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message 1: by Samatra (new)

Samatra Whaddya think?

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Martinez | 3 comments I know we're not supposed to start until the 3rd, but I got a bit of head start. (Just part of chapter one, until the kids demanded my attention.)

Anyway, my biggest question: Why was Ayla completely alone with her mother? I think in the following books it's clear that women--especially ones with young children--wouldn't go off by themselves. The earthquake scene describes a single lean-to. So it's not like they were at Summer Meeting. Others would've been around. And there's no mention of Ayla's siblings, or the man of her hearth.

I would love it if, in the newest book, Ayla does some kind of meditation to explore the memories she tucked away.

message 3: by Kirby (new)

Kirby | 2 comments I don't have the book here with me, but I did at one point in time have the first paragraph memorized from reading it so many times...not anymore, but I think I remember enough to throw in my two cents here...I seem to remember that Ayla ran off at the beginning- perhaps, in her youthful exuberance, she disobeyed her mother about wandering off. And, I think that it describes the single lean-to being swallowed up b/c that's the one that Ayla was watching- the one with her mother in it. So, I don't think that this necessarily implies that it was the only one. Also, I think that if Ayla was close enough to home to see it disappearing, she couldn't have been too far away. And, if I'm remembering incorrectly and they weren't close to the settlement, maybe they had made a trip to the river, to bathe or wash clothes or something. Or, perhaps it was just oversight by the writer.

message 4: by Samatra (new)

Samatra You guys are speedy, nice work! Will start tomorrow, am working on a "Hunger Games" book.

message 5: by Brian R. (new)

Brian R. Mcdonald I don't think that we should necessarily conclude that she and her mother were alone. The lean-to may well have contained a whole family group. Ayla, who was young enough that she seldom left her mother's side, might have been focussing totally on the loss of her mother and not thinking about her siblings or father. Admittedly it is odd, but in her grief I suppose it is possible. It is also odd that even a complete hearth group would be off by itself without the rest of their people, but there may have been some ritual reason for it.

message 6: by Samatra (new)

Samatra I agree---we have to remember that she's only 5. Her worldview is rather limited given her age.

message 7: by Brian R. (new)

Brian R. Mcdonald While reading a bit of the book in the bath this evening, I went back and reread the first paragraph specifically because of this discussion. "Nothing in her experience ever gave her reason to doubt the shelter and those within it would be there when she returned". One would assume from this that the whole family was in the lean-to, and all were killed in the quake. It's still a tad odd that they weren't in a larger tribal community like all the other gropups she encounters, but that seems to be the case.

message 8: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Martinez | 3 comments In chapter 3, Ayla's encounter with Creb stirs up memories of her father--or the man of her hearth: "...she felt a warmth toward him...and as she had done many times to another man she only remembered vaguely, the little girl put her arms around the crippled man's neck..."

Though I still wonder why the lean-to--and whichever people were within it--seemed (from Ayla's recollection) to be solitary. Surely more than one family would go on a hunting or gathering expedition.

I know it's just idle speculation. But I would love to learn more in a flashback--or something--in the upcoming book.

message 9: by Sara (new)

Sara (s_custodian) | 6 comments This may be random, but I have always just assumed (i know, i know..) that Ayla and her parents were traveling, which would explain why there was noone else there. I never really thought about it until now. thanks guys, this will be a fun group. oh by the way I'm h, I just joined this group, just joined the sight last week too. excited about the new book coming out!

message 10: by Christina (new)

Christina | 1 comments I paid attention to this when I read the first pages and I read it as Ayla being focused on her lean-to, just as if the block I lived on was being swallowed into a sink hole, in the moment I would be focused on MY house and thinking of my family. The rest of the houses would just be background for me.

I'm looking forward to continuing to read along and chat about the book :) (Re-reading this gives me something to look forward to while pumping at work!)

message 11: by Samatra (new)

Samatra I thought of it as Christina did, that as a five year old kid her world is so small---I didn't assume her family was travelling necessarily..I just know that the "world" of a five year old is wonderfully small and shortsighted.

Must get to reading more--am only on chapter three. Damn job gets in the WAY! LOL.

message 12: by Sara (new)

Sara (s_custodian) | 6 comments ok, I'm sorry, I had to move ahead, and I just finished V of H. I forgot how totally awesome this series is! It's totally awesome!

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