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Mina ran through the forest, faster than the human eye can percieve. She had locked on a scent, and she wasn't giving it up. Stopping suddenly, she peeked through the leaves of a tree at a human girl, sitting by herself next to a campfire. Perfect. Mina grinned, suddenly at the girls throat, sucking her dry.

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Mina savored the coppery liquid as it ran down her throat. She bit harder into the girls neck impatiently because she couldn't drink it fast enough. From the corner of her eye, she saw a fairy appear, watching her. Rolling her eyes, she ignored the fairy as she finished her meal. Only when every last drop of blood was gone from the human did she release her fangs and look up at the fairy. "Many times," she said quietly, looking back down at the limp body. She tossed some more wood onto the fire, slowly letting it grow.

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"Oh, I always love an audience when I feed," Mina said sarcastically, feeding the fire to help it grow. Once it was big enough she rolled the drained body into the flames and watched it slowly catch fire. "I don't take offense," she murmered, turning back to the fairy after she'd watched the flames for a moment. "Humans are dispicable hollow lumps. Good for nothing but drinking."

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Mina ignored the acrid smell of burning flesh as she watched the fairy with mild interest. "Mina," she said, shaking the fairy's hand.

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"Finding new prey," Mina smiled, her fangs glinting in the firelight. "What do fairies do when they aren't watching vampires feed?"

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"Who knew fairies were so evil?" Mina chuckled. "I always thought of fairies as cute little ballerinas spreading joy and happiness."

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Mina snickered. "Sure. But you're right, that is no fun. It's a lot more fun to hurt people. Especially humans."

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((where you guys so I can join in?))

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((we're just in a forest somewhere :P))

Mina chuckled. "What do you mean 'your kind of fairy?'" she asked.

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Lilith slipped through the forest. She heard voices ahead.

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Lilith saw a fairy talking to another vampire. She grinned and stepped out. "Hope I'm not interrupting anything."

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Lilith smiled, her fangs flashing. "Hello."

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Lilith chuckled inwardly. "Not much. Just looking around."

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((is the body still there?))

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((nope. mina drained her then rolled her on the fire so now she's slowly burning.))

Mina flashed her fangs when the new vampire showed up and stood her ground. She watched them with interest, glancing between the vampire and fairy.

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Lilith sniffed the air. "An Air Fairy, right? I can still smell the blood on both of you." She smiled. "The name's Lilith."

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Daisy Chip walked through te forest with sunny. It was so secluded and dark that Chip could enjoy it but with so many things to
Climb and do and eaytiful things to see Sunny had a lot of fun.

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"Mina," she nodded, glancing around.

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h heard people walking through the woods. "Looks like we've got company."


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((aw. cya))

Mina perked up, hearing other creatures in the forest nearby.

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Lilith sniffed the air. "Too far to tell what they are."

((last post))

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Mina growled softly, her fangs bared.

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((hi :P i posted in our one on one in the other group))

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Daisy Sunny swung through the trees, she also talked the entire time. She smiled and kept up the conversation.

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Victor and Dimitri were walking in the forest looking around.

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Mina glowered at all the overpowering new smells coming into her territory. She'd been fine a few new people in one day, but this was all too much. She growled and took off through the trees to find a nice quiet patch of forest.

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Victor looked to Dimitri "So....."
Dimitri looked to him and smirked "So what?"

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Mina paused as a waft of sweetness hit her nose. She grinned, her fangs extending. That woman had been a while ago and this camper smelled even better. She took off towards the campsite, grinning madly.

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Victor was about to say something when he caught the scent of another vampire nearby "Hmmm.......another vampire......"
Dimitri smiled slightly "LEts go and check it out then."

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Perching silently in a tree, Mina watched the campers progress. He had finished setting up his tent and was working on building a fire. She smiled as she planned his death.

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Victor followed the scent as Dimitri followed him.

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Mina tilted her head and glared. Dropping to the ground, she folded her arms and waited for the two vampires to show up. This was her kill and she wasn't about to let them take it.

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Lilith dropped gracefully from the trees to land in front of the two vampires.

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(9Who did she drop infront of?))

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((Victor and Dimitri.))

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((Dimitri is a demon lol Victor is the vampire))
THey both looked to Lilith.

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Mina smiled. They weren't coming. She continued to stalk her human, watching him set up camp.

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Victor and Dimitri looked to her then chuckled slightly "Might want to watch out girl....." Dimitri said as they bypassed her.

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Mina growled and stalked the human, moving in circles around him to mark her kill.

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Dimitri and Victor jumped up into the trees and traveled from tree to tree until they found what they were following......
Dimitri chuckled slightly "Well look at that......she seems to be gettign ready to kill the human."
Victor smirked slightly.

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Mina glared through the trees at the voices and growled softly.

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Victor looked to Dimitri and they both nodded to each other then dropped t othe ground.

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Mina crossed her arms and growled. One smelled of vampire and she couldn't tell what the other one was. "My human. Back off."

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Dimitri gave a menacing growl. Victor chuckled slightly "We wont harm you meal."

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Mina glared at the one that growled before studying the other one. "Then what do you want?"

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Dimitri chuckled slightly and dissapeared then appeared behind her "We are new to the forest......."
Victor came walking through the trees as he looked to Mina.

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Lilith stepped between them. "Now, now... Play nice, children."

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Mina backed away to the side so she had them both in her sight. She growled softly, her fangs extending. "What, you want a tour?"

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