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For all the lazy ones (like me XD) who do not want to type it all out again, just copy and paste.


I didn't add crush in because i've learned things change so if you want to plan out the romance ahead of time, just say it here.

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Name: Nami
Sex: female
Age: 17

Personality: she is quiet and stays away from people
Family: Her dad
Friends: none yet
Other: she is going to run away from her abusive dad

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Aleah | 976 comments Mod
Name: Kendal.
Sex: male
Personality:lonely but helpful to those in need
Family: mom and dad
Other: his mom is a prostitute and his dad is abusive to him and his mom

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Thanks and I think I have a idea for how they should meet

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ok tell me

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Aleah | 976 comments Mod
Like maybe when she ran away some dudes trys to ruff her up and Kendal stops them

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thats a good idea lets go with that

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Kk go when your ready

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Name: Max
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: You'll find out
Family: Her Gang
Friends: Her fellow Gang Members, She wants a friend outside of the gang though
Other: She's a member of a Gang, just under the leader, Up to become Leader She's just waiting for the Currant leader to leave.

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