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RedPath | 850 comments Mod
Here is the format.

Speech(s): (Please be reasonable)
Other: (anything not mentioned above)

Last names. I have no clue what she does for last names. As far as I know, nobody has a last name. can make one up, if you want.

Origins; pretty easy. Mainly Bayern, Kel, Kildenree, Yasid, and Tira. Mix and match to your liking.

That's all.


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Name: Teva Hunter
Age: 16
Gender: F
Speech(s): has been able to talk to a couple of horses in the past because she was there to see them born, can talk to almost any animal that will talk back but rarely uses this ability. if she has any other speech abilities, she doesn't know of them.
Appearance: wavy medium brown hair slightly longer than shoulder length, average height, slender but strong, light brown eyes, pretty but not vulnerable looking
Personality: brave, doesn't speak very much around people she doesn't know, usually slow to trust except on occasion, doesn't believe hardly anything people tell her, has a fun loving side but usually doesn't show it because she is careful, very good at anything she really puts her mind to, stubborn sometimes, can sometimes have a temper when you really get her going
Origins: Bayern
History: Her family has always just pretty much been common folk. They used to live in the city but a few generations ago, they somehow ended up in the Forest. Teva has grown up in the Forest, but she knows her way around the city and city folk pretty well.
Other: her horse right now is Anala. She looks like this: also, her name means "word"

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Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 1480 comments Mod
Name: Lyra Elizabeth Niamh Calimari
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Speech(s): wind speech and people speaking
-has been able to communicate with her horse since she was with her when she was born and heard her whisper her name.
Lyra Elizabeth Niamh Calimari
Lyra Elizabeth Niamh Calimari by Rae :]
(only she has fiery red hair) her green eyes are piercing- like she can see into your soul. Her hair goes to her mid-back and she stands at 5'5" and is an accomplished rider.
Personality: Lyra is reserved and quiet. She doesn't like to talk about her past because she wants to put it behind her.
Origins: Tira
History: Lyra was born in Tira to a poor couple who couldn't afford to support her, so she was given up to a pair of sympathetic passersby who were from Bayern. Her birth-parents didn't know that these people were a group of thieves looking for a child to steal to add to their ranks and raise to be like them. When Lyra was 14, she was told the story of her birth- which explained a lot to the only orange-haired girl in a group of brown and black haired men. She ran off shortly after this, hoping to find her parents, but she didn't get very far before she got wind (excuse the pun) of them searching for her, so she took refuge with a Forest family...........
Other: her 'new' middle name will come into play once the thieves and rebels start to interact

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Name: Ren Kagamine


Gender: Female

Speech(s): Limited People-Speaking

Ren has pirecing, golden brown eyes and short, blonde hair.She is about 5'3, yet she carries herself in a way that makes her stand out.She has a very regal look to her.

Personailty: Ren, despite her being so young, is ruthless and cruel. She will destroy anything or anyone in her way, espesscially when it comes to someone she wants.Ren is a talented people speaker, and usually gets what she wants- when she wants it

Origins: Tira- born in Kels, raised in Tira.

Histroy: She came to Tira when she was about 7 with her twin brother/servant.Ren encanted almost everyone she met, rising in power slowly, inch by inch.She absoultly HATES a girl called The Daughter of Green(anyone wanna be her?) and will do anything to destroy her.

Other: If it's okay, can she be a Lady or something?
She has a identical twin brother named Len.

Name: Len Kagamine

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Speech(s): Limited Animal Speech- can only talk to birds or foxes.

Len has the same golden brown eyes as his sister- dark, seemingly caring eyes.He has the same light blonde hair cut to the same length- right above his shoulders. He usually keeps it up in a short ponytail, and is only a few inches taller than his sister(5'5).

Personailty: Len is the exact opposite of his sister- timid, kind , and careful.He adores his sister, despite her abusing him and using him as a servant.Ecept he will disobey her every so ften.

Origin: Tira- born in Kel, raised in Tira.

Histroy: When Len and Ren came to Tira, he was always his sisters shadow- he suffered the pain of his sisters anger and feelings.Len would usually find some way to calm her down, but the scars would always be there.

Other: Ren's servant and twin, also is a talented musican.

