :p

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