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*yes. this is a college roleplay. This is definitely realistic.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Dylan, wearing headphones around her neck, wondered the campus. She heard some guy named Roberto was having a party tonight, and she wanted in. Her black hair was let lose, still straight, and her gray eyes seemed glassy. Even if shes only 19, Dylan does drink. Its nothing big to her. She was wearing a black tank top, white paint splattered skinny jeams, and red converses.

Roberto was in his dorm, watching baseball. The school year had just begun, but baseball was well underway. He sighed as the game ended. He needed to get noticed this year or no baseball for him. He put on a white tee shirt and his baseball jacket. Jeans covered his legs and he walked out the door. He was excited for his party tonight.

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Stella slid down the stair's bannister, landing perfectly, since this had become a daily habit. She smoothed her skirt, striding down to the commons. Stella wanted to catch some time with her friends before class started again

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THluver | 25 comments Walking around the campus in her newly-bought black Converse, Kimber gave some nearby guys the death glare if they dared approach her. It being another pretty typical day, Kimber sighed as she pulled out her cell, not paying attention in front of her as she texted a friend to see what the latest scoop was for any parties.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Roberto knocked into a girl (Kimber). "Ah! Sorry there," he said, smiling at her. He had his typical sunglasses on and his big smile. "You ok?"

Dylan wondered campus, wondering if she could find anyone she knew.

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THluver | 25 comments Kimber felt like she could've jumped 10 feet back when she knocked into the guy. "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry! I'm fine, just got a bit....distracted." she said, still holding her cell in one hand as she analyzed the guy in front of her. "Are you, uh...are you alright too?" she asked him, feeling a bit embarressed.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Roberto nodded. "Yes, I am fine. Have we met before?" He asked her, eyeing her up and down quickly. She's not half bad. No, shes not a senoir....hmmmm

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THluver | 25 comments Kimber smiled as she looked into his shades. "Umm...I may have seen you around but no, I don't think I've met you in person." Kimber replied, sticking her cell back in her jean pocket.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) He smiled. "Well, I am Roberto." He said, taking off his glasses to reveal almost golden eyes.

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THluver | 25 comments *dear god.* Kimber thought as she silently sucked in a breath. "Nice to meet you, I'm Kimber....Kimber Dawson." she introduced, offering a handshake as she looked up at him through her clear blue eyes.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) "Kimber, nice to meet you." Roberto smiled. "I think I remember your face.. I saw you at one of my parties, no?"

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THluver | 25 comments Kimber nodded and smiled a bright white smile this time. "Oh yeah, one of those. I think it was some sort of coming senior party, right?" she asked wonderingly, raising a brow.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) "Ya, ya! It was the begining of the year." Roberto spoke, seeing her smile. Damn, nice smile. he thought.

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THluver | 25 comments "Nice. That was one hell of a party." Kimber stated, reflecting on the good time she had. "So are you going to have another one of those soon? I mean your probably graduating this year, correct?"

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) "Accutally, im having on tonight." Roberto spoke. "I normaly have two a month." He said, smiling. "Why dont you come?"

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THluver | 25 comments Kimber's eyes widened. "Heh, yeah I'd love to, thanks. I'm lucky enough to have a party at least twice a week." she said, chuckling to herself. "What time?"

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) "8. " Roberto answered.

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THluver | 25 comments "Sweet, I'll uh, see you then." she said, taking a step towards the college front doors as she waved a small wave goodbye. *wow, him personally inviting me to his party....that's amazing.* Kimber thought to herself as she headed for her dorm. Not having a dorm partner yet, she had the whole room to herself....for now.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) (Can my female charrie be her dormmate?)

Roberto watched her walk off. "Damn, she was hot." He mumbled, heading to his dorm.

Dylan wondered where her new dorm is.

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THluver | 25 comments (yeah that'd be fine. :) )

Kimber jammed to her music on her ipod as she plopped on her bed, still thinking about her earlier conversation.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Dylan looked at her map and found her dorm. She knocked.

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THluver | 25 comments Kimber jumped off from her bed, pulling off her earbuds as she opened the door a bit and looked around the corner. "Hi, can I help you?" she asked in a friendly sort if way.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) "Im Dylan, your roommate." She spoke.

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THluver | 25 comments "Oh okay, come in." Kimber said, feeling a bit awkward at first as she opened the door further for her. "I'm Kimber."

message 25: by Angel (new)

Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Dylan smiled. "Nice to meet ya, Kimber." She spoke, tossing her bag on an empty bed. "Woa, nice place."

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THluver | 25 comments Kimber smiled back at her as she scanned around the room. "Yeah its pretty sweet. Got 2 bathrooms and a seperate little living room space over in the corner." she explained, pointing over to the far end of the room.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) "Glad to be bunking here." Dylan smiled as she put her headphones on the bed. "So, what grade you in?"

message 28: by THluver (new)

THluver | 25 comments "I'm in my junior year, majoring in psychology and facial forensics. What about you?" she asked, sitting back down on her bed.

message 29: by Angel (new)

Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Dylan looked at her. "Freshan, majoring in music and art." She said, smiling.

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THluver | 25 comments "Ah, freshie huh?" Kimber acknowledged. "That's neat, I love music and art too, though I can't say I'm fantastically great in those areas." she mentioned.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) "Im really good at both." Dylan spoke. "And, freshie here is better than freshie in highschool." She laughed.

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THluver | 25 comments "Haha, yeah no doubt. Its not half as bad...people are a bit more mature, well, in some anyways." she spoke thoughtfully, laughing at the remark.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) "Some ways?" She asked.

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THluver | 25 comments Kimber nodded a little and cleared her throat. "Uh yeah, there's still some people around that still act like their in highschool. I'll point those ones out to ya later once you may see them during class sessions. Their kinda the trouble-making type so, just to let ya know." Kimber explained, rising to stand up from her bed. "Hey, you hungry? I know a really good place to eat and chill at." she offered.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Dylan nodded. "Trouble-maker, gotcha." She looked at her. "Food? Sure."

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THluver | 25 comments Kimber smiled happily as she got up from her bed and stretched. "Its just on the other side of the campus. The food isn't half bad....juniors and seniors are allowed to go there only but since your with me they'll let you in." Kimber explained, grabbing her big sunglasses as she headed to the door. Deep down she hoped she'd run into Roberto again.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) "Awesome." Dylan smiled, taking off her headphones. She smiled and walked to the door.

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THluver | 25 comments ((wow...are we like, the only ones posting it up so far? Lol))

Kimber led her through the campus, waving to a few people she knew here and there from previous years. Finally making it to the spiced-up cafeteria, Kimber took in a deep breath and sniffed. "Sorry, its almost like getting a nose high from it smelling so good in here." she said, laughing to herself.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) (yes....)

Dylan sniffed the aur too. "Damn, smells good "

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THluver | 25 comments "Haha, you can thank the awesome cooks for that." Kimber said, seating herself at a table, eyeballing anyone she may recognize in the room. Finding none, she pulled out a menu for her and Dylan.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Dylan looked at the menu.

Roberto was hanging out with his friends.

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THluver | 25 comments Kimber raised a brow and rested her head on her elbow as she looked at the menu. "Gah! I hate being stuck on two decisions...everything looks so good on here." she remarked, looking at a veggie burger.

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