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Cellphone novels in the U.S. > Will cellphone novels be a good thing for young people in the U.S.?

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message 1: by Stan (last edited Jul 30, 2008 09:26AM) (new)

Stan (stan72) | 23 comments Mod
This is a debate that is going on already among educators in the U.S.

My own view is that it is going to happen one way or the other and it would be great to see some experienced writers participating early on so that the right tone is set. If the first successful cellphone novels are high quality and widely read and end up getting published, a higher standard will be set.


message 2: by Karey (new)

Karey (kareyshane) | 12 comments Mod
I know the cellphone novel notion is controversial, but like you say, it's going to happen eventually. There are a lot of gifted young writers out there, who are also used to texting all the time, so, I wish you lots of luck in getting this going!

Let me know if I can help!

message 3: by Mockingbird (new)

Mockingbird | 5 comments Texting is a huge method of communication for teenagers. I am an advocate of finding ANY means to help people try "creative writing" and if texting helps with that, I'm on board.

Reading and writing are fundamental forms of expression and experience. Perhaps more young people will try writing with this approach if they haven't enjoyed it in school.

message 4: by Saoirse (new)

Saoirse (saoirse_redgrave) | 6 comments Mod
When I taught in Hillsborough County, Florida, (one of the top ten largest unified school districts in the USA, btw) cellphones were a headache!

About 5-6 years ago we were still thick in the 9-11 blitz of bomb threats and trying to figure out how much communication kids had quick access to was good and how much was distraction (and sometimes cheating). We were also struggling to make writing and reading more enjoyable for some of the kids who were tougher to reach. The FCAT (state standardized test) would loom and threaten all sorts of havoc on educational scheduling, pushing all teachers and staff to integrate more reading and writing any way we could.

If TextNovel.com were able to be utilized by teachers (who have to always guard against SO much, content-wise, etc.)they could potentially interest the tougher kids in reading and writing because it uses their most valued possession. Imagine that moment a kid insists to Mom or Dad--"But I'm texting in my novel for English class!" :-)

There's so much potential for self-expression on a site like TextNovel--and being able to share your voice and vision with friends with a couple quick button-pushes--It's fabulous!

I hope we see gobs of teens and adults texting their hearts out on TextNovel.com. The school bus ride each day could be so much cooler for students across the US!

Exciting times!
Shannon Reinbold-Gee

message 5: by Stan (new)

Stan (stan72) | 23 comments Mod
I think you are right that it would be a great thing for young people. I think that perhaps the interactivity of the site will need to be further improved so that it is easier to comment on stories and give immediate feedback, and for the author to see that feedback and interact with the readers. We will work on that for release 3.

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