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Oh yeah, Ren and Len look like this-

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Siareen | 1412 comments kk. fine, heres my charrie:

Name: Tal
Age: 15
Gender: female
Speech: water, balance of fire [as in, more water, adn fire like isi had it- to balance it out]
Appearance: reddish long wavy hair, gray eyes. avarage looking. freckles
Personality: has been through a lot. doesnt trust easily, quiet, doesnt laugh often. loves her brother fiercly, and if she does learn to trust someone, shes loyal for life
Origins: Kel. moved to Bayern
History: ran away from an abusing father who tried to force her to use her water speaking for his own personal gain. ran away mostly to protect her brother [Ner] from the same fate.
Other: is Ner's older sister

Name: Ner
Age: 12
Gender: male
Speech(s): fire, balance of water [see above]
Appearance: spiky red hair, shorter then most boys his age, freckles.
Personality: fun loving, young, jokes a lot, tries to make up for his sister's silence. he sees the glass half full. if he gets into a deep mood, he goes suddenly quiet
Origins: Kel. moved to Bayern
History: ran away with his sister after being abused by their father who forced them to use their speeches for his own gain.
Other: is Tal's younger brother

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Ingrid I thought I already made one of these... Guess it disappeared. So, I have to make her again?

Age: seventeen
Speech(s): Fire
Appearance: She looks way younger than she is. She looks like a cute, innocent, little girl except for a scar that runs down her cheek. She has green eyes and black hair.
Personality: She is an amazing actress. She is really shy, but she is able to pretend to be whatever she wants.
Origins: Bayern
History: Her parents were foresters, but they moved to the city to try to make a living. When they died, it left Demetra and her brother, Kypha, homeless and poor.
Other: She is a beggar and she hates the fact that she can't take care of herself properly. She begs also for her brother, Kypha, who is a cripple.

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RedPath | 850 comments Mod
Name: Vesna

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Speech(s): Fire, just learned water, is trying to learn to talk to carnivorous animals in case she ever get attacked.

Appearance: Vesna has slightly wavy, black hair that is a little past her shoulders. Her eyes are steely gray and are very intelligent. She's kind of pale, because she lives in Bayern's forest under the trees. She's 5'4'' and stronger than she looks. She only smiles when she means it.

Personality: Vesna used to be wild and fiery back when she only knew fire-speech. Now that she's balanced it out with water speaking, she's considerably calmer. She's maintained her headstrong determination and frankness, though. She believes that everyone should work to get what they want, for that's the only way that they can truly appreciate it. She's very opinionated and strong willed, but also a little reckless. She only gives out compliments or insults if she truly means what she says.

Origins: 3/4 Bayern, 1/4 Yasid.

History: Vesna was born a normal forest girl and remained that way until her parents took in a stranger who smelled constantly of smoke. In the days that followed, Vesna noticed that her father and mother were more alive and passionate, often getting in huge arguments over little things. Eventually, they took their fight outside and the only thing that Vesna remembered after that was a blinding glow, a burning smell, and unbearable heat. Her parents never returned.

The stranger, named Azzo, took her under his wing and soon taught her the art of fire-speaking. Years later, though, Azzo succumbed to his need to burn. She recognized the patterns in him that her parents had before they died. He yelled at her a lot in this time, even striking her once (luckily, she knew why he did so and didn't feel betrayed or anything). He told her, the night before he died, that she needed to find a balance for her power. She only figured out what he meant a year or so after he said this, when she was starting to lose control.

She did many things during her struggle for control over the need to burn, regretting most of them. Eventually, someone in Yasid took her in and taught her water-speech. She stayed in Yasid for about 8 months after that. She then returned to Bayern at 15 years old, feeling centuries older.

Other: She's extremely well learned in trade, mostly self-taught. She can tell a scam from a mile away, and therefore is very affluent for a forest girl. She can read, but only knows the basics.

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Ingrid Okay, I am also going to do Dee's brother. Oh, Dee is Demetra...

