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L (audinosbiitch) Name:


Tribe: Moon, Fire, Ice, or Storm


Appearance: Link or written description- no pictures. Or, you can write a written description that should be three full sentences long.

Personality: At least five full sentences- please don't seperate traits using commas.

History: Optional, but if so at least five sentences and use full sentences.




Name: Hornet

Gender: Female

Tribe: Moon

Rank: Protector

Appearance: Hornet is pitch black, with slight grey stripes around her tail. Her eyes are icy blue, and her tail is rather long. She's very thin; lots of the time you can see her ribs, though she isn't always hungry when you can see them. Her left front paw is pure white, and she has a V-shaped scar in her right ear.

Personality: Hornet is fiercely loyal, but not very hot-headed. She likes silence. Hornet likes to speak the truth, but she will lie if it is better for her Tribe. Her tongue is quick; she won't hesitate to fight that way instead of with tooth and claw.

History: Hornet's past was dark. She and Rush were thrown out of their human home, while they were only two or three moons old. They didn't choose names, calling each other by "Brother", "Sister", and occasionally Rush would call her "Sis." When they were 4 moons old, they split up to search for food, and Hornet got trapped in a back alley, cornered by two cats much larger than herself. But what they lacked was her speed. She'd darted between their legs while they charged, but didn't quite escape their claws, ending up with a V-shaped nick in her right ear.
Other cats had come charging around the corner, just before Hornet reached it, sending the other cats clawing, slowly, their way up the chain gate behind her. The cats told her they were from MoonTribe, and told her that, if she wanted, she could join the tribe. Hornet agreed, forgetting her brother. She became a Protector early, though she and her brother were only separated by a few weeks.

Kin: Rush(FireTribe)

Crush: Open

Mate: N/A


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L (audinosbiitch) Name: Rush

Gender: Male

Tribe: Fire

Rank: Youngling

Appearance: Rush is slightly large for his age. His fur is long, and ginger-orange. Bright green eyes glare over a white muzzle.

Personality: Rush is strong-willed, but also somewhat nosy. He nearly always asks questions when told nearly everything. Still, Rush is very loyal, even when told to do something strange/odd. He likes to talk, which at time annoys other Protectors. ((I can't think of fifth sentence...))

History: Rush has always been energetic and talky. He and his sister were born in a human house, but were cast out by people who didn't want kits. They stayed together for a while, then split, thinking that they'd catch more separately. Hornet joined Moontribe before she could get back to her brother. Rush wandered around, avoiding people at all costs. He'd spotted other cats, but had ignored them until they invited him to join Firetribe. He agreed, and that was only about a moon ago.

Kin: Hornet(MoonTribe)

Crush: Open

Mate: N/A

Other: Even after over two moons since they were separated, Rush hasn't seen or forgotten Hornet.

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L (audinosbiitch) Are they accepted???

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Jennifer | 183 comments Mod
Yep. Sorry I didn't do it earlier.

Hornet, Rush; Accepted

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L (audinosbiitch) Yay! When is the RP opening up?

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Kayla As soon as Sy *hemhem coughcough* makes a character.

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Syeira-la Maaadddeeeeiiiittttt.

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L (audinosbiitch) YAYAYAYAY!

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L (audinosbiitch) Name: Fen

Gender: Female

Tribe: Storm

Rank: Member

Appearance: Fen is small, brown, and covered in grey splotches. Her fur is short, and her muzzle is white. She's small for her age, but extremely fast, and strong for her size. Her eyes are a glowing amber.

Personality: Fen is kind. Mostly. Her temper can flare quickly when other cats torment her. She tries to pretend not to care when people comment on her size, but really it infuriates her when they act like she can't take care of herself because she's small. She's adventurous, and at times can be questioning.

History: I may do it later...

Kin: Open

Crush: Open

Mate: N/A


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L (audinosbiitch) Name: Chaos

Gender: Male

Tribe: Ice

Rank: Youngling

Appearance: Chaos has long, thin legs, and a short tail. He's tiny, and a mix of black, white, grey, brown, and red. He has small, blue eyes.

Personality: Chaos is blind. He hates it. At times he can be sour, bitter, and plain grumpy. He is capable of making friends, and is capable of not showing his annoyance, but not easily. He's still fast, strong, and entirely able to fulfill youngling and eventually protector duties.

History: Optional, but if so at least five sentences and use full sentences.

Kin: Open

Crush: Open

Mate: N/A


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Jennifer | 183 comments Mod
Fen, Chaos, Accepted

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L (audinosbiitch) Yay!

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