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Mina edged out of her hiding place as the last few rays of light disapeared. She took a sharp intake of breath, closing her eyes as she felt the world around her. She grinned, taking off faster than the eye can see, hunting her prey.

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Jamie wandered around, hugging her long coat to her body to keep her warm. She kept her eyes straightforward, while listening all around to be safe. She walked as quickly as she could in heels, wanting to be back at her apartment where she knew she was safe.

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Mina halted suddenly, crouching silently in the shadows as she watched a young woman walking down the street. Click, click, click. Mina grinned, looking down at the woman's heels. Even if she were wearing running shoes, the human couldn't outrun her. Mina watched her, waiting for the chance to spring.

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She shivered, feeling that normal tingling/burning sensation. She made a quick turn into an alley

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Mina grinned, following her silently as she stuck to the shadows. Waiting for the perfect moment, she sprung, pinning the human to the alley wall

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Jamie screamed loudly flinching from the pain.

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Mina growled, quickly stifling the human's scream. She hated when they did that. Releasing her fangs, she lowered them to the woman's neck, biting her gently. As warm delicious blood oozed into her mouth, Mina closed her eyes to savor her meal.

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Jamie bit her lip and kicked at the vampire, shoving her heels into her stomach.

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Mina snarled, yanking the human away from the wall and slamming her against it again. She drank more of the sweet blood before throwing her to the ground and taking off through the darkness.

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Jamie whimpered, pushing herself off the ground. she placed a hand over the bite mark to stop the blood flow.

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Mina grumbled as she scaled a building and settled on the roof. She peered down below, looking for a new victim. She wished she could have drained the struggling human bone dry, but bodies meant evidence. Mina couldn't have survived this long without being cautious. Even her bite marks on the humans neck would heal within the hour, erasing any evidence of an attack.

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She tried to stand but ended up falling backwards, back onto the pavement. "Why me?" She asked herself.

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Mina watched boredly as humans scurried down the pavement, all in a rush to be somewhere. She picked one at random and silently began to follow them, jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

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she thought about calling for help but instead, just waited.

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Mina dropped from the building into an alley, landing in a quiet crouch. She pulled the man into the alley with her, putting a hand over his mouth as she bit into his neck.

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When she finally got enough strength back, she called a cab to get back home.

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Mina drank his blood for a few more minutes before vanishing, leaving him slumped against the wall, half-awake. She sighed, full for the moment.

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check Bridgett roamed alleys looking for prey.

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Mina perched on a rooftop, looking down at the humans. She scoffed at their weak bodies. She was a god compared to them.

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check She found a young man smoking in an alley. She lunged and took him before he could blink

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Mina began to search for another victim to feed on

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check She left him in the alley but she sensed another vampire near hear.

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Mina frowned as she smelled another vampire. She edged away, not wanting a confrontation.

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check She stopped and smelled the air. The vampire wasn't far and she was curious. Mostly the other vampires stayed in the bigger city.

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Mina took off to go hunt elsewhere, not wanting a confrontation.

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check The scent faded and she shrugged. She soon came across a young woman in a different alley. Her blood was young and fresh. Like drinking from a freshwater spring, she thought.

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Moyra flinches as a wave of human pain washes over her. So much pain... She turns down yet another alley, and the scent of blood draws her along.

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Mina stalked around a building, looking for new blood.

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Moyra feels a vampire's hunger nearby, and her own throat aches in sympathy.

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Mina found a victim and began stalking them down the street.

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•EM• (Hi :) )

Violet heard some movement,she headed towards it. She found a nice teenage boy that smelt tasty, one second he was on the chair the next he was dead and under her teeth with Violet drinking his blood.

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Mina pulled the woman down an alley and stifled her screams as she drank her blood slowly. Feeling the human go limp, Mina forced herself to stop and let the woman sink to the ground. She'd wake up in a few hours with a nasty dizzy spell. Mina took off for another victim.

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•EM• Violet wasnt use to letting her victims survive, she had the boy and kept drinking. Once she was finished she ran to a near by lake and threw him in. Going back to the town for another victim

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Mina jumped from rooftop to rooftop, enjoying herself as she stalked the city.

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•EM• Violet again found another victim, she started to stalk it. Waiting only a few minuets she had the victim out of sight of people, she bounced down onto the the young girl and started to drink

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•EM• ((Is anyone on this rp on?))

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((i am now...))

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•EM• ((cool... sorry i was a bit bored))

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(( XD I know the feeling.))

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•EM• ((hehe... umm do you wanna rp?))

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((yesh! um...any plans or ideas?))

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•EM• ((Well i already have my charrie and...))

Violet again found another victim, she started to stalk it. Waiting only a few minuets she had the victim out of sight of people, she bounced down onto the the young girl and started to drink

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Mina smelled another vampire and decided to see what they were up to. She peered over the buildings edge, watching the vampire feed.

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•EM• Violet didn't pay attention to anything else around her until she was finished with the boy. She left him lying there dead

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"That draws attention, you know," Mina called down, noting the bloodless body

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•EM• Violet looked up at her. Then she looked back down to the body. "Where do you expect me to put him?!" She called back up to her

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"That's your problem," Mina replied, dropping down into alley, looking up at her from a crouch. "But you don't have to worry about that if you leave them alive."

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•EM• She looked down at her and crouched down too. "But then they will remember everything and know."

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Mina smiled mischieviously, tapping her nose. "There are ways to tamper with memories."

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