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hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 16 comments Name: Chanti
Age: 17
Gender: F

Personality: Very emotional.
Why there in a mental hospital: Thinks she sees dead people. Hears the voice of her dead mother, and her father who beat her and killed her mother.
Crush: Shane? Is that ok? Can she reform him?
Has panic attacks.
Easily frightened.
Cries alot.
Has pet Dove named Caterina.

How*Do*I*Fly*With*Broken*Wings?* Name: Cougar (only Shun knows his real name,Twins with Shun)
Age: 18
Gender: male
Personality: shy, quite, hates when people touch him, get nervous easily
Why there in a mental hospital: his family was killed in fount of him and Shun, now has he must live with Anxiety disorders, Impulse control, Depression and refuses to talk, has horrible nightmares
Crush: ~ OPEN
Wife/Husband: none
Other: Scars, burns, and bruises cover his body

Name: Shun (twins with Cougar)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: nice, shy, and a gentleman but when his personality disorder is acting up he can be rude and angry that’s usually when hurts himself causes he doesn’t want to hurt others
Why there in a mental hospital: his family was killed in fount of him and Cougar but it didn’t affect him as much as it did Cougar~ Depression, personality disorder (can go from happy to sad quickly) and was abuse by a doctor at a different hospital which caused most of his problems, ADHD ,Anxiety disorders
Crush: Open
Other: has a tattoo of a pair of wings covering his whole back

How*Do*I*Fly*With*Broken*Wings?* Shun and Cougar need crushes, Anyone want?

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