Gender: Male
Speech(s):People speaking (But it is unknown to both him and his sister)
Appearance:Shaggy black hair, green eyes like his sister, short, very thin and scrawny, and his right leg is twisted.
Personality: Unlike his sister, Kypha can't act very well at all. All of his thoughts and feelings show on his face. He is ashamed of himself and his handicap and fears that his sister is better off without him. His love for his sister is very strong and he would lay down his life for her. And she would do the same for him, he just doesn't know it. He is trying hard to find a way to make a living, but no one will take him on as an apprentice.
Origins: Bayern
History:Same as Demetra's, but there are some differences. When he was ten years old, he was wondering through the city and he came across a fire speaker. He didn't know that she was a fire speaker at the time, but she was. They played a bit and kept eachother company. He visited her often and once, he angered her, causing her to lose her temper and send heat at him. That is how he became crippled. He isn't bitter about his problem though, and he is still friends with the girl who hurt him. If anything, his leg has caused him to be kinder than he used to be. He
Other: He believes that his parents' death was his fault.

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Hannah | 2744 comments Mod
Name: Nyree
Age: 16
Gender: female
Speech: Wind and People
Appearance: (I'm doing my best to remember how Kellans were) Black Hair, Brown Eyes.. About 5'7", nice face....blady blah
Personality: Feisty, stubborn, hard worker. umm. spirited, independant, daring, fearless (or so she appears)
Origins: Total Kellan, Born and raised in Kel here whole life.
History: Umm, Grandma was bayern, grandpa Kellan. Mixed ancestory. Mother died when she was four, lives with father and brother, Drake(speaker of water and people).
Other: She has the power of wind-speak and People. She has a lesser power in Tree-speak

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Naomi  (purplebookdragon) ok siareen. here is my charrie:

Name: Nemma (nem)
Age: 17
Gender: f
Speech(s): unknown
Appearance: dark brown wavy hair till almost her waist, big dark brown eyes. she always wears her hair loose, and it goes everywhere. it blocks her face alot.
Personality: she tends not to be very truthful, you always get the feel that shes hiding something... but other then that, she’s normally nice, but if you get her mad watch out.
Origins: bayern
Other: (anything not mentioned above) – she left her home, leaving three younger siblings. She feels bad about leaving them, but shes pretty sure they’ll be fine. She is very mysterious. You don’t know a lot about her. she has a speech but I havent decided which one yet.

tell me if this sounds ok

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Siareen | 1412 comments here is the leader of the resistance. if we decide other things about him and the group, ill change it...

[zoe, guess who he reminds me of. kinda. lol]

Name: Finnric

Age: 24

Gender: male

Speech(s): people, wind

Appearance: dirty blond, messy hair, kinda short, stoutly built. gray piercing eyes.

Personality: charismatic, energetic, loyal to his people. he forces the traits of what he believes to be those of a good king on himself- understanding, noble, wise, giving everything up for his people, but at the same time wants obedience. he tries to control his temper, but when he looses it, best stay out of his way.

Origins: Bayern

History: is a descendent of Isi and Geric. his family was kicked off the throne a few decades/ centuries [depends when the rp takes place] ago, but the tradition that they are the true rulers of Bayern stuck fast. he grew up as an only child under the injustice that he should be king but isnt. when the new king came to power and went out against speakers, he immediately knew his duty to those he believed to be his people, and formed the rebellion. he does not hide the fact that he thinks he is meant to be king one day, and while he is working for the benefit of all speakers, his main goal is to kill the king and win back what he believes to be his throne

Other: um, he is the leader of the speaker rebellion against the king that is trying to kill them.

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Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 1480 comments Mod
Name: Elsa
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Speech(s): fire and water
Personality: calm, but firm and firey in what she believes in, hates injustice.
Origins: Kildenree
Elsa has always been different- but she never understood why until she discovered a group of speakers who were hiding out. She was then told about Speakers and what they are ad do. Elsa then decided that she needed to work to make things better for speakers. The situation wasn't as bad in Kildenree as in Bayern, but the rulers (one of them a direct descendant of Ani's sister and the Tiran prince from River Secrets) were still unaccepting of speakers and wished to keep their existence a secret. She teamed up with Finnric when he came to Kildenree to find speakers to join the resistance against all of the rulers and their prejudices.
Other: Finnric's second-in-command

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Hannah | 2744 comments Mod
Here is my charrie that is in the resistance(sort of helped start it).

Name: Brynn


Gender: female

Speech(s): fire and water, she's very powerful been practicing since a young age.


