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Merry Christmas!

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message 1: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday!

message 2: by Phillip (new)

Phillip it was a most enjoyable holiday - i didn't do a lot - which is kind of hard for me - it's hard for me to shake off the tempo that i operate in. i did some reading, watched some movies, and wrote some music. i cooked some nice things, made a great pot of borscht, made from a recipe that i got from a friend while i was living in russia, and it turned out nicely.

best movie i watched during the break? 2001: a space odyssey still really rocks my world. a real visionary film.

i spent hours reading pynchon's inherent vice out loud - a friend was visiting and she enjoyed hearing it read aloud a lot. it was fun to revisit that book.

i hope you all had a lovely holiday!

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