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MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) ok...what topic?

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girlpower12121 (caanna) idk what ever you want to do i guess minus any fantacy tings

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Higschool? and 2 charries?

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girlpower12121 (caanna) uh....hmm sure highschool. 2 charries each?

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) yeah...boy and girl?!

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girlpower12121 (caanna) hmmm... sure.. ill amke charries

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Name: Lilly
Age: 18
Gender: female

Personality: She’s shy, sweet, kind, caring, trustworthy, funny, loyal, elegant, polite, loves to work, loving.

Appearance: She is 5'9" she has curves in the right places ;). She has long wavy amber hair that falls to her waist, soft chocolate eyes, light skin yet not pale pale albino style skin, and she also has a cute pinky colour natural blush. She is very fit. She jogs everyday and has been since she was little. She is french too.

Bio: Her father is very abusive sexually, emotionally and physical and her mother does nothing about it, she even watchs sometimes, because of this she is fragile and feels as though she has been violated and will never be safe again. She has tried to get away and get help but due to her father being an officer she really doesnt have a choice. She hates life and has tried to take her life before. She finds it hard to make friends and keeps to herlself alot. She has had a rough life and those whom have been close to her and whom she has told her story too literally ran away and she lost their friendship so now tries not to tell people about it. She does have times when she goes into a state where she had flash backs. She longs for a speacial someone to make her feel safe and to tell her life about and not have them run away. She is the top of her English, Maths, Health and Science and french classes and has never gotten graded lower then A-. She has volenterd to do nursing and help with the preparing of stuff for the opperationg rooms in the hospital. She does this because not only does she love it but feels as if that if she does somthing really good her father may stop what he is doing to her. She has wanted to be a surgeon since she was 5. She is in love with very graphic documaentries and she knows alot of things about doctor things and anoatomy and things that you only learn in College cause she loves to do research. She jogs every day without fail after school and has been joggin at that time since she was 7 and has never changed it.

Crush/GF/BF: SHe doesnt have a bf but she does have a crush on Jayden

Other: Wants to become a surgeon and she wants to save herself for someone special(though technically her dad was her first) . SHe also speacks alot of french, and is an awesome singer :) She also loves to read.
She has a beautiful Arabian horse (below)
Name: Prancer.
Appearance: It is a pure bred. The Arabian's head has a characteristic dished profile with a prominent eye, large nostrils and small teacup muzzle http://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgurl=h...)
Personality: It is loyal and will only listen to Lilly. It is a friendly horse but if you get it on its own it is fierce!

Name: Gabriel Whicker
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Personality: Kind, outgoing, good sense of humor, fun to be around. Very smart. He'll do anything for his loved ones and never judges a book by their cover. A person you can trust. He's very protective of those he loves, and if you hurt them you're in trouble.

Looks: Bright, almost shocking blue eyes, scruffy brown hair (But not un kept) and a spray of freckles, Pale skin and slightly muscular. Around 5' 11"

Bio: Grew up with his mother and 6 older sisters. The one he's closest to in age is actually 9 years older than him. He was always made fun of as a child for growing up without a dad and a nickname often given to him.... Shall not be repeated... His mother and sisters were all very kind to him however. His mother passed when he was 14. Because he grew up how he did he never makes fun of anyone or is rude to them in any way. Well... Unless you push him. He's not a total push over, he can get angry. He's a painter and his entire room is decorated with works of his. He's also a cellist.


Personality:Nice, sweet, caring, outgoing, smart, funny
Apperance: Long blonde hair, tall, hott, very nice body
History:New girl and has a brother and they live in a very big house. Has a british accent

Name:Brandon ((Bear))
Apperance: Tall, hott, shaggy black hair, piercing green eyes
Personality: Protective, smart at times, interesting, funny, and outgoing
History: parents were murdered when he was 16 and has a british accent. Sister is Harlie

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Nice :) what do you think of mine??

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Thanks :) can you start??

