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message 1: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 99 comments Mod
Calypso was an orphan, living on the streets of Toronto until HQ decided to adopt her at the age of 5. She was thought to be normal, useless for their cause until the day she turned 8 then everything changed.

Now 13, Calypso has been called in for another mission, nothing out of the ordinary. But when she meets a certain young gentleman of 15 her whole world is turned upside down. Will she go against orders and risk her life or the life of the one she loves?

message 2: by Jerry (new)

Jerry i think you should change her name. unless it has like a deeper connection to the greek calypso, i think it's kind of awkward.

i can't give any good criticism besides that because i hate romance. sorry.

message 3: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 99 comments Mod
This is my first really romancy story and it's not going to be too romancy jus haven't even really finished it and it's discovered that her mother was a nymph but they don't know anything about her dad (wierd right? that never happens.

message 4: by Jerry (new)

Jerry it seems like you're combining two types of story. i think you should stick to the spy part, but leave out the nymph. it seems like a little much...if you want to emphasize calypso's strange parentage, there are many other ways to do it...

message 5: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 99 comments Mod
*Shrugs* IDK. I'm more of the add magic to it and it's intresting people but I do have one story that's not magic let me find it *goes to rummage thorough a stack of old stories*

message 6: by Jerry (new)

Jerry i mean, you should separate the magic from the spies.

message 7: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 99 comments Mod

message 8: by Jerry (new)

Jerry that's just my opinion.

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