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Antje གརས པཅ Parker I'm Grace (The crazy one, six, Uryu is hot, Hanataro. There's more to the name that I had to put in my last name. You can call me Grace and I write because I think it's fun

message 2: by Eve (new)

Eve (emusings) Hi, I'm Eve...just eve.... I like to write because writing has the power to transport people into a different world where you can live in the right time period or be the right person. It's also fun, as you said ;) hehe
peace! :P

message 3: by Alaina (new)

Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Hey im Alaina, i like to write to get my feeling on paper, i always feel better when i write how i feel down.

message 4: by Heather (new)

Heather Salsbury (twilightblonde) Hey I'm Heather. I write too escape alot. I also think it's fun ;) I love complicated plots and twist. I mean when you have a bad day you just kill someone in your story, when your having a good day you could have her get extremely drunk and throw a party...Yet none of the consequences. How is that bad? lol

message 5: by Wynter (new)

Wynter Skittles  (shawties-skittles) | 1 comments Hey I'm layla and I write because I love it! It's so comforting just to sit in your room and write down your feelings. I'm recently thinking of writing a guid to finding your soul mate.

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ℰmma☽ (justsomeradgal) | 1 comments Hello, I'm Emma. I do write stories/books and i love it, but inlove poetry even more. I live writing in general because you can express yourself, let your inagination run wild, and sometimes even create a new world and explore it. I live poetry though because you don't have to make it make sense. It can be as strange as you want- as meaningless or meaningful! You can express yourself, or even rant in a beautiful way. I just live it. (I meant I love it, but I just kept it :D)

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My name is TAO, theawesomeone, or davina. i love to write because daily, i have creative thoughts swirling in my head that i cant wait to put down on paper so people can look at it.

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My name is Mattea, and I like to write because I love to make up stories. I love to make up my own worlds, where anything can happen. It's a whole lot of fun.

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Sevania (sevthedev) Artemis here.

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