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It doesn't really matter to me, but I sort of like fantasy stuf better than just regular. But if you don't that's fine!

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Sure! If that's fine with you?

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Yes ma'am!!!!!

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Name: Lincoln Everett
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Power(max 2): Emotions and Air
Explanation of power: Lincoln can controll the emotions of the people around him, but he doesn't like to overdo it. Lincoln can also controll wind and air, able to use it on a whim.
Personality: Lincoln is loved by everyone he meets. He is the class clown and loves to hear peoples laughter. He is a very happy person all around, but his tempers are legendary. Lincoln also is a sweetheart; he loves to be in love.
Appearance: Lincoln is tall and muscular. He has shaggy blonde hair and bright green eyes. His skin is tan no matter the weather outside.
Favorite Song: Lincoln has many favorite songs.
Favorite Color: Lincolns favorite color is sky blue.
History: Lincoln has had a good life so far, broken bones and a few heartbreaks, but it has over all been good.
Family if any: Lincoln has an average family, a mom, a dad, and a sister.
Home town: Where ever youre from?
Job/school: He works at a local coffee shop.

Name: Rue Persis
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Power(max 2): Fire
Explanation of power: Rue can controll the element of fire.
Personality: Rue is a head strong girl, never doing what anyone ever tells her. Some people say she is independant, but some say she's just incredibly stubborn. Either way, she's a rebel.
Appearance: Rue is tall and lanky, no curves to her body whatsoever. Her night black hair falls at her shoulders. She has icy blue eyes.
Favorite Song: Rue doesn't like listening to music.
Favorite Color: Rue's favorite color is dark dark blue.
History: Rue never knew her father, and her mother was kidnapped shortly after Rue was Born. So now she lives with her aunt.
Family if any: Her aunt Beth.
Home town: Same as Lincoln.
Job/school: She works at a karate school.

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That Teddy bear is adorable!!!!

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Please do! They're characters from the stories I've been writing, so they just kind of appear in my imagination! :D

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Psh it really doesn't matter to me :D

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I like the first ones of both :D SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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:D you want to start or shall I?

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Lincoln poured some specialty coffee at work; he was the most valueable employee because he could make any costumer happy. He smiled, his signature smile, at the woman whom he was serving. This is just too easy, he thought.

Rue was walking down town, hands stuffed in her pockets angrily. WHy does my aunt never understand?! she screamed in her head.

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((Yes ma'am!!))

Lincoln noticed the new costumers "Ill be right with you!" he shouted, tweaking with their emotions to make them patient. He handed the eldery lay her coffee with a wink.

Rue walked by Elizabeth, sitting in her chair like always. Rue called out he name and shuffled her feet towards her.

((I gotta go for a little while; I'll try to get back on later!!))

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Rue sighed, avoiding eye contact with Liz; "We got into a fight, again." She muttered, "She just doesn't understand me!" Rue threw herself into Liz's arms and groaned.

Lincoln smiled, seeing whom he was to serve next. "Yes, yes, you caught me!" He chuckled. "I get off In about 5 minutes; but for now, may I take your order?" Lincoln chuckled and winked at Casper.

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Rue snuggled into her arms, "I guess." She mumbled as she clutche tighter. She watched the way Liz moved, an noticed her cute smile that made her smile.

Lincoln's faced showed his deep thought and consideration to his answer. "Id say," he paused again, unsure of himself, "Hazelnut?"

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Rue's stomach jerked when she said Caspers name. "Good idea!"

Lincoln turned around and started making their food; "Yes Sir!" he answered Casper's question.

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"Yes," Lincoln said, ringing Casper up, "Youre my last costumer.."

Rue watched her friend, Liz was starting to scare her. "Whereever you want." Rue mumbled.

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Rue saw Liz's face change, and instantly felt guilty. "Yes, totally! I know they both love red lobster!"

Lincoln felt Caspers engery, he was ecstatic, and Alicia just felt neglected. Lincoln strolled over to them with his jacket in his hand, "Ready?"

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Lincoln nodded greedily, "I love me some lobster." he chuckled, a devious glint in his eyes.

Rue sighed and followed Elizabeth up to her room; "Elizabeth?" Rue whispered softly as she gently rapped on the door.

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Rue grumbled to herself as she waited outside the door, tapping Herriot impatiently. Finally she took a Bobby pin from her hair and picked the lock; entering the room silently.

Lincoln went to his room to get ready.

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Rue spun around and saw Casper. He heart began to beat faster as she stared awkwardly at him. "Uhh, h-hi."

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Rue glanced out the window at the falling snow; "Uhm," she didn't uually get tongue tied around anyone, esecially boys, but Casper was different. "I'd like that." Rue murmured softly.

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Rue watched him, how could he ever like her back? "May I come with you?"

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Rue gasp, but she hoped not loudly as he extended his hand towards her. She knew she was acting childish as she took his hand greedily.

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Rue said the first thing that popped into her head, "Meatballs are gross?" it sounded more like a question than a statement, but she was willing to say anything to make this walk unawkward.

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Rue smiled, relaxing a lot and started to feel at ease. "That meatball fight was down right nasty. I almost gagged." she laughed.

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Rue bit her lip as she smiled, "I don't want to imagine that, thank you very much." She was hyperaware of his body movements as he leaned on her.

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Rue glanced at her door, then back at Casper. "Oh," She giggled, "I dotn have to get ready, I was hoping I could go with you, to your room."

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Rue followed hurriedly. "Why are we running?" She asked.

Licoln smiled his signature smile at Elizabeth and sauntered over to her, taking a seat next to her on the bench. "You look lovely this evening."

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