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Amy: PROUD DIRECTIONER (ravinxx) | 1232 comments Mod
RP here

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malt came here an stared a fire and set up a tent

Amy: PROUD DIRECTIONER (ravinxx) | 1232 comments Mod
((How did he get from Olympus in New York to here in California?))

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((he took a plan,bus,trian,and a car))

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malt walked aroud the moutin looking for food and water.

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Epona appeared next to him, saying nothing

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"who the hell are you,"he asked

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"I'm, Epona"Epona said calmly

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"are you a god,"he asked

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"I'm a goddess"Epona corrected

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"shit,are you here to kill me?"he asked

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Epona shook her head "I'm a minor goddess, I don't kill anyone"she replied

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"oh,why are you here?"he asked

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"no reason, just wanting to make sure your ok"Epona replied

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"why?the god arn't planing to kill me are they?"he asked

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"I don't know about that, you were very rude"Epona said

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"sorry."he said looking down,"so you ,you have any news from the camp?"

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"like what?"Epona asked

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"i dont know,"he said walking back towreds his small camp.

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Epona followed "I know they were about to send demi-gods out looking for you, but Zeus stopped them"she said

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"what....why?"he said saprised as he startesd to cook them dinner

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"They were worried about you, but Zeus knew where you were. They are still worried though"Epona replied

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"why,i can look after my self."he said puting food on some plates.

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"true, I don't doubt that. I think though you need human company at least"Epona said

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"well thank you,"he said

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Epona looked at him for a few seconds then nodded "But may I ask a question?'she asked

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"sure," he said putin the two plates on a table

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Epona smiled "What will you do if you get hurt, or run out of food or money?'she asked sitting down

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"probly find a way to get more,"he said looking at the sky."if you are going to spend the night i will set up your tent."and begain to eat

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Epona nodded "i can do that"she replied eating a little "I'm not trying to be rude, but what if you get hurt? Many of the major gods and goddess, are mad at you. They will be against you"she warned

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"then,i shall die a horribel death,"he said gettin up to sent up her tent.

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epona stood "let me"she said and waved her hand. A small brown tent appeared and set its self up

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"well,thanks. i'm seting this place up as a camp for run away,unwanted,and roage half-bloodes,"he said

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"Do you think you'll get many kids?"epona asked

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"mabey mabey not,"he said staring to put up a peremetrer wall

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Epona nodded "would you like some help?"

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"sure,"he said,"so why did you chosose to come vist me?"he asked

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"I wanted to see how you were doing. I don't take sides with anything"Epona replied waving her hand again so the wall set itself up

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"thats cool how you do that."he said look at her

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"Setting the wall up?'she asked

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"well yha,"he said

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Epona shrugged "I don't know. I just waved my hand wanting the wall to rise"she replied

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"well,no that thats done i will go clean up dinner,"he said walking a way toworeds the table

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Epona nodded watching him. Suddenly the bushes russeled and a small paint fill trotted out.

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malt turuned to look,"wow,thats a nice it yours?' he asked her

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Epona smiled petting the filly. "She i"she replied as the filly nickered

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((idk what you just said))malt finsed cleaning the dishs and went to his tent to slep.

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((what I meant was
Epona nodded "she is, after all I am the goddess of horses and ponies"she said petting the filly's neck))

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Epona smiled and the horse trotted over to Malt

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