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Alexandria (airdnaxelA) | 74 comments Ok so I managed to make 100 in 2010 by the skin of my teeth thanks to the amazingness that is Beatrix Potter books but that is not going to happen this year! I am going to get ahead and stay ahead so I don't have a made dash to read 30 books at the end of the year.
Yay. Can't wait to start!!

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Alexandria (airdnaxelA) | 74 comments JANUARY

1 - Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch (p/c - 389)
2 - No Place for Magic by E.D Baker (p/c - 250) (t/p/c - 639)
3 - The Hunter by L.J Smith (p/c - 252) (t/p/c - 891)
4 - Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev (p/c - 352) (t/p/c - 1243)


5 - Need by Carrie Jones (p/c - 306) (t/p/c - 1549)
6 - Captivate by Carrie Jones (p/c - 273) (t/p/c - 1822)
7 - Entice by Carrie Jones (p/c - 264) (t/p/c - 2086)

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Alexandria (airdnaxelA) | 74 comments 1. Touched by an Alien (Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #1) by Gini Koch
I got this just on the off chance of liking it since it popped up on the 'you looked at this - you might like this' page on amazon. So I figured it found get me out of my comfort zone. It was ok but it lost a star for me when the two main characters ended up in bed together within a day (maybe 2). I could buy into Jeff being an empath and having deep feelings for Kitty and wanting to marry her from the moment they met because he was just so adorable. But that was the only major issue I had. I didn't think it was necessary. But that's just me. Everything was great. There was action, suspense, drama, romance, arguments, humour - pretty much everything. I will be reading the next once my tbr book case has a little less on it.

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Alexandria (airdnaxelA) | 74 comments 2. No Place for Magic (Tales of the Frog Princess, #4) by E.D. Baker
I have enjoyed every single one of the Frog Princess books and I cannot wait to read the fifth - even though it will be dealing with the next generation of the family. Each book has turned traditional ideas on their heads and I have loved that. I have especially loved the little side story of Li'l the bat and Garrid the vampire who fell in love with her and waited hundreds of years to find her (after a little time travel adventure). I had been hoping that their story would be continued some how in the next book but I am not too sure now... I can't wait for the tbr case to be a bit more friendly looking and I can get the next 2 books in line without feeling guilty. :)

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Alexandria (airdnaxelA) | 74 comments 3. The Hunter (The Forbidden Game, #1) by L.J. Smith book one from The Forbidden Game The Hunter; The Chase; The Kill  by L.J. Smith
I really don't know what to think of this book. It was like a crazy mixture of The Phantom of the Opera, Labyrinth, Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark and Jamanji. More strongly of Labyrinth really as the guy plays games with the girl to try and ultimately win her. I was waiting for the 'Fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave' line any minute but it never came lol. And of course there was the Jamanji feel thanks to the kids being sucked into the game were the could live or die. Hey, one of them actually dying came as a bit of a shock. It was interesting how simple, maybe even silly, fears were turned into something that could kill you and I think I may just have a healthy fear now of being abducted by aliens or turning into a plant. But I really don't know where to place it. I also couldn't help but feel sorry for Julian when she went and trapped his at the end. I mean, the dude loved her...I found the ending a little wishy woshy it is a good job that I have the bind up because if I had to go through the effort of finding the second book I don't think it would be getting read for a while.
Anyway, onto 'The Chase'

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Alexandria (airdnaxelA) | 74 comments 4. Eyes Like Stars (Théâtre Illuminata, #1) by Lisa Mantchev
This one was a re-read from last year and I enjoyed it just as much this time around as I did the first time I read it. Bertie is a fantastic leading lady who is sandwiched between 2 guys. The dashing pirate Nate, and the charming air spirit Ariel. The book is so different from beginning to end that I couldn't help but get lost in it again and the ending came as a suprise as I had forgotten who the bad guy actually was :). I also listened to sections of this on the Full Cast Audio that has been recorded and I think that it was really good. I am normally not a fan of Audio Books but having each character having their own voice made the whole thing come alive.
I can't wait for the 3rd (and last book I think) to come out in September!
Grr have fallen behind on the reading challenge because of illness in the family :(. Will hopefully get back on track.
And I suppose I had better slog through the rest of the Forbidden Game...

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Alexandria (airdnaxelA) | 74 comments 5. Need (Need, #1) by Carrie Jones
a solid 3.5 in my mind. I liked Zara's way of dealing with scary situations when she listed the different Phobias - I thought that was pretty funky.

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Alexandria (airdnaxelA) | 74 comments 6. Captivate (Need, #2) by Carrie Jones
I am glad that I read this straight after Need because think I woul dhave lost interest if I hadn't. It was good, not amazing, but good. There were typical bits of teenage stuff that happened and annoyed me. ALOT. The phobia listing thing is still pretty cool. And Zara has a sort of melt down, shout at everyone moment that I was hoping for.
On to Entice

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Alexandria (airdnaxelA) | 74 comments 7. Entice (Need, #3) by Carrie Jones
This book is The Forbidden Game is disguise too. Honestly it is. Okay, so maybe not. I will get the Forbidden Game finished at somepoint.
Entice gets a whole extra .5 stars for having Zara finally get to hit something - or someone :). I hate the way she is treated by her family and friends after she chages. It makes me so angry.

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