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message 1: by Aisley (new)

Aisley (De_Trencavel) | 43 comments Has anybody noticed that the Webmaster has changed some of the characters' pictures to some really "fugly" ones? Since the first time I visited the website I thought some of the pictures did not matched the descriptions of some of the characters; so I do agree they needed to be changed, but to such ugly ones? I know not everyone could be as beautiful as me (insert "eyes roll" here), but by Apollo, give e a break!

message 2: by Andreina (new)

Andreina | 31 comments LOL I noticed the new pictures! Some of them aren't bad, but some are just pure ridiculous.

The ones I like:

Adarian - he looks smoking hot!

Dante - it's all right

D'Alerian - this one is confusing b/c the picture is nice but for him isn' it's 50/50

Fang - I like it

Vane: it's better than his old pic...where he looked like some hobo...but it's not that's better than the other one =)

Kasen: (from the Leage) I like it

The ones I don't like / understand

Aphrodite: she looks like some 18 year-old prostitute or playboy girl who's doing like some photo shoot.

Artemis: I liked her old picture better...made her look like more of a bitch... Her new picture should've been for Katra since they look alike

Cassandra: I liked her old pic. better but the one she has now isn't that bad

Eric: I thought that was Marilyn Manson for a second...and almost had a heart attack...>_>

M'Ordant: I still don't know how he looks like....

Madoc: me like his old pic. better

Maggie: I liked her old pic. better

Otto: ........I don't even know what to say.....

Simi: I hated her old pic...I hate her new pic....

Thorn: his head is too big! He looks like some kinky business likey his old pic. better; I like the eyes though =)...ehh..the more I look @ the pic...the more I kinda like it. His pic. is 50/50 love-hate for me...


Any opinions? Agreement? Disagreement? xD Happy New Years!

message 3: by Aisley (new)

Aisley (De_Trencavel) | 43 comments Hiya everyone! Haven't "seen" you since last year, and that's a lot of time.

In regards to your views, Mercedes, I went back to the site and took a deep look at the pictures again. And by Apollo, they're worse than I first thought. So here are my views on some:

ADARIAN: Either something wicked this way comes in the story or the person that picks the pictures is plain sick! The guy in this picture is the same guy in the picture for Fang! Do a little copy and paste and put them side by side and you'll see it. Yuck!

ALEXION: It still is the original movie, but by Apollo, how can she describe him as a Nordic looking guy, and the picture is of a Native American?

ARTEMIS: This is exactly the picture I'll use to illustrate a hair coloring boo boo.

CASSANDRA: I'll just say, I want my money back!

D'ALERIAN: May he never get into my dreams, scary!

DANTE: Where on earth they found this picture? It's not even close to the good looking guy described in the story.

M'ADOC: Looks dirty, sorry!

OTTO: Will talk when I stop laughing

SIMI: Like it, although is not the idea I had of her appearance.

THOR: Will talk when I stop laughing

VANE: LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Looks like a cold
glass of water when is 102 in the shade.

message 4: by Andreina (new)

Andreina | 31 comments Aisley wrote: "Hiya everyone! Haven't "seen" you since last year, and that's a lot of time.

In regards to your views, Mercedes, I went back to the site and took a deep look at the pictures again. And by Apollo..."

I looked at Fang's and Adarian's pictures...and they kind of do look alike. I didn't notice at first because of the hair.... I wonder who's in charge of the pictures. I'm afraid that they'll change Jaden & Jared's and they'll make them ugly like they did everybody else *cries*

message 5: by Aisley (new)

Aisley (De_Trencavel) | 43 comments Since they didn't mess up with Vane's picture, that leaves me free to fight for Jaden & Jared! I must admit that they're two characters I don't care much about, but that doesn't mean that I will not complaint if they give them a bad re-do! So, if the Webmaster is listening, you better don't mess up with those two guys Missy, because you do not want to have a bunch of Dark Huntresses calling for your blood. Especially when we can call an alert and have more Dark Hunters come to help.

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