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Syeira-la Name: Cog

Gender: Female

Tribe: Moon

Rank: Protector

Appearance: Cog is a lithe young cat with short, soft fur and bright features that speak of her youth. She has a compact build, nothing lanky, and is a bit shorter than most cats her age, but not by much. She isn't frail, though; rather, she is perfectly proportionate and muscled, just a bit smaller in frame. Her pelt is thick and shiny, at least for a feral cat, and is oddly colored. Her base fur color is a pristine white, but all over her body it is mottled by light gold patches. These colorful patches aren't smooth and circular as they are in most cats, though. They are ragged around the edges, as if the color was bitten off by some messy eater, and don't exist solely in designated places. They give her fur a mottled look though the two colors are actually separated. As for random tidbits about her, she has tufts of fur sticking from her ears despite her short fur and dark gray eyes. One patch of gold, in particular, lies over one eye.

Personality: A romantic at heart, Cog is sweet and outwardly innocent. She's a bit of a daydreamer and determined to see the good in things, as well as honest to the point of bluntness. She can be charming, sometimes in a blundering sort of way, and is good at making friends. She hates to upset others and does her best not to anger those around her. She doesn't necessarily work hard to please, but she avoids insulting or annoying other cats. Sometimes this means avoiding cats in general and being a bit shy, but this doesn't happen often as she is a social cat at heart. She's sensitive but knows how to conceal her emotions. Cog is noticeably uncertain; her self confidence is nearly non existent though her self-esteem isn't necessarily very low. She hates to make mistakes, especially ones that affect others negatively, and can never let a misstep go. She forges on, though, with the ideal that life is too short to let her second guessing keep her from actually living. One might think that she would be a bit stupid or timid because of her optimistic approach, but in actuality she is quite the intelligent cat. Her head is clear, despite her slight tendency to daydream, and her thoughts are always spinning rapidly inside her head. She thinks things through before acting and hardly ever leaps rashly into things, and just because she feels for other cats doesn't mean that her opinions are easily swayed. Her resolve is strong even though she isn't the best speaker and sometimes shuts up when situations become tough. In the worst calamities, though, she lets her actions do the speaking and reacts swiftly when others might falter.

History: Merf.

Kin: Open

Crush: Also open

Mate: Not open! D:

Other: Lalala.

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Jennifer | 183 comments Mod
Yayyyy! Finally :D Even though it's a copy 'n paste.

Cob, Approved.

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Jennifer | 183 comments Mod
Meh, I meant Cog, not Cob

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Kayla Smooth, Henn. Ya know, that's what the 'edit' button is for... :P

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Jennifer | 183 comments Mod
I felt too lazy to 'edit' 'delete' 'type'

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L (audinosbiitch) :P

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