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Status: (Princess, King, Servant, Peasant, ect)
Bio(about your character):

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Name: Emily Kindle
Age: 14
Personality: Sweet, Funny, Cheerful, Happy, Friendly, Outgoing
Kingdom: Greenbriar
Status: Princess
Crush: Alex
Bio: Loves life, nice to everyone
Other: Brother is Austin Kindle

Name: Austin Kindle
Age: 16
Personality: Sweet, Nice, Mysterious, Understanding, Trustworthy
Kingdom: Greenbriar
Status: Prince
Crush: Skye Rain
Bio: Really nice, Sister is Emily Kindle
Other: none

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Name: Kiara Myvalia
Age: 16
Personality: Quiet, happy, curious
Kingdom: Gallia
Status: Princess
Crush: Open
Bio: Gallia is a war driven kingdom and she hates it. She ran away from her kingdom, dragging her butler, Sebastian, with her. Her mother died when she was young and she barely remembers her, she has grown up under her fathers care, which consisted of training training and more training.
Other: She has a passion for the arts: SInging, dancing, drawing, poetry, ect

Name: Sebastian Corther
Age: 16
Personality: Dark, protective, kind, loyal
Kingdom: Gallia
Status: Kiara's butler and protector
Crush: Open
Bio: He was given to Kiara at a young age to be her 'friend' and serve her, the only kind thing her father ever did for her. He is a warrior, and can take on 5 armed men on his own.
Other: He plays piano and the violin

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Kate Name: Amber
Age: 16
Personality: smart and cheeky, she tends to keep to herself and is very close to the knight she works for
Kingdom: Gallia
Status: servant to a lord
Crush: Alex of Brendal
Bio: was sold into servitude as a small child, her wit helped her climb the ranks, and now she is the personal assistant of Lord Reginald, traveling with him while he looks for new adventures
Appearance: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) Name: Pinny
Age: 18
Personality: Fun, Hyper, Outgoing, Different, Lovable, Sneaky, Honest
Kingdom: Galimore
Status: Princess but hates to admit it
Crush: Dylan
Bio(about your character): Is the life of a party, Is only Royal on her dads side, Runs away every night to party, Hates when people try to make her change, thinks royalty is a bore and should have more spunk to it.
Other: Loves to pig out, breaks alot of things in the kingdom, loves her step mother but has fights with her step sister although her Step Brother thinks she's hot witch is like awkward .

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) ^.^ Sorry thought it was like modern day royalty but I'll change it.

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) thx I think Skye is pretty awesome 2

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) ^.^

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haha it isnt mid evil times haha more like modern monarchy type stuff, like modernnn times.

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) Lol I'm confused is it or isn't it ?

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wellit is like more modern than midevil

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) kewl

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) so like no puffy dresses and tall horses or maze like castles?

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haha it doesn't matter... i mean there could still be some monarchy's that like to go by historic stuff, and some that like to go by modern stuff--your choice...just no like vikings...or barbarians...hahaha

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) lol got it

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haha ya

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Name: Dylan Lijman
Age: 18
Personality: Sweet, funny, outgoing, lovable
Kingdom: Kinsley
Status: Prince and hates it
Crush: Pinny
Bio: Very loving, a very modern-like teenage boy.

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New pixturee! hha

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Wooooooow. What did you think all this drama was??? haha

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) lol

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