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Blood Bone and Muscle Sophie tiptoed through the grass, a bow slung over her shoulder. Nobody could take the white haired girl seriously, she was petite and French but her attitude was at the height of Korean killer whales on growth hormone.

Five years of training and she was deemed a nurse. Her grace was only to be used for healing, but she saw different potential.

She would run away tonight, anyone that got in her way would need a splint. She'd make sure of it personally for she was graced with bones.

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Lythande whimpered in pain, yelping as another ant bit her. She had been going to have a picnic when her wheelchair hit a mole tunnel and tipped, dumping her into the grass, right on top of an anthill. She saw Sophie and called out to her. "Please help me! I can't get up!" She yelped again as an ant bit her in a sensitive area.

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Lythande looked up at Luna. "Please help me.... The ants won't stop biting me, and I can't get up...." She sighed. "I hate my legs......"

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Lythande settled into her wheelchair, knocking the ants off of herself. "Thanks."

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Lythande smiled. "I don't think I've met you before. What's your name? Mine's Lythande."

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"You've got a really pretty name, Luna."

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"Yeah. I usually go by Andy."

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Andy paled at the sight of blood. She began to hum softly to herself.

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((Her! Lythande, aka Andy, remember?))

Lythande bit her lip, looking at her watch. "I've gotta go. I've got an appointment with my PT in a few."

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((oh ok))

She wheeled back towards the compound.

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Andy headed to the physical therapy building.

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Andy got to the PT building and went to her appointment.

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Andy finished her physical therapy and headed to the park.

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Andy was in the middle of the field, surrounded by children and singing to them. She saw Luna and waved. Several of the kids turned to look, then ran over and swarmed around Luna, laughing and giggling as they tried to tug her over to join the group. "Come on! Miss Andy's singing! You gotta hear, it's so pretty!"

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