Personality: strong and firm, defensive, yet kind and compassionate. strong defender of freedom and family. trained with weapons as well as speech power. loving yet rough, almost as if she has two sides.

Origins: Father was a descendant of Enna and Finn. Born in the Forest, raised there, worked in Capitol for a few years. Mother from Yasid. Brynn knows a bit of Yasid language.

Resistance: Has known Finniric since she was a child. Helped to form the resistance, due to family circumstances affected by the new Speaker banment.

Family: Parents died when she was 18. She lives near the capitol with her younger sister(18), Arya , who has speech w/animals

Other: In the main command group with Elsa and Finn.

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RedPath wrote: "Why are you in me? O.o"

I dunno....thats kinda creepy. :)

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Siareen | 1412 comments sure!!!! if you want to!!!! hmmm, i think ill make another one.

Name: Mira
Age: 22
Gender: female
Speeches: Air, balanced by tree
Appearance: auburn hair, grey eyes
Personality: was sick of being a servant. doesnt like people belittling her. is good at following commands, but is trying to stop instinctivly doing what people tell her to.
Origins: Bayern
History: was a servant in the castle until the king discovered she was a speaker and ordered to execute her. one of her good friends helped her escape, and she joined the resistance.
Family: still in the castle. she wants to get them up.

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Naomi  (purplebookdragon) ill make a boy rebel! happy ppl? siareen? lol. ok, here goes.

Name: Merin
Age: 17
Gender: male
Speech(s): (Please be reasonable) animal-cats
Appearance: curly blonde hair, brown eyes, average height, broad across the shoulders. has a bunch of freckles.
Personality: cold. distant. doesn't trust any one. never smiles, doesn't want friends.
Origins: kildenree
History: traveled to bayern, then had to go into hiding because of the king.
Other: (anything not mentioned above) um. you dont really know anything about him, he is not one to start sharing his past. merin is a work in progress, so sorry if this isnt very helpful.

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Emily This is seriously the first time I've done this. Does it look ok?

Name: Ari

Age: 13

Gender: female

Speech(s): fire, water to balance it

Appearance: She's small. Hair is short, wavy, dusty black. She has big, soft brown eyes and carmel skin. You can tell she's not from Bayern.

Personality: She's shy. She's only been in Bayern about 6 months and isn't very good with the language yet. She really wants to make a friend, but she's not sure how. She listens a lot. Not suspicious by nature. She used to love to laugh. She can use a knife.

Origins: Yasid

Other: She's lived in Yasid her whole life. She lived with her dad with the tata-rook fire worshippers. Bounty hunters from Bayern knew about the tata-rook and captured some to take to their king. Ari and her dad were taken. They planned a daring escape. Her dad died in the attempt, but Ari made it out. Unfortunately, by this time she was in Bayern. Guards were watching the border and she couldn't get back to Yasid. She traveled towards the Capitol, hoping to blend in in a crowd.

Could she maybe find the resistance soon and become a part of it?

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Katerina (klymene) | 1209 comments Name: Dahlia Lyssone (lie-so-neh-e)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Speech(s): People speaking and Tree Speak.
Appearance: She has brilliant red hair. She's moderately tall, and slim in all the right places, and not slim in other places... she has seductive fey-like eyes that are a deep green. Her hands and face are elegantly shaped. Her skin is the color of ivory and she has long eylashes
Personality: Oh, she's perfectly balanced, with People speaking and Tree Speaking, but she's just plain evil. She is strong and firm like a tree, to get her way. And She'll bend only slightly, but then you're dead
Origins: Tira
History: Her mother was a scullery maid in the palace of Tira. Dahlia moved to Bayern after her mother died, to make a new life. She's crafty and imediately aquired a job in the palace. She's working her way up the ladder. She started out as a scullery maid. She uses her people speaking in such small quantities, and so carefully that no one has noticed it yet.
Other: (anything not mentioned above)

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Siareen | 1412 comments ok, i talked to Zoe and before she wasnt sure what speech Nemma has, but she figured it out, so here it is:

Name: Nemma (nem)
Age: 17
Gender: f
Speech(s): Animal- bats
Appearance: dark brown wavy hair till almost her waist, big dark brown eyes. she always wears her hair loose, and it goes everywhere. it blocks her face alot.
Personality: she tends not to be very truthful, you always get the feel that shes hiding something... but other then that, she’s normally nice, but if you get her mad watch out.
Origins: bayern
Other: (anything not mentioned above) – she left her home, leaving three younger siblings. She feels bad about leaving them, but shes pretty sure they’ll be fine. She is very mysterious. You don’t know a lot about her. she has a speech but I havent decided which one yet.

