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Nami whimpered, and limped up to her room. Her dad had just got done beating her and she was in major pain. She hated her father every time he got drunk he beat her, and when he sobered up he beat her again for every stupid reason there was. Even if it was his mistake he would hurt her.

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Kendal winced as he tried to stretch his back.His mom had just gotten home from her supposed work and dad was drunk.So he beat his son with a belt till skin tore for interfering when he had to watch his mother get slapped around. Walking to his room he made a face plant on the bed. Hating his father for what he did and hating his mother for letting him do it.

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Nami closed her door but did not make it to the bed before the colasped. She gasped as she hit the floor. She tried to move, but pain shot through her body. No one knew about her father beating her she told lies to get people to leave her alone.

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Kendal knew that he wouldn't be able to go to school tomorrow but maybe that would be the perfect time pack a bag and act like he was leaving for school dad wouldn't notice he was gone till about a week later.

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Nami groaned and forced her self to sit up. She crawled over to her dresser and pack some cloths, makeup, and anything else she needed. She grabbed her secret stash of money. Tomorrow morning she was leaving and not coming back ever. She sighed and grabbed her cell phone.

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Kendal tried to sit up but ended up hurting himself even more.He lifted his arm and grabbed a bandage wrap.Gritting his teeth against the pain he sat up and started to wrap the bandages around his stomach and back.Then pulled a shirt over it.

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Nami whimpered and stood up swaying a little. She grabbed the back and snuck out of the house she was to scared to wait until tomorrow. She walked down the road and looked behind her one more time. She turned back and kept walking disappering into the big city.

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Kendal thought screw it.His dad wouldn't be coming to check on him anyway.Packing a bag. He sneaks out the window sliding down the pole reaching the ground wincing at his back.He theme sees a girl walking through a alley and follows her to make sure she doesn't run into the gangsters who hang out there .

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Nami was grabbed from behind and thrown into the wall. She yelped in pain and fell to the ground. She saw 3 people standing over her they were all guys very big guys. She gasped and was hit again.

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Kendal saw them attack and her and ran to them.Knocking one in the head with a tash can he was hit from behind turning around he punches the one in front of him.The other one helps the others up and they run the other way out of the alley. He goes over to the girl they attacked picking her up he sits her up on an old table.

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Nami groaned and nearly fell off the table. She gasped in pain. She had more bruises and they were not from the guys. She tried to stay up but fell off the table.

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Kendal picked her up taking her into the basement of one of the doors in the alley laying her down on one of the beds he checks her pulse to make sure she was still breathing.

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Her pulse was fine. She was in major pain. She groaned and tried to move but gasped in pain. She opened her eyes and looked around scared and shaken.

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"Don't be scared I'm not going to hurt you." he holding his hands up

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She tried to sit up but yelped in pain and fell back on the bed. She whimpered and looked around again.

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"Don't move there along going to get worse with it."

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She whimpered. "Where am I?" she asked. "Who are you? What happened?" it was question after question.

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"Some gansters tried to ruff you up and I scarred them away."

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"You saved me" she was shocked by the kindness. No One had ever been so nice to her.

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((I have to go i will be back tomorrow))

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"No problem."

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She sighed and put her hands on her head and whipered she was bleeding.

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He grabbed the bandage he kept in his bag and looked for her cut.

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Max saw her Gang members run from the boy, She smirked. He had to be a pretty skilled fighter to get rid of them, Of course, the ones that messed with the two were idiots so maybe not. She followed after them.

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He ran up to max gasping holding his stomach

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"Yeah?" She said cooly.

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We just got jumped by like ten diffremt people." he said

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She nodded she knew who the people who jumped them were. "How's your friend?" She asked concerned, She'd give her men a beating if they wound up killing the young girl

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"Ran off."

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"Which way? It's not safe for girls her age to be running around alone" She said.

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"She's not alone."

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"Then who has her, because if you're here I know it isn't you" She said.

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"Some dude carried her into one of the basements."

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"Good Grace please don't be Caleb" She said "Come on. Show me the basement, Then let me take care of him" She said.

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"I don't know."

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"You don't know what?" She asked. then she felt the prescence of a man behind her, she looked out the corner of her eye and saw Jake

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"What's going on here."

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"Nothing, he's my bodyguard. I just want to help you find your friend." She said. then she turned to Jake. "I thought I told you to keep Far watch?"

"Um...You did ma'm but Jeff told me to get closer." He said.

"You listen to me, Not Jeff, now get your ass back over there" She said.

"Yes, Ma'm." He said before going back to his lookout position.

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"Just leave it alone."

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She quirked an eyebrow, "Now why would I do that? If my gang members are hurting innocent people I'm damn well gonna hurt them back" She said.

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"Just leave it."

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"Fine, what'd you come to me for then?" She asked.

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"I saw you."

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"You saw me what?" She asked him.

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"Standing there."

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She nodded. "I was going to come down and kick their but's for you I told them not to mess with Civilians, Especially not kids. and they obviously didn't listen, but you sent them running" She said slightly impressed with this young man.

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"yeah sure did." he said lying

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She smirked.

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