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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 13815 comments I'm saying this now because I don't anticipate being online much in the next few days. Have a good weekend, stay safe, don't drink and drive.

message 2: by Félix (new)

Félix (habitseven) Take care Sarah.

Jackie "the Librarian" | 8993 comments Happy New Year's, Sarah Pi! Have fun!

message 4: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Lopez | 4728 comments Happy New Year, Sarah!

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael Thanks and the same to you. Happy 2011!

message 6: by janine (new)

janine | 7715 comments happy new year everyone!

message 7: by Jim (new)

Jim | 6485 comments Happy New Year everyone, I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable new year.

message 8: by ms.petra (new)

ms.petra (mspetra) Happy New Year everyone! Wishing each of you good books, even better conversation, health, and prosperity in 2011.

message 9: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Lopez | 4728 comments Happy New Year, all!
Very best wishes for 2011.

message 10: by Carol (new)

Carol | 1679 comments This is going to be a healthy, happy new year!
2010 had a bright spot - finding this group and "meeting" all of you! Thanks for letting me hang out with the cool kids.

message 11: by Jim (new)

Jim | 6485 comments Glad you found us.

message 12: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments The gym was lousy with resoluters this morning. Give up, resoluters! You'll never keep going! Why don't you just leave now?

message 13: by Félix (new)

Félix (habitseven) Those weak of will ....

message 14: by Lori (new)

Lori RA- that's funny. I wonder how long they will last.

Happy New Year everyone! It's gonna be a good one. Right? Right!

message 15: by Janice (new)

Janice (jamasc) Happy New Year everyone!

Stacia (the 2010 club) (stacia_r) Happy New Year!

message 17: by Jammies (new)

Jammies Dear TC,

Thank you for letting me join you, and Happy New Year!

Dear Resolutionaries,

Get out of my pool!



message 18: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 4034 comments I can't find anything in this group! Is there a New Year's resolution thread? I want to know what you people are resolving.

message 19: by Jim (new)

Jim | 6485 comments I am resolving to hide my resolution from smetchie :-)

message 20: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 4034 comments Thanks Jim. I knew I could count on you.

Where is Heidi when I need her?

message 21: by Jim (new)

Jim | 6485 comments :-)

message 22: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 13815 comments I don't think there's a resolutions thread. Only a Literary Resolutions thread.

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