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message 1: by Rick (new)

Rick Bundren (bundy845) I learned of the Nightside series after reading the Dresden Files. I have read the first 4 books and am enjoying them and looking forward to reading the rest.

message 2: by Meghan (new)

Meghan (mknichel) Same here. Dresden led me to the Nightside as well. Any other series I'd like if I like thise two?

message 3: by Hamed (new)

Hamed Momeni (2hamed) I recommend you read the Secret Histories series too. It's another awesome work of Simon.

message 4: by Dave (new)

Dave (ddeathstalker) | 1 comments Hello guys! I'm glad to see this groups is somewhat active..glad to find other fans too! Glad to see latest activity was yesterday! :p

message 5: by Hamed (new)

Hamed Momeni (2hamed) You can't really call this active. Only 4 comments in almost 2 years!

message 6: by Jaq (new)

Jaq | 6 comments I read Nightside before the Dresden Files - and after I'd started the Secret Histories, then I found my way to the Deathstalker series....and I will admit that I was really sad to bid John, Suzie, Razor Eddie and everyone farewell....but it was a great way to end the series!

message 7: by Laura (new)

Laura Akers (goodreadscomlaura_akers) | 6 comments I'm glad to join this group! Simon R. Green's writing has brought me so many enjoyable hours via the Nightside, Deathstalker, Secret Histories and Drood books. Not so keen on his ghost hunter group, but could just be me.

message 8: by Dave (new)

Dave Malcolm | 1 comments And joining 7 months after the last comment from Laura: what do folks think of Once in a Blue Moon? Was SRG right to bring Hawk and Fisher back for one last adventure, or was the wrap up in Beyond the Blue Moon where the series should have ended?

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