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message 1: by Garrett (new)

Garrett (garrettgoodreads) I've been meaning to read this one for a while, but just haven't gotten around to it. What do you guys think?
Sea Change by Aimee Friedman

message 2: by Garrett (new)

Garrett (garrettgoodreads) Yeah, I can't seem to get off of Chapter One. :D

message 3: by Randi, Movies, Music, Merpeople (new)

Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 1021 comments Mod
Alright, full review.

Sea Change is a different twist on most mer-stories.
Unlike the European side of the story, Sea Change is told on an island in Georgia (selkie Island).
And that adds a different, sweltering, humid, landscape.
I liked the peek at snotty southern girls, the tourist section to the fisherman village on the island that seemed so different, and Siren Beach.
The only part of this book that I didn't like was the lack of mer-elements. There could be a bit more to the paranormal edge.

message 4: by Garrett (new)

Garrett (garrettgoodreads) I hate to say it, but Sea Change should have been a little more like Twilight. What I mean by that is at least Twilight had the supernatural elements through the whole book. He could have his own mer-family on the island or something.
I came up with my own story about a human girl that falls in love with a merman, and I might just have to write it now. I'll call it "Sea Change: The Way It Should Have Been."

message 5: by oliviasbooks (last edited Dec 29, 2010 10:03PM) (new)

oliviasbooks | 261 comments That's funny. The vagueness about the magical elements was one of the reasons I loved this book so much. It's one of my very favorites. I told Ms. Friedman exactly that, when she mailed me after reading my review and she replied, that most of her teenage readers were upset that there was no real relevation and no conflict deriving from that. That was a year ago. And she said her publisher had requested a sequel, which will explore those things. I have to say I was disappointed and am happy that there is no sequel yet. Maybe she'll forget to write one (*hopes*). I do not want everything to be spelled out unmistakably.

message 6: by Garrett (last edited Dec 30, 2010 09:08AM) (new)

Garrett (garrettgoodreads) Maybe if I'd known the book was going to be vague going into it, I probably would have liked it better, and now that I know the mermaid elements aren't set in stone, I can appreciate it better. I prefer my fantasy dead-on instead of briefly mentioned, but I'll give it a try. As long as there's some mer-action in it, it's an okay book by me. :)

message 7: by Randi, Movies, Music, Merpeople (new)

Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 1021 comments Mod
I do wish for a sequel. I don't want vague. I want answers.
But I suppose it was a lesson for Miranda in the whole "Just because you can't see it doens't mean it's not real" type thing.

message 8: by Stephanie (last edited Jun 19, 2012 06:22PM) (new)

Stephanie | 15 comments i am so glad to read and find these comments. i just finished this book and thought, 'what the heck? where are the mermaids? am i supposed to believe that leo is a mermaid or not?' i don't have to have things written out, but this is the first time i've ever wished for a sequel not to tie up loose ends, but to, well, give me the plot that i really thought we were building up to...i don't think the mermaid aspect needs to be spelled out, i do think it needs to be present and well it really wasn't for me. this book just seems strange to me.

message 9: by Darlalala (new)

Darlalala | 1 comments I emailed the author requesting for a sequel but still, no luck :(

message 10: by Emily, Merfreak & Tribute (new)

Emily (emilimcg) | 251 comments Mod
I was looking on Aimee Friedman's website earlier and saw an update post from May 25th of this year.

I have been very busy with my awesome day job as a senior editor at Scholastic and also writing fun books for middle-grade readers under the name Ruth Ames. I was also talking with my agent and editor a lot about possibly doing a sequel to Sea Change. And I have been asked MANY times by MANY readers about writing a sequel. And I might some day! I would love to return to the story down the road.

So, I guess she is definitely planning to write a sequel...it's just a matter of when. I really loved Sea Change, so I'd LOVE a sequel, but I also wouldn't want to get my hopes up since it would be published a while after the first and could feel disconnected.

message 11: by Randi, Movies, Music, Merpeople (new)

Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 1021 comments Mod
Oooh, yay! I actually really liked Sea Change, it was one of the first mer-books I read when I first started getting into the genre.

I'll put this up on the blog. Thanks for the tip Emily!

message 12: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  | 4 comments I loved this book!
The character was awesome and believable and I loved how this book came across almost subtle

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