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Stephen King

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message 1: by Ronda (new)

Ronda | 15 comments Mod
I have been a Stephen King fan since I was 13. I have enjoyed (been really scared by) all his books, except I can't seem to finish Under the Dome. I can't even bring myself to pick it back up! Does anyone else find their tastes changing as they age?

message 2: by Tammy (new)

Tammy (tammymerlot) | 2 comments I've been known to perform spectacular feats of genre-jumping! My reading tastes have definitely changed over the past few years.

message 3: by Tammy (new)

Tammy (tammymerlot) | 2 comments Has anyone set up an introduction folder or a group rules folder yet? Just curious ...

message 4: by Tracy (new)

Tracy (tracy_r) | 12 comments No group rules...just that if it is inappropriate it will be taken down. Hopefully everyone will just discuss books and the fun things they are reading. I may decide to do something differently if it goes south...but I am going to put my trust in our Library patrons and reassess that later!

message 5: by Tracy (new)

Tracy (tracy_r) | 12 comments tastes have definitely changed over the years. There are some authors I think I will always love...but what I read has really gone through phases over the years. Of course now, I am more inclined to read anything...when I was younger there were certain genres I wouldn't even try!

message 6: by Janelle (new)

Janelle I used to read Stephen King in high school but as I grew older I found it to be too disturbing. So yes, my genre choices have shifted as I get older! Oddly I'm in my 30's but a sucker for sci-fi / dystopian / fantasy YA now. Really, I like a lot, just not horror or gore or murder thrillers so much.

message 7: by Ronda (last edited Jan 05, 2011 02:29PM) (new)

Ronda | 15 comments Mod
It is good to know I am not alone in this. :) I am suddenly back into true crime, something I enjoyed 25 years ago. Go figure. Also I have been reading alot of YA fiction. It is fun and fast, so important in these busy times.

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