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message 1: by Doe965 (last edited Jan 06, 2011 01:20PM) (new)

Doe965 1. Lover Unbound (BDB #5) - 1/5/11

message 2: by Doe965 (last edited Jan 17, 2011 02:32PM) (new)

Doe965 2. A Touch of Dead 1/9/11

message 3: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 3 Pleasure Unbound 1/12/11

message 4: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments Doe965 wrote: "3 Pleasure Unbound 1/12/11"

good choice! What did you think of it?

message 5: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 I loved this book. I wish I didn't wait so long to read it. I loved that Eidolon found someone to tame his beast. I can't wait to find out what happens to Wraith and Shade. Right now I feel like I am so behind on my series and I need to read for a month straight to catch up. LOL

message 6: by Rayna (last edited Jan 19, 2011 02:27PM) (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments Im just finishing Shades book! It is good too, and i still get to hear a bit about E & Tay! Youll love book 2 as well! She even sets up to talk about Wraith who i am getting to like more and more!

IKR....i keep on adding all these series to my to-read list and then when i finish one i have a hard time picking through all that i have to choose from! Decisions decisions! HAppy Reading!

message 7: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 LOL, I have the same problem.

Same to you :)

message 8: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 4. Desire Unchained
5. Dead Until Dark
6. Living Dead in Dallas
7. Club Dead
8. Tempting Evil

Really loving this challenge, will post more as I finish.

message 9: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments Okay what do you think of the Sookie series?? After many people telling me to read it, im coming up short as to why??? im just starting book 3 and im not that excited about it....i cant stand either Sookie or Bill and the only enjoyment i get out of them is when Sam or Eric come around...your thoughts?

message 10: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 It was fine, Sookie tends to get on my nerves. But I love the visual of Eric in pink spandex. LOL I love Sam and you'll enjoy Alcide too. Trust me when you read the one about Eric and the witches you'll change your tune. I still compare the books to the series. Tara is so much better in the series than the book.

BTW I loved loved loved Shade's book. OMG is all I can say. So looking forward to Wraith's book.

message 11: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments Wraith's book is really good...i love his character development and i like that he grows into a man and stops letting people think he doesnt care!

But my honest opinion....i love Lore and Sin's books. Especially Sin's its my favorite....Con what a man....he truly knows the meaning of complete Love...that you would do anything for that true love the one your to be with forever! enjoy!

message 12: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 I'll have to let you know when I finish them and we'll compare notes ;)

message 13: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments for sure!

message 14: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 9 Eclipse

message 15: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
Glad ur enjoying the challenge. I sure am!!!! Lmfao.

message 16: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 10 Midnight's Daughter I am falling behind :(

message 17: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments Well if you average 10 books per month then you will definately make your quota! Maybe pick up some audiobooks at library and listen to them to and from work!! MAkes the time go by so much faster, i hate commuting to and fro!

message 18: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 I read about 15 - 20 per month but I do reviews for another site and it takes away from what I really want to read.

message 19: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments Yeah that's troublesome when your job cuts into your liesure!

message 20: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
I WANT YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 21: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 They are looking for reviewers if you are interested

message 22: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
I WELL AND TRULY AM! SIGN ME UP!!! I have a computer again, finally. Lol

message 23: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments i would be interested too! send me the info too!

message 24: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 11.Pleasure Unbound --- Wow Wraith is the man. :)

message 25: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
Yes indeed he is!

message 26: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments I told you!!!! You still havent got to my favorite books yet! i Love Lore and Sin's books!

message 27: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 12 The Undead Heart The Blood Thirst Series (Volume 1) by Tate Jackson

Loved it... I laughed a lot and wanted to kick Beck's butt. I hated the cliffhanger. Why did she leave it that way?

message 28: by Rayna (last edited Feb 18, 2011 10:05AM) (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments I have it on the read right now list, wont be until next week for me. Trying to get those reviews done for NRR. Sounds like she may be setting up for the next in the series???

message 29: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 Yes it is but I won't say more until you have read it.

message 30: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments give me a reading first drop of crimson for NNR review and also it still is my favorite book so far that ive read. Then well im in the middle of a series and yeah basically excuses

message 31: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 Trust me I know exactly how that is.

message 32: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments have you read first drop of crimson???? First Drop of Crimson (Night Huntress World, #1) by Jeaniene Frost

If not.....YOU MUST! It is my most favoritest book EVER!

message 33: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
LMFAO!!! I don't think I could even narrow anything down to a favorite book.

message 34: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments there are lots i enjoy reading but there are some that stick out as favorites that i would read over and over again and this book is one of them!

message 35: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
I am in with NRR too!! Go us!! Lol

message 36: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments not like i have no time or anything!

message 37: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
Lol. Make time!

message 38: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments yeah tell me how thats going for of 4! lmao

message 39: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 LMAO Can you imagine what we could do if we were given 5 hours to ourselves. No whining, no I'm hungry and no what did you do today sarcasm.

message 40: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments i dont know what i would do with that much time with what running 3 businesses 2 young children husband and 5 hours a week to myself is chereished...lmao.

Hubby always asks me why i take long bubble baths....i tell him its the only door with a lock and mommy needs a time out! ROFLMAO

message 41: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 ROFLMAO My children will just pick the lock. I have two children, starting a business, mother and a very loving husband. Five hours would be heaven.

message 42: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments sounds like we have very similar lives! may i suggest a deadbolt then.....lmao

message 43: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 I'll put it on my list. LOL

message 44: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments yup and be sure to add First Drop of Crimson too! You wont be dissapointed!

message 45: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 just did but do I need to read night huntress first?

message 46: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments No i actually read this one before i read night huntress. This book can be read as a stand alone! But dont get me wrong night huntress was a good series too and definately worth the read!

message 47: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 I'll take your word on that. Thanks!

message 48: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
Hey, while ur picking up that deadbolt, can u grab me one too? Lmao.

message 49: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 Not a problem. lmao

message 50: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 13 A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark, #2) by Kresley Cole

I was surprised that I really liked it. Annika needs an attitude adjustment lol.

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