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Graystripe16(Back...again) | 25 comments Mod
The "Pretty Committee" Rules the school. They are the most popular and the meanest. They have the best clothes, big houses, and very rich families. Nikki is the head of the pretty committee and she calls all the shots but that might change soon. Nikki's dad is letting a family friend stay in their guest house. He, his wife,his son Tod, and their daughter. Their daughter thinks that maybe she can become friends with Nikki but Nikki has other ideas. She thinks that the daughter is the total opposite of cool. Even though she spends everyday with her she makes the daughters life as miserable as possible. The daughter still keeps hope and tries to be as nice to Nikki as possible but who knows with the "Clique" she may or may not ever be a part of it.

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Isabel  White | 5 comments Can I please be apart of TPC ( the pretty Committee )

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