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DragonDreamer Sophie practically skipped to the front entrance from the carriage, if it wasn't for her shoes, she would have gone much faster. She looked back at her brother who was following close behind.
"Jaden! Aren't you just so excited?!" She squealed. The older man chuckled.
"But of course! Why wouldn't I be?"

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Jess (ju5t4n3rd) Trevor gave Amelia some punch. "Here you go." He said.
Amelia smiled. "Thanks, bro." She said, sipping at it.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments Francesca walked carefully into the loud ballroom with her dress flowing around her ankles. Her white ebony mask felt heavy on her face, but the intricate gold detailing of musical notes made her discomfort well worth it. Her fingers twitched, nearly playing along with the elegant piano music. Everything here was elegant. She continued through the throng of intoxicated men and women, hoping to see a familiar face other than-- oh no.

William spotted Francesca and smirked, "hello, Frannie. Thought anymore about my offer?"

She stared at the deceptively handsome man, "yes. I agree. And it's Francesca."

William waved a dismissive hand, "of course it is. And I daresay, I'm quite pleased that you've decided to team up with me against our parents-- I can't imagine being betrothed to you."

"Your sentiments are quite reciprocated, sir," Francesca said in an icy tone before walking away in a swirl of skirts.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alec took his sisters hand, helping her down from the carraige. It was one of the few balls that she would even consider coming to, and he would have to escort her inside as always.

Arianna stepped down, gathering her golden swaying skirts. She looked up to her brother and stopped him, fixing his simple black mask and smiling to herself. "Are you ready?" she asked quietly.

"I'm always ready, dear." Alec smiled at his younger sister. "Shall we?" he asked, walking her to the door.

Slowly the siblings entered the ballroom, which was already alive with music. Arianna couldn't help but smile as the sting quartet played. She made her way down the stairs slowly with her brother, who was scanning the room for familiar faces.

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DragonDreamer Sophie walked in and gasped in awe of the beautifully decorated ballroom.
"Jaden, I can't believe we've never been to one of these before!"
"What are you talking about, Soph? We've been to plenty of balls."
"But this is my fist masquerade!"
"you're so silly"
"Oh, hush!" She stuck her tongue out at him. "I wonder if we'll see anyone here..." she wondered, walking around gliding dancers.
Jaden made his way over to the sitting area to see if any ladies would like to dance.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) "Come on, Arianna." Alec smiled. "Lets get a drink."

She snorted. "You're just so excited to find a nice glass of champaigne, aren't you?" she replied.

"Hey, it's free drinks, and beautiful women dressed in masks. I can't help but enjoy myself. And maybe hope that I'll meet someone."

Arianna scoffed. "You usually do." she muttered. "And yet, you've only managed to be engaged once."

Alec rolled his eyes. "Don't be mean." he said, leading her over to the drinks.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments Forgetting quickly about her run in with William she rushed excitedly over to the man playing the piano.
"May I play?" she chirped.
He chuckled, "anything for a lady."
She nearly hugged the man (but didn't, in remembrance of decorum). She sat down on the piano stool, adjusting her skirts. She whispered to the other instrumentals, "just follow as best you can."

((Song I was listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke_4Tc... I love classical ^_^))

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alec arched a brow at the sudden change in music. Picking up a small glass, he looked over to the musicians and was surprised to see that a woman was sitting at the piano instead of the man that had been there before. He watched curiously, making his way around the perimeter of dancers to get a better listen.

Arianna turned around to speak to her brother but found herself alone. She shut her mouth, holding her glass and watching his fleeting form.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments She swayed slightly, closing her eyes with her fingers flying over the keys. Sighing contentedly, she forgot all about William and her parents. Her lips curved into a smile.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alec leaned against one of the great pillars in the hall, listening to the song she was playing. A small smile played upon his lips as he took a sip of the bubbling alcohol.
Nothing like a good glass of champaigne and a show..

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Fenestra | 2840 comments The seven minute song was exhausting, but once she finished she felt more than gratified. She slid gracefully off of the stool and looked at the pianist with a grin, "if it's all the same to you, I may be returning to play again."
"That's gracious of you, madam," he replied.
"Thank you," she smiled.
She began to walk away, once again feeling the weight of reality... and that ivory mask.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) He chuckled softly, watching the masked woman begin walking away from the piano. "That was quite a show." he murmured aloud, not sure if it was loud enough for her to hear, but said it none the less.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments She stopped, hearing a murmur, and turned towards the voice. She stared at the man leaning against one of many grand pillars throughout the room. "Pardon? I couldn't quite hear you," she approached him carefully.