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Bear was walking into the school and sighed as Harlie followed behind them. They went to thier lockers slowly and opened them. Harlies was decorated and Bears was dirty

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Lilly walked into school, her cheeks tear stained and a new bruis forming on her ankle. SHe opened her locker

Gabe walked into school and sighed

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Bear grabbed his Algebra book and walked into Algebra and sat in the very back

Harlie grabbed her Cemistry book and sat in and empty seat

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girlpower12121 (caanna) lilly grabbed her algebra books and walked to class taking her seat at the front of the class.

Gabe grabbed his music boks and walked to class

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((i changed lilly))

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Bear sighed and watched a girl sit down and then looked at the ground as the teacher started talking

Harlie took notes as the teacher talked and doodled some of the time

((i see))

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((lolz))

Lilly took notes

Gabe wrote music

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Bear sighed and then watched how fast she wrote things and sighed. He drew the back of her head because she was bored

Harlie frowned and did the worksheet that the teacher passed out

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girlpower12121 (caanna) lilly looke down at her cursive writing and sighed

Gabe finished his peice and played it ont he piano

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Bear stopped and shut his book as he heard the bell ring

Harlie turned her worksheet in and left the class room going to the music room

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girlpower12121 (caanna) lily packed her stuff up and sighed

Gabe stopped playing and went to his maths class

((wanna ff to lunch??))

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) ((yepp))

Harlie walked to lunch and then sighed not knowing where to sit

Bear sat with some of his friends

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Lilly was sitting in her little corner...al alone

Gabe was sitting with hismates

((hey i g2g have dinner soon))

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Harlie sighed and saw someone sitting by themselves so she went to go sit next to him

Bear laughed and talked with them

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girlpower12121 (caanna) lilly ate her food slowly, reading her book

gabe laughed as one of them sfinsihed saying a joke

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Harlie sighed "ummm...May i sit here?"

Bear smiled and looked around for his sister

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Lilly looked up "uh...sure"

Gabe smirked

((hey i g2g have dinner. bbs))

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Harlie sat down and sighed

Bear looked at them "do you guys want to meet my sister?"he asked them


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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((back))

Lilly looked at her "whast wrong?"

Gabe ate some of his food

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Harlie looked at her "nothing...im just tired"

Bear smiled and walked over to get Harlie

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!)

Lilly looked at a dude aproaching them "do you know him?"

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) ((Yeah....You 2!!))

Harlie nodded "its my brother"

Bear smiled and looked at them "whould you ladies like to come sit with us?"

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((ty))

Lilly looked at him "no thankyou" she said softly. SHe didnt add that she was kind of a loner

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Harlie stood uup "are you sure...?"

Bear llooked at her...she was pretty cute"

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Lilly nodded "Yes thankyou. But thanks anyway" she said softly

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Harlie sighed and left with Bear and sat with his stupid perverted friends,

Bear smiled and then looked at Gabe

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Gabe waved at him smirking ((wanna make them old friends? or somthing like that??))

Lilly sighed and wnt back to reading

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) ((they can be friends)) Bear smiled and waved back motioning for him to come sit with them

Harlie looked at Bear and then at Gabe... He was cute

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((kk)) Gabe made his way over, "hey bear"

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) "hey Gabe"he said smiling and nudging Harlie

Harlie blushed looking down

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Gabe smirked and sat down next to her "whats doing?"

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) ((hmmm??))

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((he means like hows life lolz. what ya doing stuff like that. i normally say whats doing to just sum it all up))

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) ((to Bear>))

Bear smiled "Its good...what about you?"

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((yeah to bear lolz))

"Yeah pretty good" he said

Lilly got up and put her rubbish in the bin and then walked to her locker

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) "have you met my sister yet?"he asked him

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girlpower12121 (caanna) "no I havnt" he said smirking

Lilly got her books for hte next class

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Bear scooted back and Harlie looked at Gabe and blushed a little "Hi...im Harlie"

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Gab smiled and extended his hadn to her "im gabriel but just call me gabe" he winked at her

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