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Shayla (shaylaalexander) I'll post later.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Name: Princess

Gender: Female

Tribe: Moon

Rank: Healer Youngling

Appearance: Princess has a deep russet pelt. Her belly is frosted white and black stripes plastered to her face. She also has a white ringed tail. She has charcoal paws and short ears along with long whiskers. Another feature is her chocolate crown tucked neatly behind her ear.

Personality: Princess is not prissy at all, even though her name implies it. She cares for every living thing. All she even wants to do is help tose she can. She has a knack for easy memory and fast paws. With her long legs, she loves to race others up trees and walls. Her only flaw is stubborness to fight or have anything to do with it.

History: Princess born a house-cat and never enjoyed it. She purposely acted up so she would be thrown out onto the streets wityh her sister. She was found by the leader of Moon Tribe and taken in to train as a healer since all of there were not enough protectors to teach her. She has prooven herself worthy and enjoys the allies better than house life by a long shot.

Kin: Lily

Crush: I don't know if Healers can have mates.

Mate: I don't know if Healer's can have mates.

Other: She and her sister are not close, if not opposites completely.

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Jennifer | 183 comments Mod
Yes, Healers can have mates.

Princess, Accepted

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Oh, okay. Thanks!

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Name: Lily

Gender: Female

Tribe: Storm

Rank: Member

Appearance: Lily is covered in a sheet of smoke. She has streaks of blonde covering her paws. She is striped a darker charcoal all over her body. Her tail is ringed charcoal over smoke. Her eyes turn shades of blue depending on her mood. Her blonde paws are the only part of her that isn't a shade of gray.

Personality: Lily is anything but nice. She's prissy and evil, as her sister puts it. She has an ambition to over power the tribes, as do the rest of this secret tribe she calls home. It's this ambition that fuels her emotions. She will occasionally run into her sister, who she would rather kill than see skipping in circles with the other tribe cats. She has left the past behind and only focuses on the future of the tribes. She is good at hiding emotions and could care less about life as is.

History: She used to be a house-cat until she and her sister ranaway from the pampered life.She became an outlaw, but her sister found support another tribe. Lily has swore revenege on humans and every creature alike. She has no feelings for other animals and only helps her tribe because they all share the same dream: Overpowering the Tribes.

Kin: Princess

Crush: OPEN

Mate: OPEN

Other: She is nothing like her sister.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Name: Quiver

Gender: Male

Tribe: Fire

Rank: Second


Quiver is strong-willed and perky. He is most annoyed by those who ask non-sense questions repetitively. He pays no attention to younglings, even if they follow him around to copy him. He is most careful around the leader so not to seem to powerful or advantage-taking. He uses his powers wisely among the tribe and hopes to one day lead them.

Quiver was named for his shy personality. As a kit, he would stay away from everything and anything that came his way. He was specifacally assigned to a protector to over come his fear of everything. This helped. He eventually became cured. He became second after the first second died. He had saved the leader from being caught by a catcher.

Kin: Shiver in Ice Tribe (sister)

Crush: Hmmm...

Mate: Uhhh...

Other: He has no interest in other cats except his tribe.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Name: Shiver

Gender: Female

Tribe: Ice

Rank: Queen-Expecting


Shiver is very quiet. She is annoyed mostly by talks...those who go: talktalktalktalktalktalktalk. She has a problem with most youlings that change her nest everyday. She willingly does stuff for others. She has a problem with humans. She is often looked at funny because she is from another tribe. She has grown used to it. She frets about little things.

Shiver was born in Fire Tribe with her brother, Quiver. She ran awat, hurt that her brother ignored her. She ended up being found by Ice Tribe and adopted into it. She often frinds herself crying about this choice. She always wanted to do something with queens when she was a youngling and said she would be one too.

Kin: Quiver in Fire Tribe (brother)

Crush: Has a mate


Other: She has no interest in younglings.

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*Prods Lily's History* Overpowering the Tribes I think you mean. Also, in Storm Tribe, there are no "Youngling" group, so Lily would be a member.

Quiver, Shiver (LOL. Great names); Accepted. Lily needs a little change in her rank and history, and then she's accepted.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Thanks and fixed!

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