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Reason why in Boarding School(optional):

message 2: by *Sklip* (last edited Jan 02, 2011 06:33PM) (new)

*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) Name: Ravyn
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Grade: Senior (12th)
Personality: flirty, outgoing, passionate, impulsive, rebel, curious, sarcastic
Appearance: [image error]
((minus the nose ring and black eyeliner ^_^))
Reason why in Boarding School: Her parents thought that she could be more "civilized" going through Boarding School
Others: She doesnt like to talk about her family

message 3: by MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (last edited Dec 30, 2010 07:51PM) (new)

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Name:Harlie
Apperance: Average heigt, light brown hair, and eyes change colors with her moods, very straight white teeth
Personality: Nice, sweet, interesting, smart, funny, Coutgoing!
Other: British accent...great singer and likes music and sports
Reason in school: Had no where to go and wanted to get away from home

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Daisy | 387 comments Name: Zoben
Age: 17
Gender: M
Grade: 12th
Personality: find out
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
Reason why in Boarding School(optional): your mom, jk, he has since he was 5
Crush: I don't want to assign him just one...he might go through a few girls

♥Sex Kitten♥ Name: Erin
Age: 18
Gender: M
Grade: 12
Personality: charmer, smooth talker, willful and head strong
Appearence:Tall 6'2, dark brown hair, and light brown eyes. Alwayswell dressed
Reason: no one knows why

message 6: by Daisy (new)

Daisy | 387 comments Can Erin and Zoben be friends.

♥Sex Kitten♥ Yeah they seem like they would get along great.

message 8: by Daisy (new)

Daisy | 387 comments That's what I thought. I rarely ask for specific people to be Frieda with my charrie.

♥Sex Kitten♥ Well know I feel special. Lol Thank you

message 10: by *Sklip* (new)

*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) lol

message 11: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ You will come to see that im the special kid. Lol your a great writer stalkergirl

message 12: by *Sklip* (new)

*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) What a nice coincidence! I'm special too XD

I never really liked the way I write, but glad to know that my advanced English classes are paying off LOL

message 13: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ I actually like ppl who take advanced english they put the smart ass ppl in their place.

message 14: by *Sklip* (new)

*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) Lol, I'm in a lot of advanced classes
English, science, history

I don't have advanced math anymore because I failed algebra last year (I blame the teacher, I didn't like the way he teached)

plus I'm taking two band classes lol, busy person!

message 15: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ Im only in two advance classes math and science. Im not the best writer but i try. Lol
And i have to science classes and i play the piano for the chorus class. But i feel like a slacker compared to you. Lol

message 16: by *Sklip* (new)

*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) YAY FOR PIANO PLAYERS :D

message 17: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ Yay i finaly found somone who didnt queit on piano. Lol!

message 18: by *Sklip* (new)

*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) On my eighth year XD

message 19: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ Im on my seventh

message 20: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 03, 2011 12:15AM) (new)

Stalker: I'm a music enthusiast!
Do you only play piano?

message 21: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ And violin

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

Stalker: me too XD :D
well, and flute

I like the sound of a violin, but I can't make it sound good D:

message 23: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ I played violin all througghout middle and now inhnghschool

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

Stalker: lucky, I wish I could make it sound good

I'm better suited to flute and piano lol

message 25: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ Its okay you can play the flute 10 times better than me. Tryed it from a while sounded like a dying bird, no a dieing bird sounded better than me. Lol

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Stalker: lol, I find it weird we have so much in common already XD

message 27: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ I thought so tooXD lol

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

Stalker: =]

so how old are you, I know you're in highschool lol
I'm 14

message 29: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ Im 15 going on 16, i turn 16 march 3rd

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

Stalker: not that far apart :D

message 31: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ I know right :D

message 32: by Angel (new)

Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Name: Cassidy Monrow
Age: 17
Gender: female
Grade: 11th
Personality: fun, outgoing, spointanious, bold, party girl
Reason why in Boarding School(optional): believed to 'change' her....righhtttt.
Crush: any guy
Others: dreams of being a dancer

message 33: by [deleted user] (last edited Apr 25, 2011 10:16AM) (new)

Name: Jasmine
Age: 16
Gender: female
Grade: 11
Personality: bubbly, but sad sometimes

Reason why in Boarding School(optional): same as her twin brother
Crush: OPEN

Name: Jessie
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Grade: 11
Personality: shy, kind, nice

Reason why in Boarding School: He and his twin sister got kicked out of the house when their mom died.
Crush: OPEN and he is bisexual so yeah

message 34: by Mande-- (new)

Mande-- | 24 comments Name: Mandy
Age: 16
Gender: F
Personality: Cute funny Active and bisexual.
Crush: Jessie

message 35: by Mande-- (new)

Mande-- | 24 comments Smile, wanna rp?

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message 37: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ Name: Vanessa
Personality: smart, funny, witty, charming
Appereance:[image error]src="http://static.desktopnexus.com/thumbn..."
Width="400" Height="650"/>
Crush: opens
Other: Bi

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

maybe she could like Jasmine?

message 39: by ♥Sex Kitten♥ (new)

♥Sex Kitten♥ Sure. Thanks:)

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