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Here it is!


It's been years since the reign of King Geric and Queen Anidori Kiladra Talianna Isilee. Things have changed. A new nation, west of Yasid, threatens the prosperity of the Five Nations. The King is ordering the destruction of all Nature, Elemental, Animal, and People speakers. He himself is very convincing in his own right, and the nations' leaders obliged.

Now in hiding, Speakers must conceal their powers out of fear of prosecution. They can't trust anyone but their own kind...and even then they must be cautious. It wasn't long before an underground community of speakers was formed, plotting a rebellion against the Tyrant.

This is the story of Bayern, written in events and in different points of views, ranging from those being attacked. to those aiding the attackers...

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((got to go))

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((how sad. :( kk. BYE!
BTW: amazing intro!))

Lyra Calimari and her horse Streamer were both out of breath. They had been riding for an hour and STILL had not managed to shake the feeling that the thieves she had for so long called her family were riding after her. She shook those thoughts from her head, letting her wind surround her and speak to her. "Dang it!" She whispered to the wind in her slight Tiran accent. The thieves WERE still looking for her and that meant she needed to find a place to take refuge for the night. Come on, She said to Streamer, Just a bit farther.

((im imagining a slight country accent for her tiran accent))

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Siareen | 1412 comments ((wow. deep start :) dum dum dum))

Tal and Ner sat around their campfire in silence. it had been this way for a few nights. Ner fidgited restlessly. both had their ears keen for any sound of approaching footsteps that might be soilders or someone else that might find them suspisious and tell their warabouts to the king

((ohh, maybe they ran away from their father because he wanted to give them in to the king for money))

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((why thank you. She IS a rather deep character. :) lolz. That would work.))

Lyra could see smoke in the distance. Hopeful, she urged Streamer along to the camp. She stopped the horse about 40 paces from the meager camp and slid down her side to the ground, deciding as she did this that it would be less frightening for her to walk up like this instead of riding in.

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Siareen | 1412 comments ((does lyra meet up with ner and tal now?))

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((yeah, i was thinking that.))

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Vesna fed her chickens, looking out into the forest. She felt natural here. Yasid had been such a different environment, it was hard to imagine a world without trees. But now she was back, back home.

She hated living in secret. She hated having to hide her talents, always looking over her shoulder in case someone was watching her. She hated being normal when she knew she wasn't. Vesna wondered if this was how other people like her felt.

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Ren kept her head high, as her and her brother crept thoughout the forest.She shut her eyes, mad at this new kingdom, ording the destrution of her lovely speech.

Len grinned slightly at Ren, hoping his beloved sister was well.

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Looking around, Vesna tried to made sure that absolutely nobody was nearby to see what she was about to do. She stood by her fire pit, which was a good distance from her house. Wood was arranged neatly inside of it, in a fashion that was proven to kepp it burning longer. Vesna took a deep breath and pulled some heat in, then let it out, into the wood. The smell of burning wood came immediately.

She then turned to her pot, which lay empty and ready for use. Vesna pulled some water from the air and let it fill her pot three-uarters of the way. She hung it on a support, which dangled the pot over the fire. She threw in some vegetables and meat, waiting for the water to boil.

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Ingrid Kypha sat hunched over a fire in the little hovel that he and his sister lived in. His sister was out, trying to scratch a living out of the dirt, but Kypha knew better. She was begging, she tried to hide it, but he had known from the beginning. Of course, what other choice did they have? None. No one would take a cripple in as a helper and everyone thought Dee too young to work. They had no choice but to beg. He sighed and added another log to the fire. At least he and his sister had no speech. (or so he thinks...) That would be the last thing we need He thought to himself. Luckily, we are safe from that danger. But the numerous other dangerous... Were just as dangerous as the first.

Demetra forced a tear down her cheek, hoping that someone would take notice of her and then give her a few coins. Though it was an impossible wish. No one had enough coin for themselves, much less for the sad beggar children of the street. She sighed and moved into a heavily populated area of the market, the heat of the people pushed onto her skin, making her chest heart. Maybe I am claustrophobic, she thought. That would explain why when in these crowded spaces she felt so crushed. She ran to the outskirts, but the heat didn't leave. It kept pressing into her, burning her. A frightening, unbelievable thought popped into her head, but she ignored it. "I am NOT a speaker," she whispered fiercely. "I am not!" But the little flame that burst into the nearby fire pit confirmed the fears that had been building in Demetra's heart for over a year. Yes, she was a fire-speaker, and yes, it could take away her life.

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((Mind if my charries join yours?))

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Ingrid (Mine? Sure! The more the merrier!)

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((Oooooh! Maybe Vesna can teach Demetra water-speech. Y'know, since she can relate to her))

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Ren's dark eyes widened at the sight and smell of smoke.She froze in her tracks.

Len frowned, looking at his sister.
"What's wrong, Lady Ren?"

"There is fire.Go see what is ahead, brother, then if it is safe, come get me."

Len nodded,walking towards the smoke.
"Hello? Anyone there?"

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Siareen | 1412 comments "what was that?" Tal asked sharply, hearing a horse neigh.
Ner shrugged
"relax Tal. its probably nothing" he said, though his face was pale. Tal sent a spurt of water on their campsight and it went out with a hiss, leaving them in a heavy darkness

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Lyra watched as the campfire went out. She walked slowly into the camp and just stood, silently, not wanting to be the first to speak. I hope they trust us, Lyra told Streamer. In response, the horse nuzzled lyra's thick mane of long orange hair.

