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relationship history:

Name: Andyy
Age: 16
Gender & Species: Female & Fallen Angel
Personality: Andyy is very blunt with her words, she is usually a nice and kind person but since she is a Fallen Angel her temper get's the worst of her. She will burst out into a fit of anger and hostility when she get's into her really bad moods. If you ask her something and want a lie, don't ask her then. She will be completely honest and straight with her answers.
History: Andyy was born a Fallen Angel and was forced down to Earth, which she didn't like very much since she had to get her black wings ripped off. She still has the scars on her back from when they ripped them off. She had to find a family who'd take her in, and of course she knew about her powers but she didn't use them because she actually kind of liked her family, but when she turned 14 and her powers started to go out of control and that's when her foster family sent her to this school so she could learn to control them and use them properly, but she still hasn't told them she is a Fallen Angel. Nobody knows, not even the school but she wants it to be a secret.
Soulmates/Significant Others: None whatsoever, she's never even had a crush before so of course she wouldn't have one. She'd never thought of having a boyfriend before.
Other: Andyy had always been a vegetarian. She had always been able to make people think that somethings happening but it's not really happening, example would be like your cell phone dying or falling out of a tree or something. Since she's a Fallen Angel she'd always been able to do that.

Name: Billy
Age: 17
Gender&Species: Male/Ghost
Personality: Billy is strangely happy, hyper and excited ALL the time. Usually ghost's are gloomy and such but he's different or special I guess. He is very outgoing and loves to make people laugh. And he's also very good at it. He loves to have fun and fool around, he also loves to play pranks on people.
History: Billy was living as much as anyone else until he died when he was 12. He was run over by a truck while walking across the street, though God gave him another chance and sent him back down to Earth as a ghost and was told to go to this school to learn how to control his powers he gets as being a ghost.
Soulmates/Significant Others: None at the moment but dreams of having one for a long long time.
Other: Billy never has to eat since he is transparant, he has the abilities to walk through solid objects and to become completely invisible even though he's transparant already and you can see right through him.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Name: Christina James
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Species/Ability: She's a Gypsy, she can bend Lightening, and she can tell anyones and everyone's secrets just by the touch of a hand. She can make anyone and everything calm and centered by just singing. Once a Gypsy sings, you're a goner. They sing so well and beautifully and angelically that you come in a close enough range to kill you. They're the perfect assassins.
Personality: Christina is very shy, cute, bubbly and friendly. She's the type of person everybody wants to be friends with. But everybody is also scared of her, because she is the only Gypsy who can bend Lightening, and tell all of your secrets. That's why nobody wants to get on her bad side.
History: Christina and her brother have been living by themselves since she was 12. They moved around form place to place, just living on the street so that they were never split apart. And when she was 16 she enchanted a rich old couple to let them move in and they signed them up to attend the Gifted school.
Relationships? and Relationship history: She has had a lot of boyfriends, with her 'parents' being rich as hell, she's pretty popular, along with Kin. Who just loves the attention.

Name: Kin James
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species/Ability: Kin is also part Gypsy, but he can't bend lightening like his sister. Instead, he can read minds and compel people. Nut nobody knows that besides Christina.
History: Same as Christina's
Crush: None .
Relationships and Relationship history: Kin has never really had a real girlfriend for a few years. He fell in love with her and she him, until she died. And it broke his heart.

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 218 comments Mod
Name: Jesse
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Species Description: Jesse is a Death Angel. His job is to take the lives of humans by writing their name down in a small composition notebook. Whenever a life is taken, the remaining lifespan of the being goes to him and his lifespan is extended.
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: Jesse isn’t much of an outgoing person, but he tries when he wants to. He keeps to himself mostly and doesn’t really make an effort to introduce himself. Jesse can be very emotional, but this side of him is rarely shown.
History: It was a quiet 4 years until their house was raided by the police. A search for a serial killer who was responsible for multiple deaths ended the peaceful lifestyle they had maintained. Once it was revealed that they were under aged and living by themselves, they were taken away and a witch took them in. She sent them to this school knowing about their abilities.
Relationship history: Jesse’s never had a girlfriend. The thought hasn’t really occurred to him.
Other: Vee, is his sister. He doesn't like Vee that much because she accused him of killing innocent people the day their house was raided.

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 218 comments Mod
Name: Visolela (Vee, Vis)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species Description: Vee is a puppet master. She has the ability to control other peoples bodies and action at her will as well as the functions of objects mentally or verbally. She can also force one to use their powers. Once she says it, there’s no avoiding it.
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: Unlike Jesse, Visolela is the complete opposite. She’s used to being around people and she’s always out there willing to make new friends. She can be found prancing about and trying to make her brother smile. When an accusation is made, she’s always the first to point fingers at somebody without having time to gather the facts.
History: See Jesse’s
Relationship history: She doesn’t waste her time on boys; therefore, they’re on the bottom of her list.
Other: Jesse is her brother

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-cecca, i don't think her parent's should've 'founded' the school :/

black lavender, accepted

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 218 comments Mod

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Name:Leonardo Lopez
Personality:Leo is always on the look out for new friends, and loves talking anyone and everyone. He is very funny, and is known for being the 'class-clown'. Leo doesn't take much of anything seriously, and gets into a lot of trouble because of this. He doesn't pay attention to rules, but gets good marks in his classes. Leo is very artistic, and loves drawing, and making music.
History:Leo was 6 years old when he started to notice he was able to change appearances. He prefers to shift into hoofed animals or felines. Leo also has a little sister, Nadia, and they were both sent here after Nadia had a.... accident.
Relationship History:Leo has had a lot of girlfriends, but they never last long. Leo feels the need to always have a a girl at his side, and now desperately looking for a girl.
Other:He is overly protective of Nadia

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accepted ^^

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Name:Nadia Lopez
Species Description:
Personality:Nadia is a lot like her brother. She is very friendly, and feels most at home with a large group of people surrounding her. She hates being alone. She is very independent, and dislikes when her brother tries to 'protect' her. Nadia is also a huge flirt, and loves flirting with boys while their girlfriends are around. She loves being able to make girls feel jealous of her. Though Nadia is usually nice, she often changes once she gets a close group of friends. She always has to be the center of attention, and is very cruel if people are mean to her. She is very snotty, and if she were at a normal high school she would be the 'mean, cheerleader'.
History:Nadia and her brother had a happy life, both of them trying to figure out there powers. But one horrible day Nadia's powers went out of control, and she killed their father. Their was frightened, and angry and sent her children to this school.
Relationship History:Nadia has never had a steady boyfriend, but like her brother has had many lovers. She isn't the best at sticking to one boy at time, and will often date more than one at the same time.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) *Sighs* I know :o I was thinking that as well.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Fixed it :D

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kaay thanks

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) K'Thanks :D

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