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○Master of Zombies○~Haunted~ DarkScreech (revengeismurdermotive) | 1266 comments ((Trouble and Raven are two normal 14-year-olds, but Trouble is somewhat of a punk, and Raven is somewhat of a candy raver(bright colors and weird designs). Or so they THOUGHT!
One day, while walking home, Raven is kidnapped and tossed in a black van with the smallest white label, "Division 15". Trouble witnesses this and slams a gps onto the side before it can drive off. She tracks it and halfway there she gets kidnapped too. Then they both wake up in a glass tank in a weird room and learn that they are genetically engineered beings who were made to be military weapons of mass destruction but Trouble was a mistake twin, and Raven was the original.
Stuff happens after that.
Like the storyline so far??))

message 2: by Fenestra (new)

Fenestra | 2840 comments You said they are normal, but Trouble just happens to have a GPS on hand? Sorry-- I like the rest of it! ^^

○Master of Zombies○~Haunted~ DarkScreech (revengeismurdermotive) | 1266 comments well, she doesn't have a GPS on hand--they drop it.

○Master of Zombies○~Haunted~ DarkScreech (revengeismurdermotive) | 1266 comments better character descriptions for Raven, Trouble, and Div. 15.

Raven Tether is a girl who is what some would call a scene but isn't, she just has the dress style of one(Sylarlovingninja, however, thinks she looks like she's from the 80's. I WILL NEVER LET THAT GO. She's lucky she's my friend or her ass would be virtually demolished...loll). She's very bright and sharp as a tack, finding loopholes and gaps in theories and suggestions, as well as phrases and sayings(I.Q says she's a genius). She's like a lightning bolt, flashy and spectacular, but gone in an instant. Her personality is going for hyper and happy, but yet most of the time she's subdued and serious. There is a side of her that's very dark and dangerous, but that side is NEVER out unless you piss her off badly enough (like calling her 'retro-bow' or 'crack rainbow'). She likes to seem like a ditz so she can shoot back a smart comment and kill the mind of the idiots who dare mess with her. Theme Song: Scatta by Skrillex...
Trouble Branche is one of those things that are too dangerous to even think about if you're an enemy, because if you anger her so badly that everyone else can't stand it, she'll hunt you down and personally erase your ass off the face of the earth, leaving only a blood trail behind. Her personality is much like Edward Elric's(Full Metal Alchemist). She has the same reaction if you call her 'female Harry Potter' when you call Edward Elric 'Runt'...to put it simply. She's very sharp and by I.Q scores a genius, like Raven. She wears very 'typical' rocker clothing, and always has a red-and-black jacket on, no other jacket at all. Pyromaniac, if there was a 'mania' for weapons and torture, she's have it(Raven would have the torture mania). She's smart and a smart-ass! Theme Song: Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence...
The rest come LATER!
HA! But, I will give you the brief of Division 15 if you like...
Division 15 is a government organization dedicated to genetically engineering beings that would be used as the ultimate military weapons. Scientists and engineers, with the ability to overthrow the government, which is what they've been planning to do all along, to rule the country. Basically, in terms of Raven, "A bunch of whacked-out scientists who will stop at nothing to get what they want."...bad people. Any method of information-snatching is permitted and legalized only to them, which is not only HORRIBLE but also DANGEROUS. Ah, such as the futuristic government in America :3
Ya like it?

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