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History of Vampires:
Vampires are largely based on Eastern European myths. The vampire myths of Europe originated in the far East, and were transported from places like China, Tibet and India with the trade caravans along the silk route to the Mediterranean. Here they spread out along the Black Sea coast to Greece, the Balkans and of course the Carpathian mountains, including Hungary and Transylvania. Our modern concept of the vampire still retains threads, such as blood drinking, return from death, preying on humans at night, etc in common with the Eastern European myths. However many things we are familiar with; the wearing of evening clothes, capes with tall collars, turning into bats, etc are much more recent inventions. Even among the Eastern European countries there is a large variety of vampires.
Information from:

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wow that really cool info, but I like the vampire trats in twilight better.

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♥ Rachel♥   (i_got_a_jar_of_dirt) yeah. so do i.

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thanks rachel!lol

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Kiara | 4 comments thats so interesting! i kinda of like the orginalness of twiligh too. cuz they can walk in sunlight!!

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i like how stephainie meyer. bases her vamps on historic myths but still make some of her own things about how they have to live and stuff.

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♥ Rachel♥   (i_got_a_jar_of_dirt) the twilight saga is amazing. did u guys read the first chapter of 'midnight sun' yet?

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Maciel | 3 comments so u like to find out more about vampires were haveing a trip to the same thing u were talking about and were haveing peolpe like u comeing?! hahaha its ganna be lots of fun?!hahah

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Alexis (aesquibel25) Very interesting!

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♥ Rachel♥   (i_got_a_jar_of_dirt) wat, maciel?

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There are so many unique mythology to vampires. Which one do you think is the most accurate one?

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♥ Rachel♥   (i_got_a_jar_of_dirt) twilight, of course!!! lolz

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Cary (vortigern) | 804 comments Kira vampires have been walking in the sun since John Polodori wrote "The Vampyre" in 1816 on the shores off lake Genevea Switzerland in company with Mary Shelly and Lord Byron writing their own stories and poems as well. Hollywood writers put in the burning in sunlight thing. Because of the visual effect on film. Hey isn't it cool to see the vamp burst into flame,LOL,LOL.

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Blackwinterrose (ayame) | 6 comments Here's an interesting tibit.

Bram Stoker got the idea for Dracula from a Transylvania countess who drank, bathed, and used blood in several rites.

for more information.

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Cary (vortigern) | 804 comments Yeah I've seen that her name was Elizabeth Bathroy. The Countess was imprissoned four years before her death. It started one day when some blood of a servant girl smeared on the countess body. She thought the area rejuventated and with the help of her hench men had another women executed and took and bath in the blood. She was then convinced it made her skin younger looking. Very similar to Count Vlad Tepes her family was Hungarian and fighting the Ottoman Turks. She had plenty of war prisoners to torture and obtain blood from. In the story Carmilla. Carmilla not only drinks blood but soaks in a leaden casket 15" deep with blood.

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Blackwinterrose (ayame) | 6 comments Don't forget about the young women she brutally murdered who were even part of nobility

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Cary (vortigern) | 804 comments Well at least they finally got the nut. Man she musta been a supa freak,LOL.

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Blackwinterrose (ayame) | 6 comments Yeah, thanks

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BurgendyA | 39 comments ♥Rachel♥ wrote: "the twilight saga is amazing. did u guys read the first chapter of 'midnight sun' yet?"

Yeah I read Midnight Sun draft. I loved the story and Edward's perceptive. I wish Stephenie Meyer would finish the story. =)~

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Cary (vortigern) | 804 comments The Twilight saga just not very vampire like. Read Carmilla, or watch an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Bram Stoker did not get his idea for Dracula from Elizabeth Bathroy. Carmilla was written in Dublin Ireland 25 years before Dracula which was also written Dublin. Stokers borrowings from Sheridan LaFanu are blatant. However Dracula is a great book. My second favorite vamp book of all time. Carmilla being more clever I think.

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Cary (vortigern) | 804 comments Vampire mythos has changed drastically from the middle ages. In those stories vampires were the undead. Demonic ghosts possed of supernatural/occult powers and permanently large teeth. Originally in those times bats were not especially associated with vampires. By the mid 1800's vampires like Polodoris Lord Ruthven who does not have outlandishly large teeth,can walk in the day, and be killed by knife or gun. However he can be rusurected by being placed in the moonlight after death. Both Ruthvern and Varney are like this. In Carmilla appears the first good looking,hot vampire who we can actually like and sympathize with. Her teeth are sharp but not outlandishly so. She can appear in the day. Has all the supernatural/occult powers like unsual strength and the ability to of teleportation, and shape shifting. She appears as a large cat like animal not a bat. If you think about cats and their nocturnal habits and extremely thin sharp teeth this makes perfect sense. Around the turn of the century when Dracula was written. They popularized the discovery of real Vampire bats in Central America and Northern South America. The interest created by the popularization of this discovery caused the public to imagine real vampires as being able to turn into bats. This was largely developed in Hollywood movies. Vampire bats are truly creepy too. They have razor sharp teeth and a saliva that numbs pain and prevents coagulation of the blood which they lap up and do not suck. Many a South or Central American peasant has awakened in the morning with a bloody foot or hand. On humans it is these appendages away from the bodies main mass which they select as an attact site. On cattle they land on the shoulders or neck. They can scramble around on all fours using their wing claws with amazing agility. Just whatching a film of them is just plain creepy. Modern vampires have all kinds of modern deveopments. Like retractable fangs, and in some stories they can even eat like humans. From being evil cursed fiends they have changed the image to modern misunderstood super hero type persona's. Alas the old school evil vampire is in decline. In favor of cheesy series books that make incredible amounts of money for their illiterate and unimaginative authors.

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Cary (vortigern) | 804 comments You have heard, no doubt of, the appaling supperstition that prevails in Upper and Lower Styria, in Moravia,Silesia, in Turkish Serbia,in Poland,even in Russia; the superstition,so we must call it of the vampire. There are many works on the subject. "Magia Posthuma,"Phlegon de Mirablilibus,"Augustinus de cura pro Mortiuis,"Philosophicae et Christianae Cogitationes de Vampiris,"by John Christopher Herenbourg; The vampire is prone to be facinated with an engrossing vehemance,resembling the passion of love,by particular persons. In the pursuit of which it will exercise inexhaustible patience and stratagem.
Cary Boyd decendant of the Celtic Royal house of the island of Anglesy,center of Druid religeon at the time of Roman conquest.

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Cary (vortigern) | 804 comments These are real books "Magia Posthuma" is online and very interesting indeed. They represent as close as possible the existance of real vampires and not the made up vampires of cheesy romance series novelas. Cary

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Cary (vortigern) | 804 comments Why Count Dracula is the most interesting and powerful of all vampires, and his place in vampire lore. read

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