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Katerina (klymene) | 1209 comments I'm going tonight, and ushering. It was on Twin cities live. here's the link

message 22: by Ingrid (new)

Ingrid Name: King Christopher Angerraven
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Speech(s): None.
Appearance: Tall and lanky. He has wavy blond hair, that falls in front of his eyes. He always looks a little disheveled, even when dressed in court regalia.
Personality: Easily influenced. He spent all his life being controlled by his parents, tutors, uncles, advisers, etc. He is quick to believe what someone untrustworthy might tell him and much to watchful of the trustworthy. He enjoys being king, despite the fact that he is a simple figurehead.
Origins: Bayern's Royal family
History: There isn't really a lot to say that I didn't say in the Personality section.
Other: He has a pet weasel. He loves his pet weasel. His pet weasel is named Cedric.
Origins; BAYERN!

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Siareen | 1412 comments one of the thieves. Rae, im making him have a crush on Lyra, and them being really good friends when she was in the thieves. is that ok with you?

Name: Den
Age: 16
Gender: male
Appearance: brown hair, dark eyes. tall, has bangs that almost cover his eyes.
Personality: quiet, scared. he hates the thieves, but he is scared to death of the older ones and especially the leader. he never liked stealing, but he didnt really have a choice. the older thieves beat him up a lot whenever they are in a bad mood. he wishes he could get away from them, but he is scared that they will find him. he was only ever himself when he was with Lyra
Origins: Bayern
History: he was brought up by the same thieves as Lyra since he was two years old. he was taken from his home in the middle of the night. Lyra was the first to join after him, so at first he saw her as his 'little sister' [he had a real baby sister before he was taken]. they are the closest in age with each other, so they spent a lot of time playing together when they were in the thieves. he and Lyra planned together to run away, but he didnt want to, partly because he was scared of the thieves catching them, and partly because he thinks his parents gave him away because they didnt want him [the thieves made him think that]. his life has been miserable since Lyra left, which was when he found out he loved her. he doesnt know if he wants the thieves to find her or not- on one hand, he wants her to come back so that they could be together, and on the other hand, he is glad that she is free.
Other: has a crush on Lyra

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Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 1480 comments Mod

Name: Cadi
Age: 8
Gender: male
Appearance: A traditional Bayern boy- Cadi has chocolate brown hair cut close to his head (not to short, not to long) that's slightly curly (but not a Jewish afro). He has shockingly blue eyes that are the only indication that his father was Kildenrean- even though he doesn't know it).
Personality: Shy. Cadi is quiet and the kind of person that no one would think to have done anything wrong- like steal a priceless family heirloom. Several in fact. Cadi is very sneaky and doesn't trust many people. He's quick-thinking and people find him easy to trust- big mistake.
Origins: Kildenree
Speeches: WInd and Fire- a perfect balance
History: Cadi was born to a Bayern woman and a Kildenrean man. He never knew his parents for a month after he was born, he was stolen out of his nursery by the thieves and never remembered to rich life he lived to such a short time in his parent's home (they were Kildenrean dignitaries when Cadi was born). Cadi used to not talk, but Lyra was persistent enough in her efforts to get him to that he has since 3.
Other: uhh...a Thief...and looks up to Lyra- she's like his mom/older sister

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Hannah | 2744 comments Mod
Name: Brett

Occupation: Thief leader

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark hair. Attractive face. Nice jaw, dark eyes. Appears mysteriously handsome. :D

Personality: Angry at Capitol and other Royals. Tough fighter. Doesn't for loyalties. Only to himself nd maybe some people. He is hard and mean yet also another side for the younger members or his group. Strong and fearless. Will fight without thought for beliefs.

History: Bayern orphan or former wealthy merchants. Hard life on the streets of the Capitol. Had to steal to survive. A couple friends joined him in Teen years and they became the Thieves. During his teen years, he grew a bit rebellious and applied for help from the royals so that he could regain the former family title. They refused and he swore vengance on all royals and other people. As the Thieves grew they plagued the royal families by taking children. not only from Royals but also other families..(etc.) He is kind despite of first appearance and childhood. Changed as he grew older.

