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RP here

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Jason was an archer. Even though he was a son of Zeus, who carried the Master Bolt, archery had always been his talent. He took out his bow and launched a couple bullseyes.

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Sara landed and hopped off smiling.

John walked in and waved

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After putting Dreamcatcher back in her stall with fresh hay, Avalon walked over to the Archery Range. Sara greeted her with a smile.
"I'm here," Avalon said dramatically, making an entrance. She laughed and picked up a bow.

Jason walked up behind John and saw two girls there.
"I've never seen them here before," He whispered to John, "And I'm here a lot."

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"Yea that's Sara the girl with brown hair daughter of Poseidon.I sdont know who the other girl is"John said.

Sara waved back."I'm glad let's start!"Sara said and picked up her bow and arrows

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Avalon laughed, but kept her bow held at her side. She changed her expression to one of hidden embarrassment.

Jason watched the girl that Sara was talking to. He recognized her as Avalon, the daughter of Athena. Her face was flushed. He felt bad for her.
"hey," He nudged John, "You should go help her." Jason winked at him.

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"What why me?"John asked.

"He is looking at you. That's John son of Hera"Sara whispeared shooting 5 arrows perfectly

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Avalon giggled and met Johns eyes. They were full of warmth and happiness.

Jason gawked at Sara, as she watched her shoot arrows perfectly. He smiled.
Maybe she might be nice, he thought.

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"Should. I go help her?"John asked.

Sara smiled and shot 4 more arrows. She decided to ignore the boys

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Jason looked down. Sara was to good for him. He tried to hide his embarrassment, but it was no use. But he said to his friend, "Go for it, dude!" And smiled.

Avalon picked up her bow, but wasn't sure if she was ready to use it quite yet. She kept stealing nervous glances at John. She wanted to impress him, but this was not the right place to do so.

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John walked over. "Umm hi I'm John son of Hera. Do you want some help?"John asked.

Sara smiled "I will see you later"she muttered and walked over to anouther target. She looked over at Jason and smiled a lite. Focusing on the target she shot 1 arrow but missed terbilbly. She cursed under her breath

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Jason wasn't about to take back what he said about Sara being to good for him, but the shot she had just attempted failed miserably.

Avalon could feel herself blushing.
"Um, sure, thanks. I'm Avalon, daughter of Athena." She giggled, trying not to show how happy she was. "I've never had a knack for Archery."

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"I can help if you would like"John offered.

Sara sighed and shot but missed. She cursed again

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Jason walked over to Sara slowly. Without even uttering a "Hello" he stood behind her and covered her hands with his.
"Like this," He murmured to her. He placed her hands in the right spots, pulled back and fired. Right in the dead center of the target.

"Yeah," Avalon murmured quietly, "I'd like that." She smiled sweetly at him. She wasn't playing hard-to-get like she usually did, because she liked this John guy.

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John smiled. "Like this"He said and put her hands on then put his hand over hers.

Sara glared. " thanks but I'm ok"Sara said codly

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Avalon gasped, but then quieted herself. She enjoyed Johns sense of sweetness. She glanced at Sara, who was busy rejecting Jason. Avalon glared hard into Sara's eyes, telling her not to be stubborn.

Jason stepped back. He was okay with Sara's reaction. He hadn't expected her to melt into him like a fairytale. He'd expected some kind of pull back. He felt lucky he hadn't been kicked or punched.

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"Conder yourself lucky I didnt punch or kick you"Sara said. Seeing her friends gaze she shook her head "he came up behind me!"her eyes said.

John smiled. "Ok put the arow on like that"he said taking her hand and putting it on. "Now pull back to your mouth"he said into her ear quite. He did thatt all the time holding her hand

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Avalon smiled. The grin slowly spread across her face until it stretched from one ear to the other.
"Thanks," She told John, "I never knew that." But she didn't release the bow. She could have stood there forever, staring into Johns gorgeous green eyes.

Jason shook his head and sighed.
"I'm sorry, Sara. I really am." He said to her softly, "I should have said something..."

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Sara felt guilty. "Its ok just don't do it again"she siad.

"Aim then let go"John said. He drew the bow back and the aimed and let go. The arrow hit dead on "good job!"he muttere in her ear

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Avalon stepped back from the comfort of Johns warm grip.
"Thanks," She told him, "That was great. Want to come to my cabin later?" Avalon's courage had gotten the best of her.

Jason perked up again.
"It was a bad intro, huh? I'm Jason, son of Zeus." Jason introduced himself and told Sara a little bit about himself.

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"Sara daughter of Poseidon. And could you elp me again"Sara asked.

John nodded. "Sure should we go now?"he whispered

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Avalon shrugged, unsure of how to answer.
"I guess if you want," She said, leaning against John's shoulder. It was risky since they had just met, but he didn't seem to mind it.

"Yeah, sure," Jason answered, surprised by the question, "What part do you want help with?"

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"The pulling it back. My elbow is alwys up to high"Sara said.

"Let's go they won't mind"John said taking her hand

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"Sure" Jason agreed, "Make sure to pull it back not even to your chin, a little bit below, okay?"

"Yeah," Avalon whispered, "They look like they're doing fine. Let's go." Avalon led the way through the crowded camp. She went slowly, holding John's hand and leaning her head on his shoulder.

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John smiled and folweed resisting the urge to kiss her.

"Like this?"Sara asked her elbow too high

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"A little lower," Jason said, lowering her elbow with the slightest touch, "Right there." He smiled. Sara was great.

Avalon looked up into the green eyes of her new crush, who no doubt liked her back. Even after one hour of time, not only did they know they liked each other, but they were a team, a couple. They were perfect!

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Sara let go and it hit dead ceneter. "Thanks"

John smiled and stopped walking. He took her hand and leaned down. He kissed her gently on her cheek

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"No problem," Jason told her. "I'm usually really good at this, but this is one of my best days!"

Avalon kissed John back. He was automatically the center of her world.
"I know we've barely known each other for an hour," Avalon started, "But I think I love you." She smiled and looked nervously into John's eyes.

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"You too? I love you!"John whispered and kissed her lips.

"Yea I am normally good I guess today was a off day"Sara said

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"It's okay," Jason told Sara. "I think dinner is soon? Want me to walk you to your table?"

Avalon kissed his lips back, happy as she had ever been.
"Let's walk to dinner," She said, "But we can come to my cabin after, I promise."

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"Umm sure!"Sara said smiling. She wanted to test this guy other guys said the same thing to her then hurt her. She shivered from the memories.

John smiled "of cource"he said taking her hand and walking

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Avalon squeezed John's hand to let him know she was thinking of him as they parted. Avalon headed for the Athena table, with a bunch of kids who looked just like her.

Jason grasped Sara's hand, but then broke away, embarrassed. But her smile made him confident again and he held her hand in his own.

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(Mess hall)

Sara dropped her hand watching his reaction

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