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message 1: by Sophiee.†. (new)

Sophiee.†. WaylandMellarkTallynCullen (BookLoversYeYe) okay, this is for all the students from hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, gryffindor and Slytherin can mingle

message 2: by Neki (new)

Neki This is boring without many ppl:\I invited ppl,wish v had more members

message 3: by Sophiee.†. (new)

Sophiee.†. WaylandMellarkTallynCullen (BookLoversYeYe) yer!!! sooo.. do you wanna do TTPBM??

message 4: by Neki (new)

Neki Here?

message 5: by Sophiee.†. (new)

Sophiee.†. WaylandMellarkTallynCullen (BookLoversYeYe) ummm.. if youu want? we could go to team edward~ Team Jacob

message 6: by Neki (new)

Neki Okay,other wise ppl frm this group will continueTPBm and we wont have a Great Hall any more!!

message 7: by Sophiee.†. (last edited Jan 01, 2011 01:00AM) (new)

Sophiee.†. WaylandMellarkTallynCullen (BookLoversYeYe) kk!!

message 8: by Patricia , Headmistress (new)

Patricia  | 70 comments Mod
i have done this group mostly beacuse the other hogwarts grops are so scattered and dont know how to control a hogwarts group i have gotton my ideas from my head and hopefully we can be a better and growing group and have this group grow really fast.

message 9: by Sophiee.†. (new)

Sophiee.†. WaylandMellarkTallynCullen (BookLoversYeYe) kewlies!!

message 10: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) Is the Great Hall just a hall, or is it that room like a giant cafeteria?

message 11: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) I think it's the one like a giant cafeteria but I'm not sure.

message 12: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) Hmmm...

message 13: by Sophiee.†. (new)

Sophiee.†. WaylandMellarkTallynCullen (BookLoversYeYe) im pretty sure the great hall is where they eat

message 14: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) Yeah, it is, I just checked the books.

message 15: by Sophiee.†. (new)

Sophiee.†. WaylandMellarkTallynCullen (BookLoversYeYe) haha!

message 16: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn  (naturallyredandright) | 55 comments but it is also where they take tests.

message 17: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) Truue! HELLO BRONWYN!

message 18: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn  (naturallyredandright) | 55 comments hi Rose. whats up?

message 19: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) What's up is the roof. I've just been being crazier than usual.

message 20: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn  (naturallyredandright) | 55 comments haha i can see.

message 21: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) See what? The roof or me being crazy?

message 22: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn  (naturallyredandright) | 55 comments haha both. os what time is it there?

message 23: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) 'Tis 8.17 in the evening. What about wherever you are. I thin I knew but then I forgot.

message 24: by Sophiee.†. (new)

Sophiee.†. WaylandMellarkTallynCullen (BookLoversYeYe) hahah!!! you peeps are hilarious!!!

message 25: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) I know we are.

message 26: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn  (naturallyredandright) | 55 comments i normally live in the us but this year i am living in germany. now it is 1 to 900 am

message 27: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) On an exchange trip or something? Or with you're family? Either way that is soooo cool. Can you speak German?

message 28: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn  (naturallyredandright) | 55 comments with my family, my mom is working here. i can understand a lot but i cant really speak it. i go to a german school a couple hours a week.

message 29: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) I'd like to learn German but I think French is enough to learn at one time. What's the school like?

message 30: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn  (naturallyredandright) | 55 comments haha idk its very "cold". they dont hang things up on the wall and teachers move from classroom to classroom insted of stayin in one. and they teach two subjects, like math and art, or LA and french.

message 31: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) That sounds rather like my school here. Everyone switches around with classrooms even the teachers. What's LA? Sorry if I'm being annoying but I like to know things.

message 32: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn  (naturallyredandright) | 55 comments haha ur not annoying at all LA is language arts which is commonly called English in the US but in germany they call it Deutsch (German) but its not like our language classes but like our LA classes where we read shakespeare and write essays.

message 33: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) Yeah, I think I figured that out. I like reading some Shakespeare:)

message 34: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn  (naturallyredandright) | 55 comments we have to read a midsummers night dream this year. but we also have to read beowolff which i am not looking forward too. right now we are reading the plague. what books for school are you reading at the moment. (these are all with my online class, , im taking 6, we read a book a week.

message 35: by Sophiee.†. (new)

Sophiee.†. WaylandMellarkTallynCullen (BookLoversYeYe) that would be soo kewl! I learn german and my german teacher is from germany!

message 36: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) You are learning lots of languages Luna. I haven't actually started school for this year yet but it's starts on Weednesday and I'm dreading it. I've read A Midsummer Night's Dream too and I liked it. Hope you enjoy it!

message 37: by Sophiee.†. (new)

Sophiee.†. WaylandMellarkTallynCullen (BookLoversYeYe) ist es das lustige Leben in Deutschland?

message 38: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) Ooga booga Luna.
Je suis une petite souris.

message 39: by Sophiee.†. (new)

Sophiee.†. WaylandMellarkTallynCullen (BookLoversYeYe) haha I just luv languages!!! I only learn them though, i am naturally english! but i buy CD's and stuff to learn

message 40: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) Je suis une petite souris.
My mother used to know someone from Austria aho could speak like six languages including German, English and French.

message 41: by Sophiee.†. (new)

Sophiee.†. WaylandMellarkTallynCullen (BookLoversYeYe) that is sooooo awesum!!!

message 42: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) She was actually the one who gave me my Le Tour Du Monde En Quatre-vignt Jours book. Which I really like.

message 43: by Sophiee.†. (new)

Sophiee.†. WaylandMellarkTallynCullen (BookLoversYeYe) kewl!!!!! that is like just awesum!

message 44: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) Oh, and Luna I just sent invites to my other friends to join our group. Fifteen in all.

message 45: by Neki (new)

Neki Hi!I've already sent my invitations long time ago!

message 46: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) To Luna's and my new group actually. The Mortal Instruments 4eva and eva.

message 47: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn  (naturallyredandright) | 55 comments Luna wrote: "ist es das lustige Leben in Deutschland?"

es ist okay. heidelberg ist ein ganz schöne stadt. aber ich nicht warten könte, wenn ich nach hause gehen. zwei jahre is lange.

message 48: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) Like I said, Ooga booga.

message 49: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn  (naturallyredandright) | 55 comments haha. i am jealous of u though for living in NZ.

message 50: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) It is really nice here but I'm stck in the second most boring place in New Zealand.
I'm jealous of you for living in Ooga Booga Land.

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