Other: of the other Thieves in his group he has a fondness for Lyra. Almost like a father. He had a love a long time ago who he lost and she reminds him of her.

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Hannah | 2744 comments Mod
Name: Prince Farren Mallvien
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Speech(s): Water, no balancing speech
Appearance: Tall, Dark and Handsome (that's the short version. :D) Dark Brown/Black hair. Not light or dark skin. Kind of a perfect blend where it;s sort of tan but not. Dark eyes. A bit taller than average. About say..5'10-12. Strong. (muscles. XD) Royal appearance. Can turn quite dark in a matter of minutes. Isn't always bubbly and happy but is very serious and yet not dark. Kinda a mix...
Origins: Kel
History:He was born a prince. Always lived that way. HIs powers were discovered at age 3. And since then he was taught by his mother. Who had water and People. He grew up with people. His mother was very powerful so he can withstand it. He isn't much affected by it. His mother died at age 10 and for a couple years he was hurt bad. He was close with his mother. Not so much with his father. He is current king but soon he is expected to die so he's practically King. In a sense he only know evil...kinda I mean he had some childhood problems. His powers are Water and Wind and he is very strong. He's heard rumors about a new queen and a rebellion so he travels to Bayern to find out.
Other: He's a bit defensive. Can fend for himself in an argument. Sometimes humorful...

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Katerina (klymene) | 1209 comments Dahlia Lyssone(lie-so-neh-e), is 17 at the start of my excerpts. She has People and Tree Speak. With People speech she can be highly persuasive. Those she speak with will often do what ever she says, unless they can recognize the speech or have a resistance to it. With Tree Speak, she can speak to and control trees. She can hear their history and their stories. Dahlia is balanced with tree-speech and people speak. However, she is still evil. She can be as stubborn as a deeply rooted tree. She is an amazing actress. She enjoys the feeling of power.
Dahlia has brilliant red hair. She's moderately tall, and slim in all the right places, and not slim in the right places also. She has seductive fey-like eyes that are a deep green. Her hands and face are elegantly shaped. Her skin is the color of ivory and she has long eylashes. She kind of looks like the link below, but with fiery, red hair. The pose of the girl in the picture would be similar to Dahlia's seemingly innocent pose.
Dahlia was born in Tira. Her mother was a scullery maid in the palace and was constantly abused by several different nobles because of her beauty and innocence. When Dahlia's mother died of childbirth, Dahlia left Tira and went to work at the Palace of Bayern, where no one knew her. At the beginning of the first excerpt, she is working her way up the ladder to serve the king. She's been using her people speak carefully to make sure no one's noticed yet.

What Dahlia looks like:

I Redid Dahlia's thing. Now she has a sister...

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Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 1480 comments Mod
The link doesn't work for the picture

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Katerina (klymene) | 1209 comments I'll post a new one

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Katerina (klymene) | 1209 comments Name: Leilana Lyssone (lie-so-neh-e)
Age: 8, so far, but she is 14 years younger than Dahlia and 15 years younger than Farren... as of Sept. 21 she's 10.
Gender: Female
Speech(s): People
Appearance: Dark black hair and olive skin. Her father was from Yasid, or something. A combinations of these two kids: They are real and adorable. Don't stalk them. :) When she's older, she'll look alot like Dahlia's pic I just posted, only w/ darker skin and hair. And probably shorter. I dunno.
Personality: Innocence is her motto. Despite her impressibe intelligence for her age, she continues to act half that, because she knows she can get alot more out of people that way. They don't suspect a thing. She is unbalanced, in contrast to Dahlia, her older sister. She's very manipulative. She uses her people speak constantly. By the time Leilana becomes 10, her speech will be stronger than Dahlia's right now. Leilana is very quiet most of the time and is very much in control of herself. She tends to watch instead of say something.
Origins: Born in Tira, lived in a hidden room for pretty much all her life, except two months after she was born.
History: Leilana was born in Tira. Her mother was a scullery maid, who died the day Leilana was born. Dahlia's taken care of Leilana ever since. Leilana admires Dahlia because she's older and knows alot. She is just like a child version of Selia, she throws tantrums and is very manipulitive. Cora cares for Leilana and Leilana calls her Aunt Cora, but they aren't really related. Cora blinded herself to serve Dahlia. Dahlia had alot of fun with that. For as long as Leilana can remeber, she's lived in the rooms with Cora. They live by candle light. Leilana's first memory was when she was 3.
Other: Leila means "night beauty". Lana means "afloat; calm as still waters" in the Hawiian version.

