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Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) Hey everybody! Look how far this group has come since we've revived it from the moderator-less waste land it was when I found it! lol. Anyways, I've added Waterfall as a second moderator, and because this group was beginning to die again, we hope to get things going again! Yay! (Yes, I know, my little speech was cheesey,but hey, we need a little of that every now and then.)
Anyways, my point is, we're starting somethings fresh again, so if you have any ideas, any at all, give them now!!

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i have an idea how about an old time Fantasy village like in the 1500 but in a world where all kinds of people and things live fariys, troll wizards demons etc etc but anyway the people in this village have special powers like telepathy telekineses etc etc i know i would love that topic and so would all my Fantasy friends

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) sounds cool! What should we name it?

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!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 192 comments Fantasy village?

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) Let's do it!

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!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 192 comments Yay! :D

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