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For all the lazy ones (like me XD) who do not want to type it all out again, just copy and paste.


I didn't add crush in because i've learned things change so if you want to plan out the romance ahead of time, just say it here.

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Name: Danny
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: dark brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, only 5'11 and slim, with a charming smile
Personality: Danny is very outgoing while sweet. he isn't afraid to come out and compliment someone, even if he hardly knows them. He loves to see a girl blush, which makes him better that he can actually make a girl feel special.
Family: His adoptive father, who is a French Diplomat.
Friends: open

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Luj | 119 comments Name: Andrea
Sex: female
Age: 15
Personality: social butter fly and party girl. She's extremely nice, out going and random. Though she's a good friend she has ur back but it's all drama drama drama
Family: Divoreced parents both in new York city
Friends: open
Other: only child

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Name:Samantha (( Sammie, Sam.)
Sex: Female
Age: 15

Personality:Quiet and shy, she doen't talk much and hates crowds.She mostly likes to be alone drawing or playing the guitar. Very trustworthy an a good friend if you get to know her.
Family: Her Mom died in childbirth,she lived with her dad and younger brother until he decided Sam needed to get more of a "social" life.
Friends:No one right now

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anyone need me to make a crush for them

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