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*Have Fun*

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**bells** | 968 comments Rosalinda walked through town, her clothes giving nothing away about her true status. She wore plain, non-attention-getting clothes, her hair pulled out of its usual updo and her jewelry all hidden in the plain bag slung over her shoulder.

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TheMadHatter (aristophanes) | 1539 comments Riley pulled a cloak over his body and walked to the town.

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TheMadHatter (aristophanes) | 1539 comments Felix picked his brother up onto his horse named Whiteshadow and began to ride home.

Riley giggled and smiled at everyone

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Courtney Alyssa Noel DeMedici rode off down the trail behind her estate on her horse: Italia. She wore her red gown, having not taken the time to change after Alexander's vist. She had riden off, visable fuming from being forced to act civil in front front of him

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TheMadHatter (aristophanes) | 1539 comments Riley stood up on the horse and accidentally spooked it. The horse flipped his off and stomped on his arm and leg. He cried out in pain.

Felix jumped off and moved the horse. He picked up his brother and examined him to see gow hurt he was.

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Courtney Alyssa tried to take deep breaths until her horse let out a startled cry and picked up speed. He brought her to trail she had never been on before. Her horse let out a 'humph' as it stopped in front of a boy on the ground and a man trying to help him. Alyssa looked down at them, "Can I be of any service to the two of you?"

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TheMadHatter (aristophanes) | 1539 comments "No miss. Thank you though. My younger brother has broken his arm and leg." Felix said as he stood up.

Riley passed out from the pain and let the dark cloud fall over him

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**bells** | 968 comments Rosalinda stopped in at the bakery. The bread made here was so much better than what she got a the pace, despite he supposed high standards reserved for the royal family.

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James sat in front of the bookstore, reading one of the newest editions.

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TheMadHatter (aristophanes) | 1539 comments Felix walked to the castle with his brother is him arms. "Abby!" he called as he entered

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**bells** | 968 comments Rosalinda bought a loaf of bread and chatted with the baker for a while, paying him substantially. She made her way to the bookstore. As she opened the door, somebody rushed past her, shoving her to the side. One of the sparkling necklaces fell out of her bag, unnoticed.

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Jamie saw the person shove the girl aside and got up. "Are you ok, miss?" he asked her worryingly.

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**bells** | 968 comments Rosalinda turned to him and gave him a friendly smile. "I'm fine, thank you." she said. She was shoved again slightly, pushed inside. She waved at him before disappearing inside, leaving the priceless necklace laying at his feet.

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He went to turn away but something caught his eye. He picked up the necklace and studied it carefully. he took it inside, seeing if it was the girls.

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**bells** | 968 comments Rosalinda spotted the necklace in his hands and her eyes widened, afraid he would find her out. She was well liked among the kingdom, but the palace would not be happy to find out that she had been here.

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When he spotted her, he jogged towards her. "Did you drop this?"

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**bells** | 968 comments "Um, yea. Thanks." she Said nervously and held her hand out for it.

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He gave it to her. "You might want to be more careful with that. It looks all too valuabe."

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**bells** | 968 comments Rosalinda stared at him for a moment, thinking. In one swift move, she pulled one of the dangling sapphires off of the necklace. "It's broken now, and I can't wear it." she said and held it ot to him. "You can have it if you want." she said in a coaxing voice, knowing that selling it would give him more than it gave her.

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He looked at her, like she had lost her mind. "Why did you break something so delicate?"

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**bells** | 968 comments "To give me a reason to give it to you." she said honestly.

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"Why would you want to give it to me? It must mean something to you."

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**bells** | 968 comments Rosalinda shook her head. "It doesn't, I assure you." She pulled the matching bracelet out of her bag as proof.

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"Are you positivly sure? I'd feel awful for taking it from you."

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**bells** | 968 comments "You're not. I'm giving it to you." she said and started leading him into one of the rows of books. They were starting to attract attention.

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"But still, why?"

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**bells** | 968 comments "Because I don't want it." she said, sighing. If she kept answering his questions, he was going to figure it out.

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"If you don't want it, you could give it to someone who might need it, rather than me." he said.

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**bells** | 968 comments "Now, you can't tell me that that necklace wouldn't help you at all. You showed me a kindness, that is my thank you. If you want me to give somehow to somebody who needs it more, I will." she said sincerely, looking at him in confusion. She had never met anybody who would refuse something like this.

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He smiled politely. "My grandmother and i are fine and happy the way we are now. But if you could, that would be a good way to say thank you. There are many more people that could use it than us."

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**bells** | 968 comments Rosalinda took the necklace back, amazed. "Yes, sir." she said and dipped her head in respect. "What is your name?" she asked, wandering down the aisle.

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He followed, "Jamie, and yours, miss?"

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**bells** | 968 comments "Jamie." she said affectionately. "My nephews name is Jamie, hes the best." she said. Her sister didn't care much for her nine month old, so Rose watched him most of the time. "My name is Rose."

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"Rose...that's a beautiful name."

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**bells** | 968 comments Rose smiled. "Thank you." she said. A lot of the time, she actually wished her name wasn't Rosalinda Montessori, that she had a choice as to what she wanted to be. "What does your grandmother do?" she wondered.

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"She's a healer in town."

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**bells** | 968 comments "Wow. That's really great. I wish I could do something like that." she said, pulling a book from the shelf.

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"I wish i could too. She's trying to teach me but i recommend no patients for myself."

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**bells** | 968 comments "Well I'll remember you next time I need a healer." Rose said and smiled, putting the book back.

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"You might not want to do that." he chuckled

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**bells** | 968 comments Rose shrugged. "Do you know what time it is?"

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"Around late evening, i would think."

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**bells** | 968 comments Rose chewed on her lip, debating whether or not she should go back.

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"Are you ok? You look worried."

message 46: by **bells** (last edited Jan 02, 2011 04:45PM) (new)

**bells** | 968 comments "Hm? Oh, just don't want to go home is all. But I need to. Is here someplace I can meet you tomorrow? You need to show me where I can take the necklace."

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Christina Hawthorne(: Abby was by Felix side ready to serve him.

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"How about right here?"

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**bells** | 968 comments "Alright. Around lunchtime?" she asked. She would have liked to come earlier, but she had a state brunch she was required to attend.

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"That would be perfect."

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