message 32: by Hannah, Bek and Red are depressing: BEST mod ever. (new)

Hannah | 2744 comments Mod

message 33: by Hannah, Bek and Red are depressing: BEST mod ever. (new)

Hannah | 2744 comments Mod
no worries

message 34: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy Actually I know Hannah from my lost hero group and I decided to join this group and finish the last two books in this series :)

message 35: by Rebekah Faith, The worst mod in the world (last edited Jul 18, 2011 11:42AM) (new)

Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 1480 comments Mod
Hey Shasta? Your character is fine other than the fact that she's a "God Character" please limit her speeches to just two. Two elemental speeches (fire, water, wind, tree, people, animal) with a single animal or two is fine, but you can't have more than 2 elemental speeches.

Fire, water, horse
wind tree
people tree
wind fire
animal tree
fire people
BAD examples-
Fire, Water, Wind, Tree, People, Animal (all animal)
Fire Water wind
people tree animal
wind tree people
fire people animal

message 36: by Rebekah Faith, The worst mod in the world (new)

Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 1480 comments Mod
There's an edit button between the 'reply' and 'delete' buttons on your own comment- you can just press that and not have to repost.
But it's perfectly fine. Mistakes are human. ^_^

message 37: by Cassidy (last edited Jul 22, 2011 04:02PM) (new)

Cassidy Name: Tara
Age: 13
Gender: girl
Speech(s): wind and water and Falcon and a little bit of other birds
Appearance: Long cirly brown hair she's barely shorter than average
Personality: funny always trying to lighten the mood
Origins: Kildenree
History:lived there until she was ten when a mysteriouse fire(hint hint)burned down her house and killed her parents and five year old brother she then moved to Bayern.
Other: Has trained a pet Falcon named Arrow

message 38: by Rebekah Faith, The worst mod in the world (new)

Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 1480 comments Mod
Very nice, Cassidy!

message 39: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) | 1209 comments *chokes* Falcon. Geez. Good one. I love Perigrine Falcons, I should have thought of that.

message 40: by Rebekah Faith, The worst mod in the world (new)

Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 1480 comments Mod
Poor Klym. maybe next round. :)

message 41: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) | 1209 comments Hmph. Leilana's unbalanced right? Let's make her a falcon speaker. Will that balance her? Do you think?

message 42: by Rebekah Faith, The worst mod in the world (new)

Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 1480 comments Mod might....but no, remember how Isi had goose speech and her wind still unbalanced her?

message 43: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) | 1209 comments Aw, gee. I'll figure something out. Does Finn have a younger brother?

message 44: by Rebekah Faith, The worst mod in the world (new)

Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 1480 comments Mod

message 45: by Cassidy (last edited Jul 22, 2011 04:14PM) (new)

Cassidy Hey Shasta(hehe) do you want to join the RP together like our characters are running away and bump into each other and create an alliance until they find a bigger group of rebels later on? If so You can play my character and join in until I get back from my trip.

message 46: by Rebekah Faith, The worst mod in the world (new)

Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 1480 comments Mod
Shasta- much. Thank you for changing it. :)

message 47: by Rebekah Faith, The worst mod in the world (new)

Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 1480 comments Mod

message 48: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) | 1209 comments Siareen, does Finn have a younger brother?

message 49: by Hannah, Bek and Red are depressing: BEST mod ever. (new)

Hannah | 2744 comments Mod
Rhonda wrote: "Hey Hannah do you know Cassidy off of your Hogwarts group? Well if you know/ remember her I am her neighber!!!!!"

Interesting! :D

message 50: by Hannah, Bek and Red are depressing: BEST mod ever. (new)

Hannah | 2744 comments Mod
Klymene wrote: "Siareen, does Finn have a younger brother?"

I don't remember anything like that...but sia will have to confirm

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