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((Start here))

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L (audinosbiitch) Rush raised his head, blinking sleepily in the bright light. He yawned widely, stretching his forelegs out in front of him, his backside rising in the air.

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) "Wow, Rush!" Coal commented, licking his paws clean as he sat outside the box Rush had been sleeping in. "First haul of fresh-kill already came in. Did you stay up all night or something?" He meowed, switching paws. "I'm open for training today, if you'd like to accompany me."

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L (audinosbiitch) Rush nodded. "Something like that. Oh, sure." Rush stood, his gingery fur gleaming in the sun.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) Coal murred in amusement, flicking his tail. "C'mon, then. We'll check the borders first, and see if we can hunt anything. You've been brushing up on how to scent other cats, right?"

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L (audinosbiitch) "Yeah." Rush meowed.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) "Good." Coal replied, then paused, hearing footsteps. "...So, to demonstrate, tell me who's coming around the corner." He asked, turning to the Youngling. "I want to see how good you've gotten."

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Quiver marched around the entrance one last time to ensure safety and started back to the camp. He was arriving the corner just as he heard Coal. He smiled and stopped, waiting for Rush to reply. This will be good expirience.

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) Coal's tail flicked as his eyes glanced over to where Quiver was. I'm glad that cat has good timing. He said in his head, murring in amusement.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Quiver met eyes briefly with Coal and he nodded swiftly. He knew Coal was suprised, but trying to hide his feelings. He smiled and took one step. Come on, Rush. Answer.

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L (audinosbiitch) Rush scented briefly, then replied with absolute confidence((Now, should I make him look like a complete idiot or not?))"Quiver."

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Quiver heard his name and trotted around the corner. He sat a few feet away. "Very good, Rush."

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L (audinosbiitch) Rush's eyes brightened. He loved being complimented.

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) ((haha XD))

Coal nodded approvingly. "Quite. I see you're coming along nicely. Did you come back from hunting, Quiver?" The tom asked, curious. "Or were you just checking the borders?"

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L (audinosbiitch) ((Rush? Lol :P))

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "I was finishing borders. The ones your patrol forgot to get." Quiver narrowed his eyes teasingly.

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L (audinosbiitch) Rush looked at Coal, then back.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) ((Wow. Forgot; I have another charrie in another Rp i was on named Rush XD Sorry bout that.))

Coal's whiskers twitched, amused. "Sure, sure." He meowed casually, flicking his tail. "Thanks for taking it over. I was going to take Rush to go check them, but apparently not..."

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L (audinosbiitch) Rush blinked at Coal, then began washing his face, deliberately showing he didn't care if he'd only just woken up.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Quiver nodded. "It's fine. I have it taken care of. We don't need any trouble with Ice Tribe, even though Shiver is no threat." He froze. "I mean hopefully we won't have to deal with many humans this season."

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L (audinosbiitch) Rush's ears perked. "Shiver?" he asked.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "My sister." Quiver's whiskered twitched.

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Misfit #1 | 65 comments Blaze lifted her head and scented a mouse. She spotted it then slowly crept up on it, her tail flat out. Taking one breath, she pounced and caught the mouse by its tail. Then she killed it and dropped it on the fresh kill pile. "hello, guys. " she said.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) "I thought she was having kits..." Coal murmured, before his ears perked as Blaze came over. "Good Afternoon, Blaze." Coal meowed, his tail swishing in a friendly manner. "Finished hunting for the morning?"

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Misfit #1 | 65 comments "no. I'm going back out soon. Wanna come?" she replied.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) "Ah. Sure, I'll go. Would you mind if Rush comes along with us?" He asked, tapping the Youngling on the shoulder with his tail.

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L (audinosbiitch) Rush's ears perked. "Hunting?"

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Quiver's ears perked. "I have an idea, Coal. Why don't you and Blaze go hunting and I'll take Rush hunting? It would get Rush off your paws."

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) "Sure. Meet you around the bend near the flashing lights?" He asked, referring to the outside of a night club, with it's bright neon signs. "Thanks for taking care of Rush for me." He meowed appreciatively.

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L (audinosbiitch) Rush nodded. He was going hunting, which was what mattered. He could go alone, if only he was allowed. His tail flicked around, excitement sweeping off of him in clouds.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Quiver nodded. "Nothing better than what you expect." He started trotting out of camp, expecting the Youngling to follow.

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L (audinosbiitch) Rush padded quickly after Quiver. "Where're we hunting?" He meowed loudly.

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Misfit #1 | 65 comments "of course! It would be a good experience for him"

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) Coal smiled, his tail tapping Blaze on the shoulder. "Let's go. Where should we hunt? Near the abandoned building on our half of the territory?" He meowed. That building was split half-and-half with Fire tribe and Ice tribe.

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Misfit #1 | 65 comments "sure." she answered, bounding off towards their hunting location.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) Coal followed her tail, weaving his way and avoiding the humans and Catchers with ease, catching two mice on the way over, killing them with swift blows to the back of the neck. He came to a stop when he reached the entrance to the building; a half blocked-off door.

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Misfit #1 | 65 comments Blaze badded around the corner, a lizard and a scrawny mouse dangling from her jaws.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Quiver looked down at Rush. "We are going to the west ally way."

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) Coal glanced at her catches, the nodded, pointing with his tail to a hole in the wall that was shaded by some leaning planks of wood. "There?" He mumbled through his mouth full of fur.

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Misfit #1 | 65 comments "sure." She replied.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) Coal nodded, depositing his catches, then backed out. "I'll be hunting. Call when you want to leave." He said, before disappearing into the building.

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L (audinosbiitch) ShayA-Hi! wrote: "Quiver looked down at Rush. "We are going to the west ally way.""

Rush nodded, bounding ahead. He knew the way.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Quiver leapt forward and ran after the Youngling. He skidded to a stop at the sound of the Monster. He dove behind a garbage can and watched the human pick up a large tin hole then feed its contents to the monster. The human jumped back in the monster and drove up to his garbage can and reach out. Quiver fled a few feet away before being spotted.

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L (audinosbiitch) Rush didn't notice the human, until he heard the clattering sound. Diving behind a tall thing, Rush didn't dare peek out and see what was happening. A ways behind him, he saw Quiver hiding behind a garbage can. A second later Quiver fled, and Rush frowned slightly.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) ((garbage man))

Quiver looked over at Rush and beckoned him with his tail.

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L (audinosbiitch) ((Oohhh...))
((didn't read that part...))
Rush bounded out and across the alley, narrowly avoiding being seen by the human and finally joining Quiver. "That was close." Rush breathed.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Quiver nodded. "Very."

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L (audinosbiitch) Rush watched as the human got back in his monster, driving away from them. Rush let out a huge sigh of relief.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Quiver loooked side to side and dashed across the high way. He looked back. "Change of plan. We are going to the park."

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L (audinosbiitch) Rush shrugged. "Fine by me." He meowed, stopping at the highway. He looked around for monsters, then followed Quiver across the highway.

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