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Emily  | 85 comments Name: Willowpaw

Gender: female

Clan: ThunderClan

Rank: apprentice

Appearance: http://www.wnca.com.au/breed%20profil...

Personality: What with her looks and name, one might think Willowpaw is a sweet innocent little apprentice, but in truth she is far from it. Her abnormally short legs make her a target for mockery and taunting, so she has gained a fiesty attitude and a keen repartee. She hates being thought of as small, or incapable. She believes she is just as good as any other apprentice or even better, and snaps at anyone who says otherwise. She works hard to prove how great of a warrior she can be, and loves a good challenge. She is quick to do any dares given to her, and quick to make fun of anyone who is scared. Because she is so tired of her faults being pointed out, she'll snatch any opportunity to point out others'. She is a hard cat to befriend, but its not impossible. She likes to play just like any other apprentice, and can be fun to be around when she's not in a mood. She does have a tendancy to tease any friends, and has quite a taste for sarcasm.

History: ....I dunno....

Kin: open

Crush: open

Mate: none

Mentor: open

Other: She's quite fast for a cat with such short legs.

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SpazzyJazzy Coolio. Accepted.

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Emily  | 85 comments Thanks! :)

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SpazzyJazzy No problamo :P I like her already :D

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Emily  | 85 comments Oh cool!

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