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Siareen | 1412 comments Tal and Ner didnt dare to move. all they saw was a stranger on horseback.
at a sign from Tal, Ner made a circle of fire surround the horse and its rider. Tal was suprised to see it was a young girl
"who are you? what do you want?" Tal stood up and asked calmly

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Lyra took a deep breath, "I am Lyra. I just wanted a place to take refuge for the night if you will let me." She didn't want to tell these people her whole story just yet, although it was obvious from the ring of fire now around her that they could be trusted not to run to the King. Feeling slightly choked from the flames, Lyra pushed her wind out and snuffed the flames.

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Siareen | 1412 comments Tal raised an eyebrow.
"you too have a speech? or are you a spy? i advise you to speak the truth."
Ner flexed his fingers threateningly

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Lyra looked at the pair who were obviously related from the way they interacted with each other, "I do, and right now I need to sit down and regain myself. But I must ask you, who would I be a spy for? I'm just a girl looking for some refuge, although I must admit, Tira was probably a better place to take refuge from the Bayern King......"

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Siareen | 1412 comments "why should we trust you?" Tal demanded.
((how old is lyra?))

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((16. Tal and her could be about the same age if Tal is about to turn 16.))

"Because I don't have anything to lose," Lyra said simply. "And the only thing I can see that I have to gain is your trust."

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Siareen | 1412 comments ((sure. i was thinking more along the lines of Ner has a crush on her. like a little kid kinda crush... hes 13))

"you may not have anything to loose, but we do" Tal answered.
"our lives, for one, if you are unbalanced or working for the king"

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((lolz. aww! how cute! hahaha. his charrie profile says he's 12))

"What King would I be working for? The only King I have ever come into contact with is the Tiran one, and the Bayern King is after every single person with speaking powers to lock them up or kill them," Lyra said this with a calm voice even though her insides were anything but calm.

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Len walked further into the forest, calling out "Hello? Anyone there?"

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Siareen | 1412 comments ((oh, even better then. this is really sad. i dont even know my own charries ages))

((hey, grey? do ur charries wanna join us? are they in bayern?))

"you might have brought your freedom in exchange for working for him" Tal said coldly..
"oh, stop it Tal. this is just ridiculous" Ner ran his hand through his hair.
"of course you can stay with us"
"no, she cant"
ner walked up to the horse.
"I'm Ner. this is my sister Tal. and who are you, oh most beautiful lady?"
tal rolled her eyes and reddened in emmbarassment at teh same time

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((lolz, it's okay.))

Lyra blushed, the poor kid didn't know what he was getting himself into by flirting with her. "I thank you for letting me stay here. If you want, in the morning I will be gone though." She looked around properly for the first time, "As I already said, I am Lyra Calimari. Some know me as The Daughter of Green."

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((Isn't calimari cooked squid? O.o))

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((I think so....))

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Teva walked out of her small house, settled deeply in the Forest, and silently called for her horse with her mind. Anala, come here girl. Let's go riding. From not far away, Anala's horse walked out of the forest and towards Teva, who was waiting there with a slice of an apple and a rope. She tied the rope around the base of Anala's neck and hopped on her back. "Let's go girl." She touched her heels to the horse's sides an they walked into the forest.

((is it like evening or night time?))

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((urf, I dunno.
Hey, can your charrie meet up with Len?))

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((yeah if Len is in the Forest))

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((He is.))

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((ok yeah i'll fin him))

Teva heard someone calling out. She slowed her horse so that she was hardly moving forward. When no one had rushed out of nowhere she called back quietly. "Who's there?"

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"Ah, Len Kagamine..." He called out, walking closer to the voice.

((Len's name is a play on the Japanese word for Left XD))

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((ok :D ))

Teva continued to move closer, but now she was slightly more confident. This person didn't sound big enough to be able to hurt her, at least while she was on a horse. "What are you doing here?" She didn't recognize his accent, but it wasn't from around here.

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When the soup was ready, vesna ladled some into her bowl and began eating, She would have made bread, but she wasn't up for it. Things had been rough as of late. She invested so much energy into keeping a low profile that she found it harder to relax when she was at home.

She heard voices in the forest. Vesna had known that there were people wandering around her area. Whether they were friendly or not, Vesna couldn't risk running into them and skipped hunting for the fifth night in a row. She couldn't make out the words, but the tones and pitches of the voices sounded young.

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"Ah...I'm looking for....something!"

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Teva finally rode her horse out around a tree so she could see who she was speaking to. "What are you looking for?"

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"...Something...My lady sent me to look from the source of a fire I saw."

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Teva looked around. "I don't see a fire. Who sent you? Your lady?"

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((What was the source of fire? I'm too lazy to read XD))

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((I think Demetra started it...but im not sure if shes in the forest...))

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"My sister- I work as her servant."

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Teva raised her eyebrow. "You are your sister's servant?" She looked around. "Where is she?"

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Teva studied Len carefully. She slid off her horse and walked towards him. "Why can't you tell me where she is?"

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Nyree was a Kellan by birth, she had been born and raised in Daire with her brother Drake. He father, who had raised them was dirt poor. Her mother died when she was young. TO help earn money, Nyree and her brother decide to travel to Bayern to find jobs.

((if it's okay, I would like Nyree and Drake to meet up with Tal and Ner and Lyra as they journey to Bayern))

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((i think Lyra and Tal and Ner are already in Bayern...i'm pretty sure...))

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