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Anubis groaned as the newest batch of dead people came in. "It's dull being the god of death." He said.

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"And I would prefer that you don't do that. If you killed the inhabitants I would be swamped! And I would go from bored to pissed of in .01 seconds." Anubis said.

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"This is just regular." Anubis sighed.

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"Look...Here's the deal: Don't end the Earth some time this century, and I don't come over and kick your ass."

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Bast appears and smiles at them. "Hello boys" She said her tail twitching behind her

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Anubis looked at Bast. "Oh. Hi Bast." He then looked at Apocalypse. "And what, pray tell, would that be?"

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She smirks at Apocolipse

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She raised her eyerow at this comment, her tail thrashing, she was annoyed.

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She smiled at Anubis and wondered what Apocalypse was going to try next, still annoyed, her thrashing tail showing it.

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"Hold up." Anubis said. "I can't do that. I just kill the people and separate the good from the people that deserve to be burned or whatever for all eternity. I am not aloud to hand over any souls."

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"I did not say all women are bad." Anubis said.

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Anubis sighed. "I'd rather deal with all the souls then have to tell Ra why I gave a soul over to some whack job."

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She chuckled, She had to deal wirth Ra as well and nobody wanted to annoy or anger him.

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"Hey, don't you dare, There are innocent people on those continents." She said glaring at him.

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Anubis glared, dark energy swirling around him. "Do you think I care? You can go ahead and do it, and then I will laugh, when all the gods of that continent come down on your ass and seal you away for a few eons."

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"Yeah. Try telling that to Set. He was Ra's brother and he too is a god of destruction. Guess what? He tried opposing and ended up getting sealed away for a long time."

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Anubis shrugged. "Still, I think you are going to have a huge problem on your hands when you get Ra, Zeus, God, Allah and all the other Big Gods get angry at you. You are but one god, and neither you nor your minions combined could stop such an angry force. Trust me I've seen it happen."

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Bast smiled.

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Anubis flicked his finger and made Apocalypse go away from his realm. "What brings you here Bast?"

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"I was bored and wanted to see how you were and if you needed any help." She said.

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"Oh. Well thanks. Uh I think I have things under control." Anubis said.

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