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DragonDreamer "Wait! Jaden! Dance with me first!"
"Must I?"
"Yes, every good brother helps his sister learn to dance."
"Don't worry, I'll find you a suitable lady before the night is over, rest assured..."

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Fenestra | 2840 comments William chuckled idly at the many sidebar conversations going on, grabbing a crystal champagne glass.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alec raised a brow, looking up to see the woman who'd been sitting at the piano a few moments ago. "Oh? I was just complimenting your piano skills." he replied. "You put on quite the show." he said.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments "Um, my thanks to you then. It's not often that a woman gets complemented for her skills in anything," Francesca blushed modestly.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) He laughed quietly. "Well, I believe that the skill of playing music is a beautiful thing. Especially when posessed by women." he replied with a warm smile.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments "Thank you," she smiled back.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) "It's my pleasure." he replied easily. "I'm Alec, by the way. May I ask your name, or is that against the rules of the masquerade fiscade?" he asked.

(ahh fiscade? fis-ahh-d spelling is not my strongpoint.)

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Fenestra | 2840 comments ((Pfft! Not mine either-- my comp. spell checks ^^ Facade.))

"I can't say that I particularly care about keeping up the facade. Lord knows it's just a crutch for those of us who happen to be tragically shy. I'm Francesca. It's a pleasure," she smirked.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) He smiled. "Well, Francesca," he took her hand and bowed, giving it a gentlemanly kiss. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

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Fenestra | 2840 comments "You as well, Alec," Francesca blushed.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) He chuckled slightly. "Would I be able to bother you for a dance?" he inquired.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments "Certainly."

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Carly  (cloud-envy) He took her hand and started leading her to the dance floor. "Do you play piano often?" he asked

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Fenestra | 2840 comments "Quite," she let him guide her away.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) "It's a beautiful instrment." he said, pausing to rest his Hand on her lower back. "I regret not learning more when I was a child."

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Fenestra | 2840 comments "I've been playing forever. Since I can remember, anyway. I always loved watching my father play-- he was excellent," she sighed, placing her hand on his shoulder delicately.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) He smiled and moved with her to the beat of the music that drifted in the air. "I've learned to play basic things, but not much. My father wanted me to be taught man's work instead." he shook his head.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments "If a man's fingers can handle an instrument, they can handle anything. A paint brush, a hammer, a sword, a woman," she stepped lightly, in rhythm with him. She gave a half-smile.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) He laughed softly, moving around the dance floor with her. "I like the way you think." he replied. "I'll have to begin practicing again."

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Fenestra | 2840 comments "Thank you; I daresay, you may have to," she gave an impish grin.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alec returned the grin coyly. "Do you now?" he spun her with ease.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments "Yes, I suppose I do," her skirts ghosted around her form as she pivoted.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) He smirked slightly. "That's a rather bold statement for a woman to make." his voice was obviously teasing. He pulled her back to him easily. "But I dare say that I enjoy hearing your oppinions."

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Fenestra | 2840 comments "Thank you," Francesca continued to let him lead, feeling warmth radiate from his body.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) "My pleasure." he slowed, the song begining the final few measures.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments Francesca looked longingly over at the instruments-- not that Alec had bored her. He hadn't. Nevertheless, the Piano Trio in G- Largo seemed to be permeating her thoughts. She slowed along with Alec, "thank you for the dance."

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Carly  (cloud-envy) He chuckled. "It was my pleasure." he bowed when the song ended. "I can tell your instruments call to you, I'll bother you no longer."

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Fenestra | 2840 comments "I promise, you were not any kind of bother. Though that piano does call. Could I trouble you for the dance after the next?" Francesca looked up at him through her eyelashes.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) "It would be a priviladge to dance with you again, my dear." he replied. "Until the next dance." he smiled and kissed her hand fairwell.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments She smiled demurely and once again approached the pianist, asking permission to play. It was granted, she sat, and she began to play.

((My comp was acting up sorry...))

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (S'okay ^^)

Alec wandered over to where his sister sat. She smiled and chatted with him easily.
(gtg sorry!)

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Fenestra | 2840 comments ((Night! ^^;))

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Fenestra | 2840 comments ((For anyone to listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cToype... ))

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Arianna swayed slightly to the music, watching all the couples on the dancefloor enviously. Just the way they all looked, so beautifully sinchronized in their movements.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments ((Just got on))

She sighed as she let her fingers dance across the keys of the piano. What was she going to do about William? Hell, what was she going to do about Alec? She shook her head slightly and drifted out of reality again.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alec sighed. "Come on, Ari. I'll dance with you." he smiled.
She sighed. "Okay." she replied and walked to the dancefloor.

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