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Team Cereal or Team Bagel? Why?

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message 1: by Brooke (new)

Brooke Team bagels cuz they are all i'll eat for breakfast :P

message 2: by Alaina (new)

Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Idk i dont eat cereal or bagal im not a breakfast person.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

TEAM DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 4: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles lol bagel...cereal gets soggy way too fast

message 5: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle Who eats bagels for breakfast?!? I don't particularly like cereal either, it goes soggy and horrid. I prefer fruit, yoghurt or toast.

Lexphie (The Animal Lover) Lou wrote: "TEAM DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

LOL yes!

message 7: by Amby (new)

Amby (skys) Team Cereal.

ß®ï:Dģε₮  *The Gothic Nerd of Revenge!* o.O | 50 comments Mod
Team bagel! Bagels taste awesome!!!

Lexphie (The Animal Lover) Team bagels

message 10: by Camilla (new)

Camilla (camillaisloved) It all depends on if I want coffee. If I drink coffee, I would want a bagel. If not, cereal.

message 11: by Anony-miss (new)

Anony-miss a-non-y-miss | 54 comments Depends on my mood. Cereal can get cold and icky. Bagels can fill you up better (or, it seems for me).

Eh. Like I said. Depends on the morning ..

Am I the only person that doesn't like toast?

message 12: by Julie (new)

Julie (readingisahabbit) | 12 comments I say... BAgle :D Cuz then I have an excuse to use Cream cheese :D

"AJ" Amber ♥ | 147 comments lmfao

message 14: by Julie (new)

Julie (readingisahabbit) | 12 comments Whut :D lol. I love cream cheeeeesssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... :D

"AJ" Amber ♥ | 147 comments it means laughin my ass off lmfao

message 16: by Julie (new)

Julie (readingisahabbit) | 12 comments I know that...

Lexphie (The Animal Lover) FlyingFrenchFri wrote: "Whut :D lol. I love cream cheeeeesssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... :D"

Me 2! It's so yummy

message 18: by Lexi (new)

Lexi | 11 comments Team Cereal! I could live off of cereal.

message 19: by Brittany (new)

Brittany | 19 comments Team cereal cuz its soo yummy if its the right kind.

message 20: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (cocanicolaa) Am I the only person that doesn't like toast?"

...yes x)

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