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The Mythical Man-Month > Hatching a Catastrophe

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message 1: by Erik (new)

Erik | 165 comments This chapter made me laugh, because of all my personal experiences that relate all too well.

I didn't understand the "kill the messenger" intro until about half way through the chapter.

I'm not sure what I should take away from this chapter as a "moral of the story", but this chapter does address good concepts.

message 2: by Brad (new)

Brad (bradrubin) | 264 comments Mod
I think that this is one of the most important chapters in the book. I have never seen the psychology and management of schedule slips so clearly and concisely analyzed. The insights and advice hold up as well today (with a little modification for application to agile methods) as they did in the System/360 days. It also tucks in great advice on how to be a manager's manager.

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