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message 1: by John, (~^u^~)V (new)

John x (radishfriends) | 867 comments Mod
The Title is: The Night of the Night.

Try and write a story based off of that title, and the title must remain "The Night of The Night."

message 2: by (S) , Samurai (new)

(S)  | 1050 comments Mod
The sky was black. the stars white. What a misfortune. Even they couldn't hide from me. It seemed nothing could now. Not even Adam. Adam, hes in his room right now. I wish i didnt know that. I wish i didnt know any of this. Tonight was supoosed to be the best night of my life. Its the worst so far.

I look down at my tattered dress. Its sparky white fragments blow in the wind. I wanted something white, to go against my dark brown hair. It wasnt tattered when the night started though. Hahuri even helped me pick it out.

Its only eight. But im too afraid to go to Adam. And standing out in the open here isnt safe. But where is? If he's out there, and he knows where everyone is too, then how am i ever safe? The soldiers will always be after me. Not even Georgias magic can stop that.


message 3: by Kat (new)

Kat (sugaraddict) | 688 comments I saw Ali race in front of me, his eyes bloodshot swelling with tears. The wound was gashed as I quickly intook breath.

"Tori run while you can!" He cried, though he could see the determination in my eyes. I heard a youngling try to be stealthy creeping behind me, but I quickly back-handed it slicing it's flesh with the Redbluir.

message 4: by Kat (new)

Kat (sugaraddict) | 688 comments No. Asami said Adam, I said Ali. I started a different story, just the scene was the same since the title is The Night of the Nights.


message 5: by (S) , Samurai (new)

(S)  | 1050 comments Mod
? oh i think i understand.

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