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Sadly, we have to add rules! So here they are:
1) Swearing is acceptable. However, do not use it when roleplaying and CERTAINLY don't swear to insult another group member. It is offfensive and inconsiderate, and to be avoided at all costs.

2) Be respectful and listen to the moderators. Our decisions are final, and arguing against them would only cause yourself great disadvantage. I strongly suggest you take their advice, and keep your trap shut. Also, do not ahve a hissy fit at us, throw a big tantrum and please don't complain about your problems in real life. I understand if you just mention them (like I can't come on the internet too much because...) but I don't want you constantly using excuses like 'I have all these fights going on in real life...' That one is SO old, and I'm telling you now that NOBODY believes it for a second.

3) Do not create your own topics. Unless granted specific permission from myself, please refrain from doing so. If something is not posted that you wish to see, then address me about it- do not take action yourself. More than likely I'll have plans to put it up later, and taking matters into your own hands will probably delay it more than anything. Plus you'll have a VERY pissed off me to deal with. Whether you're a mod or not, you WILL face the wrath that is JAZZY (or Wolfy)!

4) All plot ideas must be run by me. I do not care if another mod granted you permission- when it comes down to it, it is my decision on what goes and what doesn't.

5) There shall be no advertising in unsuitable places. The only time you could ever consider such a thing is if I posted a topic for you to advertise in, and even if I did I would expect a link relating back to this group, or you'll find your link magically goes POOF.

6) Everyone loves Dragon Cave! Except me. I don't care whether it's Dragon Cave, Magistream, or some other cute little adoptable! You post the clicky thing, I delete you AND the clicky thing. This group is officially clicky free. And no I do not have an odd obsession with the word clicky. Clicky clicky clicky

7) There is no limits on characters. The more the merrier I always say, but be aware Important Positions are limited to four per person. Everybody may have one Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat and Medicine Cat apprentice, as long as they're all in different Clans. You cannot hog positions, and everybody must die eventually.

8) Under no circumstances may your cats have powers. This becomes unfair to others, and I've seen enough of Dovebrain, Jaygay and Lionbore that I don't want to see it in the roleplay. It gets boring, and tends to put me to sleep.

9) Nobody's perfect. That is such a cheesy line, and as much as I want to get rid of it I can't think up anything else. Your cats cannot be drop-dead gorgeous, the most intelligent, the fastest ect. Nor may they be completely evil. Plus, I do not see an apprentice/kit being able to kill somebody older than them, no matter what you say. All of these are big no-no's!

10) You cannot injure or kill others characters without their permission. You may roleplay what their aim to do is, or what actions they're going to commit IF their attack is effective, but you cannot say something like;
Graystripe bit Mistyfoots neck, drawing blood.
Dude- that is so unfair! Plus, you cannot say something like;
B: Graystripe slipped through the Camp, heading for the Nursery to get his kits back.
C: Mistyfoot was just pretending to be asleep. She bounded out of the den and leapt at Graystripe with a furious yowl, knocking him over.
B: But Graystripe had already grabbed the kits and was out of reach, having already exited the Camp.
This is incorrect for the following reasons:
-You cannot bring information from one Clan to influence your characters actions in another, which is clearly what happened with Player C. Whether somebody is stealing prey or sneaking into Camp, nobody can suddenly decide to go there.
-Mistyfoot knocked Graystripe over. You could say she attempted to knock him over, but you cannot say she 'did'.
-Apparently, Graystripe is superman. He cannot magically dodge every attack and still complete his objective. He must turn around and fight, like any cat would have to do. Unless it makes logical sense for a cat to dodge an attack, like they did a fancy flip in the air or something, I suggest you make sure your cat receives a fair amount of damage.

11) You cannot control others characters without their permission. If people leave, then their characters will be removed. If they have an Important Position the following will happen;
If a leader leaves, then the Deputy will become leader.
If a Deputy leaves the Leader will replace them with another Deputy (Leaders choice)
If a Medicine Cat leaves their apprentice will have to take over.
If a Medicine Cat apprentice leaves then they will be replaced whenever the Medicine Cat sees fit.
To get rid of these characters, they will be controlled briefly so they can be killed off instead of suddenly zapped out of existence.

12) No power-playing. I mentioned this before, but I feel the need to explain this in full detail. There is no way you can land every blow on your opponent, or dodge every single attack that comes your way. Sure, some attacks can be reasonably dodged, but others are down-right ridiculous! If someone says they flipped onto their back to get you off, your cat must come off! I can tell you from experience, it's not nice being flattened against the ground.


Courtesy of Jasmine

Flamestar/Landon (flamestar) | 5 comments yes, my new landlord! LOLZZ!

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THANK YOU! I H-A-T-E it when people do stuff like that! This way, none of that will happen =D

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You should thank Jazzy! She made it! I just edited out stuff I didn't need.

Graystripe16(Back...again) | 16 comments I dnt like the rule that involaves graystripe in millie jst cause i dnt like dissing graystripe lolll thbe rule is definitelly correct though. I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT

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You mean Graystripe and Mistyfoot? Don't you? It was the game totally unfair. I also hate it when people write that their cat knows something they have now way of knowing. For example:

Player 1: Marshynose sighed. He was thinking of his father, Tigerstar. He hasn't told anyone about his father.
Player 2: Breezebreath narrowed her eyes. She knew about Marshynose and his father. He felt so bad for him.

That kind of stuff.

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