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message 1: by Carl (new)

Carl I. | 609 comments It appears that they followed the Nook with the 2 week period idea. It is not on every book, just depends on the publisher. It also seems it is a "one time only" lend. So, be picky with who you lend books to.


message 2: by Guido (new)

Guido Henkel (guidohenkel) | 244 comments Yes, it looks like they just did.

message 3: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments Cool! Bummer it's a one-time only thing, though. But I guess it's better than nothing.

message 4: by Guido (new)

Guido Henkel (guidohenkel) | 244 comments Are you sure you're not mistaking this with "you can lend the book to only one person at a time?"

message 5: by Carl (new)

Carl I. | 609 comments Guido, that is what I am thinking it is. The wording on the site is just vague enough that it could be either. I am digging through the thread on the Kindle board to see what turns up. Hopefully it is "one person at a time" type of thing, and not a "one time per book" thing.

message 6: by Jerrod (new)

Jerrod (liquidazrael) | 712 comments bout time... the least they could do was add this since, technically, we don't own ebooks, just have the license to read it.

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